Police Report -- September 27, 2001

Published on Thu, Sep 27, 2001
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September 23: Officers stood by while a resident in the 100 block of 16th Street ordered an intoxicated female off the property. The female insulted the host and left the property with a designated driver.
September 23: An officer in the 200 block of 16th Street backed into a mailbox in front of a residence. The mailbox pole broke off and there was a very small blemish on the vehicle bumper. The resident was notified and the pole will be replaced.
September 23: Officers were dispatched to a suspicious person knocking on a door in the 9800 block of Harvey Road. Officers and Border Patrol agents tracked the person through the woods. The person appeared to cross the border. RCMP was notified and extra patrol was provided.
September 23: Officers were dispatched to a possible domestic violence call in the 400 block of 10th Street. Officers arrived and found that a mother was having a hard time keeping her 13 year old daughter under control. Officers cleared after calming things down.
September 23: It wsa reported that a 1984 Isuzu Trooper had been stolen in the 1300 block of Harrison Street.
September 22: A business phoned police to report a person acting suspicious in the 1400 block of H Street. Officers talked to a person who was a transient from Canada. He came to the US to help fight the war. Officers gave him a ride back to Canada at his request.
September 22: A babysitter walking a child in the 1500 Block of Runge Street discovered a gun on the ground behind a van and called police. Police contacted the owner of the van, who apologized. The owner stated it was his BB gun and locked it in his vehicle.
September 22: RCMP dropped off a bike at US Customs. The person told RCMP that he got the bike in Blaine. Officers took the bike into safekeeping.
September 22: An officer on routine patrol in the 900 block of 3rd Street located two large dogs at large. The officer was unable to locate the owner and neither dog had dog license tags. The dogs were turned over to the humane society.
September 22: An anonymous person came into the police station to report a vehicle had passed him on his right at a high rate of speed. The officer contacted the driver of the vehicle and warned her of the laws she had violated.
September 21: Officers received second hand information that a person may have been the victim of a robbery involving a firearm in the 800 block of Peace Portal. The incident may have occurred in the alley behind a business. The victim has not contacted the police. The investigation is continuing.
September 21: A Blaine business in the 800 block of Portal Drive reported the theft of an undisclosed amount of currency. The crime scene was processed and an investigation is continuing.
September 21: A business manager in the 300 block of D Street phoned police to report that a man had left his car over night. He only had permission to leave it there for a couple of hours. The manager was advised of her options to remove the vehicle.
September 21: A business owner in the 1700 block of H Street notified police of a transient sleeping in a walkway. Officers contacted the subject who was denied entry into Canada. He had no money. Officers gave him a ride to the bus stop and helped with bus fare.
September 21: Officers assisted an off-duty law enforcement officer in the 9900 block of Pacific in gaining access to his vehicle after locking his keys inside. He had been distracted when leaving his vehicle without keys in hand.
September 21: Officers were dispatched to a Blaine business in the 800 block of Harrison for a counterfeit bill. The bill was determined to be counterfeit and it will be forwarded to the Secret Service.
September 21: Officers were asked to check on a business in the 1500 block of H Street that had called 911 twice. They stated that the number had been dialed accidentally. Everything was okay.
September 21: An officer investigated a non-injury motor vehicle accident in the 9100 block of Semiahmoo Parkway, between an SUV and a Honda. A state collision report was completed and the driver of the Honda was cited for failing to yield the right of way.
September 21: Officers received several calls of a man knocking on doors and bothering people in the 600 block of 8th Street. The man stated he was merely looking for a place to stay for the night. He was given a ride to the mission.
September 21: Officers were dispatched to a man smashing in the front of his residence in the 700 block Cedar. Officers unable to locate the man but did contact an intoxicated neighbor. He was advised of the noise complaint.
September 21: An officer assisted US Customs agents at the Peace Arch POE with outbound traffic which culminated in a large amount of currency being seized. One subject was arrested and transported. The vehicle was seized by agents.
September 20: Officers responded to a Birch Bay home in the 7400 block of Sunset Drive for an explosion with injury. A 23-year-old resident was seriously injured when a tennis ball packed with explosives detonated in his hand. He was transported to the hospital. Under investigation.
September 20: A business in the 1300 block of Boblett Street reported a citizen pumped $10 worth of gasoline and was unable to pay. The suspect left his driver’s license saying he would return to pay. The suspect did not return. The case is under investigation.
September 20: Officers were dispatched to the 1900 block of Peace Portal Drive for a natural gas leak. Officers located the leak and contacted the gas company and the fire department. Officers diverted traffic until the leak could be detained.
September 20: A citizen in the 700 block of Mitchell Street reported being yelled at by another citizen. There are mutual civil anti-harassment orders in effect. Statements were taken from all parties. The case was forwarded to the prosecutor.
September 20: A business in the 1800 block of Pipeline reported finding electronic instruments valued at approximately $442 missing sometime over the last month. There are no suspects at this time. The serial numbers were provided.
September 19: Officers responded to a 911 hang up call in the 400 block of Marine Drive in Point Roberts. A verbal argument between friends had prompted the call. The visitor left the residence after talking with officers. Domestic dispute – no crime.
September 19: A Honda Accord that was stolen in Portland, Oregon was found abandoned on I-5 north of milepost 276. The vehicle was impounded and the owner was notified of it’s location.
September 19: An officer assisted U.S. Customs by checking the sobriety of a driver who had been drinking. The driver was not legally impaired, but gave his keys to an officer to hold while he sobered up.
September 19: An officer assisted the Border Patrol with a suspicious subject in the 700 block of Ludwick. The subject found to have two warrants and a suspended drivers license.
September 19: A resident in the 500 block of B Street complained that their spouse made threats of violence while under the influence of drugs. Officers investigating found that no threats were made. Officers forwarded a report for civil referral for child custody.
September 19: Officers were asked to attend the Boys and Girls Club concerning the possible violation of an anti-harassment order.
September 19: A Blaine resident reported being assaulted at a business in the 200 block of C Street by a teenage suspect who left prior to police arrival. The juvenile is listed as a runaway with WCSO. A report was forwarded for prosecution on the misdemeanor assault.
September 19: An officer on patrol witnessed a Blaine resident driving in a negligent manner in the 8200 block of Blaine Road. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was contacted. The driver was cited and released for negligent in the 2nd degree.
September 18: An officer arrested and released an individual for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia at the Peace Arch POE. A customs inspector found the drugs on the person during a secondary inspection.
September 18: A U.S. Customs inspector intercepted a motorist with a suspended California driver’s license. A Blaine officer investigated, cited the driver to Blaine municipal court for DWLS/R 3rd and impounded the vehicle.


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