Police Report -- May 03, 2001

Published on Thu, May 3, 2001
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May 1: A citizen in the 500 block of 6th Street reported two males who were out walking and were being loud. An officer contacted the males who were walking home. The officer provided them a ride home.
April 30: Two citizens were frightened by two large dogs in the 600 block of H Street who got out of a back yard. An officer contacted the pet’s owner and helped to retrieve the dogs. A verbal warning was issued.
April 30: An officer recovered a RCA 22X 8 MM video camera which may have been lost at a business. Police viewed the video and recognized the owner as a high school student. The camera was returned to the owner after school.
April 30: A resident reported ongoing juvenile problems in a neighborhood in the 1100 block of Mitchell Street. A report was initiated for follow-up and action by patrol.
April 30: A clerk in the 300 block of D Street reported that a man pumped $13 of gas and left without paying. The incident is being investigated.
April 27: A Bellingham resident was stopped for speeding and was cited for no valid drivers license and failure to show proof of insurance. In addition, a Ferndale resident was arrested on outstanding warrants and open container charges.
April 26: An officer received a report of people setting up a tent on the walkway of Marine Drive. An officer checked the people and found they were getting ready to go camping in Mexico and they were just getting their gear ready.
April 26: A citizen in the 400 block of F Street reported small children playing in the street while traffic drove on the road. Officers contacted the parent and asked her to keep her children out of the street. The parent agreed to do so.
April 26: An individual in the 1200 block of Runge Avenue reported a man harassing her over the phone. The matter will be referred to the prosecutor for review.
April 25: An officer assisted a trucking business in locating an overdue driver and tractor. The truck had engine problems and was parked at U.S. Customs.
April 25: A citizen in the 5100 block of Drayton Harbor reported a vehicle speeding in a residential neighborhood. The citizen provided the license plate number. The driver was stopped for a second speeding violation and was given a warning for the earlier incident.
April 25: A resident in the 300 block of 11th Street reported that three young boys climbed onto the roof of his garage and ran away when he called to them. The children were located and confessed. They were given a warning and their parents were notified.
April 25: A citizen reported a person crabbing in the 300 block of Marine Drive during a closed season. An officer confirmed the closure and also discovered the person was without a valid shellfish license. The person was issued a citation for the offense.
April 25: U.S. Customs at the Peace Arch POE reported a possible violation of a no contact order. A further investigation revealed that an Olympia resident had violated the order by being with the petitioner. He was arrested and booked into jail.
April 25: A person was contacted in the 1500 block of H Street by Border Patrol agents and a Blaine officer. The person was found to have outstanding warrants. He was arrested and taken to the Whatcom County jail.
April 25: A Greyhound bus employee requested that an unruly fare be removed from a Seattle bound bus. An Oregon resident was contacted and asked to gather her belongings and leave the bus. The passenger complied.
April 24: A vehicle prowl occurred in the 8700 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. After breaking the vehicle window, a crochet purse containing a driver’s license, credit cards, $100, and a watch were stolen.
April 24: An officer was sent to the dock on Marine Drive to investigate a report of illegal crabbing. The officer made contact with a subject who did not know there was a ban on crabbing. A warning was given, gear removed and the subject left the area.
April 24: An officer was called by a resident in the 1400 block of Bayview who stated she wanted her boyfriend thrown out of her apartment. Investigation revealed that they both pay the rent. No DV had occurred. She was advised to contact legal representatives.
April 23: An officer observed two boys playing chicken with cars in the 1300 block of Peace Portal Drive. The officer made contact with the boys and warned them about their behavior. The officer then contacted their mother and advised her.

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