Police Report -- October 04, 2001

Published on Thu, Oct 4, 2001
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September 30: An officer responded to the truck crossing regarding a juvenile traveling cross country who was refused entry into Canada due to new restrictions. Her mother will wire her money tomorrow morning. She was transported to a motel.
September 30: An officer impounded an abandoned 1987 Blue Chevy that had been tagged on September 24. The vehicle was impounded by Crown Towing.
September 30: A citizen came into the police station to report his car broke down the previous night in the 1900 block of Peace Portal Drive. The vehicle was missing when he returned for it. The vehicle was entered into the state computer system.
September 30: An officer contacted an adult male sleeping in a city park. The man is homeless and looking for a place to live. He declined transportation to a shelter. He has a bus ticket to return to California and decided to use it.
September 29: A complainant reported she left her purse in her unsecured vehicle in the 700 block of A Street. The woman checked her vehicle and found her make-up bag and wallet missing. The stolen property was worth about $50. The case is under investigation.
September 29: A citizen reported a theft from a motor vehicle that he felt occurred in the Birch Bay area. The citizen wanted the Blaine police to be aware of the theft in case the property was recovered. The citizen was advised to call WCSO.
September 29: A female subject working at a gas station in the 300 block of D Street reported a suspicious male walking back and forth in the station. Officers arrived and met with the male subject. The male subject left the area without incident.
September 29: A man and woman tried to go to Canada with their infant. They did not have a birth certificate for the child. Officers were able to verify the child belonged to them, and they were released.
September 29: An officer responded to U.S. Border Patrol regarding a subject in custody who had smuggled himself and a small child across the border in the 600 block of B Street. The case is under investigation.
September 29: An officer assisted U.S. Border Patrol with a perimeter while they looked for three people who had entered the country illegally. Two of the people were located.
September 28: A Blaine harbor staff member reported an attempted theft from the public boat launch collection box. There are no suspects at this time. Blaine Harbor Security did not notice anyone suspicious in the area.
September 28: An officer assisted an adult who became stranded in Blaine. The officer provided the citizen with a bus token, blankets, and directions to the Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham.
September 28: An officer recovered a Pacific mountain bicycle from the bushes by the train station. The bicycle was booked for safekeeping.
September 27: An individual in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive requested police contact in order to report a possible stalker. Officers promised to watch for a person matching that description.
September 27: A victim reported he left his backpack in the middle school gym locker room and went to practice. The victim’s backpack was missing when he returned. This case is under investigation.
September 27: A victim reported he left his clothes unsecured in the middle school gym locker room, and when he returned he found all his clothes missing. The case is under investigation.
September 27: An individual reported being harassed by a subject while at the Cost Cutter store. This has been an ongoing dispute between two friends who had a falling out. The individual was advised to seek an anti-harassment order from the court.
September 27: Parents reported three children failed to return home on time from a school event. The children were with friends and returned home three hours late. Their mother grounded them. No police follow-up was required.
September 27: Officers received a report of vandalism of a rear window of a vehicle in the 1000 block of Peace Portal Drive. There are no suspects at this time.
September 26: Offices were dispatched to an aid call in the 1000 block of H Street for a person having an epileptic seizure. Officers stood by to assist the fire department.
September 26: Officers assisted a citizen who was rejected from entering Canada. The individual had no money and was given a ride to the Lighthouse Mission.
September 26: Officers responded to a semi-truck versus car accident at state route 543 and Boblett Street. Officers discovered the vehicles collided when turning at the same time. There were no injuries and a WSP collision report was completed.
September 24: An officer located a juvenile male in the 9500 block of Odell Street who was reported to be truant from school. The officer transported the juvenile back to school.
September 24: An officer responded to an assault in the 2200 block of Portal Way. The suspect was gone upon the officer’s arrival. The office took statements from the victim and a witness. Officers were unable to locate the suspect at his residence. The case is under investigation..


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