Police Report -- August 09, 2001

Published on Thu, Aug 9, 2001
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August 7: While on patrol, an officer found one female, age 25, and four males, all aged 20, involved in burglarizing a local restaurant in the 800 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers arrested the five people for burglary and 4 of them for MIP. All were booked into WCSO jail.
August 6: Unknown person(s) caused cosmetic damage to a Blaine police car while it was parked in the police department lot. The patrol unit was splattered with a large amount of wet/used chewing tobacco.
August 6: An officer observed a 15-year-old boy with a lit cigarette on a public street. The boy was given a citation for possession of tobacco.
August 6: A male and his girlfriend had an argument in the 300 block of Alder and the female possibly made threats to hurt herself. An officer spoke to the female and found no reason to believe that she was a threat to herself. The male spent the night elsewhere.
August 6: A resident in the 500 block of 11th Street contacted police because someone was ringing her doorbell. She did not know who it was and she was getting scared. Officers contacted a person in the area and warned him to stay away from the house.
August 5: US border patrol dispatch reported a large smoke plume coming from Lincoln Park. Officers checked the park and found a transient who had set up camp for the night. The fire was extinguished and the man was given a ride to a hotel.
August 5: An officer contacted three men who were loitering near the Pastime Tavern and discovered they were listening to tapes in a vehicle. The men left the area after the contact.
August 4: A business employee in the 500 block of 12th Street reported having repossessed a vehicle from a residence in Blaine. An informational report was generated.
August 4: A citizen found a wallet on Birch Bay Drive and turned it into Blaine police. The wallet belonged to a Blaine resident. The wallet was returned to its owner.
August 4: Officers responded to a possible domestic assault in progress in the 1600 block of Runge. The suspect left prior to the officers’ arrival. Officers determined that a D/V criminal trespass had occurred. Case forwarded to prosecutor with summons.
August 4: A citizen reported a man laying on the side of the roadway in the 400 block of Peace Portal. The man had been yelling at passing cars. Officer contacted the man who was a transient and was trying to get some sleep. The man decided to sleep elsewhere.
August 4: Officers were dispatched to an aid call in the 500 block of 10th Street, where an infant had fallen from a chair. The infant’s forehead was swelling, but he was very calm. Officers cleared when the fire department arrived.
August 3: A truck driver found a large duffel bag in the parking lot of a business in the 100 block of C Street. The driver turned the bag into the police department for safekeeping. The driver did not wish to reclaim the bag if the owner was not found.
August 3: A citizen complained about a vehicle that had pulled out in front of her in the 1600 block of Peace Portal, almost hitting her car. The suspect provided a statement claiming the other party failed to yield from a stop sign. Case forwarded to prosecutor.
August 3: Officers were dispatched to a two-car collision at Peace Portal and Bell Road. There were no injuries and the cars were able to drive away. A person at a stop sign failed to yield to a car with the right of way.
August 3: A US Immigration Inspector intercepted a motorist in a stolen vehicle at the Pacific Highway POE. A Blaine officer investigated, recovered the vehicle and located property stolen from other vehicles. The suspect was booked for possession of stolen property.
August 2: A citizen reported two dogs wandering around in toe middle of the street in the vicinity of D & Allan streets. An officer took the dogs and held them until the humane society could pick them up. The owner of the dogs could not be located.
August 2: A citizen reported receiving nuisance hang up calls at her residence in the 1400 block of D Street. The citizen has notified her phone company and they have placed a temporary trace on the phone line. She will notify police if she receives more calls.
August 2: At WSP and WCSO request, a Blaine officer responded to US Customs/Pacific Highway POE regarding a truck driver with a suspended California driver’s license. The man was arrested, cited & released for DWLS/R 3rd.
August 2: A citizen in the 1200 block of Garfield reported that someone had maliciously poured a black ink-like substance all over brand new patio furniture.
August 2: A citizen reported that unknown person(s) had stolen the battery out of his vehicle in the 400 block of D Street. There are no suspects in the case.
August 1: A subject was arrested for DWLS at the Peace Arch POE. He was issued a criminal citation and released. The subject became upset afterwards and started pushing the arresting officer. He was booked into jail for assault.
August 1: A woman reported a suspicious man who appeared to have a mental problem in the 200 block of D Street. The man was talking about a missing child. Officers contacted a homeless person and learned he thought he saw the missing child in Oregon. He was given a bus token.
July 31: A citizen reported to police that they saw several shotgun shells in the 800 block of D Street. Officers responded to the area, however, they were unable to locate the rounds.
July 31: Officer was advised of a suspicious subject loitering around the church in the 600 block of H Street. Officer checked the area and could not locate the subject. The resident was advised to call if she saw him again.
July 31: Officers were dispatched to a mother/daughter dispute in the 700 block of H Street. Both parties were told that they needed to keep their conversation and disagreement at a lower tone. They agreed to do so.
July 31: A citizen reported that she had observed a suspect hit a cat that was in the roadway in the 600 block of G Street. The citizen believed that the suspect saw the animal before hitting it and could have stopped.
July 31: An officer located a missing person in the 1300 block of Peace Portal that had not been to work for four days. The person was found to be okay.
July 31: There was a report someone was using another person’s water in the 300 block of E Street. The person was told to stop using their neighbor’s water.
July 31: A parent requested assistance with her son in the 700 block of F Street. Officers spoke to the 10 year old about behaving and listening to his parent.

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