Police Report -- January 03, 2002

Published on Thu, Jan 3, 2002
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December 27: Officers responded to a theft from a residence in the 700 block of G Street. Officers contacted the people inside the residence at the time of the theft. Officers contacted the suspect and arrested him for theft. Stolen property was returned to the owner.
December 27: Victim stated that two male suspects drove up to him in the 1700 block of Peace Portal Drive as he was walking home with a case of beer. The passenger got out of the vehicle and ripped the case of beer out of the victim’s hands. Officers located and arrested both subjects.
December 26: Officers responded to a report of an attempted suicide in the 440 block of H Street. Officers arrived and found a person had cut her wrist. Aid responded and transported the person to the hospital.
December 26: Officer dispatched to the Peace Arch POE for a possible suspended driver. Officer investigated and determined the driver was suspended in error. Office contacted the Department of Licensing and had the driver reinstated.
December 26: Officer received information on a possible missing person out of Blaine. Officer attempted to locate subject but was unsuccessful. A missing person report will be filed by a relative.
December 25: Officers were dispatched to a 911 hang up call in the 500 block of F Street. Officers contacted the caller and found the caller had not taken his prescribed medication. The subject was transported by medics to the hospital. Officers cleared without incident.
December 25: Officer received information from US Customs regarding a subject driving the wrong way on the freeway. Officer issued the subject a citation by summons.
December 24: A resident requested an officer check her house in the 300 block of Clark for her husband’s presence following a verbal domestic dispute. The husband was found not to be at the house. Extra patrol will be provided for peacekeeping purposes.
December 23: Officer dispatched to the 200 block of 12th Street for a possible prowler. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect. Case under investigation.
December 23: Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute in the 900 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers arrested a subject and booked him into Whatcom County Jail for DV assault IV.
December 23: Officer was dispatched to a group of three subjects on the I-5 looking through the brush. Officer contacted the subjects and found they had dropped some property into the bush and retrieved it. No crime.
December 23: A local business in the 200 block of D Street reported a dine & dash. Officers arrived and the clerk discovered the customer’s bill and payment hidden on their table. No crime.
December 22: An officer on patrol in the 8900 block of Blaine Road observed two individuals peering into the window of a dark residence. Officers contacted the subjects and determined no crime had been committed.
December 21: Officer transported a stranded woman and her children from the border to a motel after they were denied entry into Canada.
December 21: Officers advised of a front door window that had been broken during a domestic dispute that occurred earlier in the evening. Officers were unable to locate the suspect. Case under investigation.
December 18: Officer was contacted by a person who reported seeing a man around the tribal burial area in Semiahmoo. The reporting person talked to the man who told him he was just walking on the beach.
December 18: A citizen reported that each time she hung up her telephone she was unable to receive a dial tone. Officer recommended she contact her telephone carrier for assistance.
December 17: A local school reported that one student may have assaulted another student. Officers investigated the matter and determined the problem had been mutual and non-criminal. The school punished both students for vilotating rules..

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