Police Report -- April 11, 2002

Published on Thu, Apr 11, 2002
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April 7: An officer was advised of a group of subjects who had drinks at an establishment in the 1700 block of Peace Portal Drive and left without paying. The subjects were located and returned to pay. The business did not want to press charges.
April 6: While on patrol, an officer observed a vehicle traveling well in excess of the posted speed limit. The vehicle was stopped, and the officer determined the driver had been drinking. The driver was issued a citation for negligent driving.
April 5: An officer arrested a female juvenile for possession, and delivery of marijuana to a minor on school grounds. The female subject was questioned and then released to school officials.
April 5: An officer checked a vehicle’s registration and learned the driver was driving without a license. The officer stopped the vehicle and discovered the driver was suspended. The driver was arrested and released. The vehicle was impounded.
April 5: A Birch Bay resident in the 8200 block of Maple Crest was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant and for questioning in a felony drug investigation. The resident was booked into jail on the warrant, resisting arrest, and possession of a dangerous weapon.
April 4: A resident reported someone scratched both sides of her Jeep with a key and broke a blade off in two of the door locks on her vehicle. The damage is estimated at $500. The case is under investigation.
April 4: An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding and discovered the driver was DUI. The driver was arrested, processed, and released with a mandatory court appearance. The vehicle was impounded.
April 4: An officer observed seven children trespass onto a private residence and caught five of them smoking marijuana. The children were transported to the principal’s office. A report will be submitted to the prosecutor.
April 4: An officer assisted U.S. Border Patrol with the apprehension of three subjects that had entered the U.S. from Canada illegally in the 200 block of Marine Drive.
April 3: Officers assisted U.S. Border Patrol with a subject that had entered the U.S. from Canada in the 200 block of 2nd Street. Officers contacted the subject at a local business and he was taken into custody by the U.S.B.P.
April 3: A person was arrested and issued a criminal citation in the 1700 block of H Street when he attempted to walk out of a business without paying for some concealed merchandise.
April 2: An officer responded to a collision between a railroad crossing arm and a vehicle at Bell and Peace Portal Drive. The vehicle had left the scene. BNSF Railroad fixed the damaged arm..



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