Police Report -- June 06, 2002

Published on Thu, Jun 6, 2002
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June 2: A concerned citizen reported seeing a group of kids using duct tape to tape people to poles in front of the high school. Officer investigated and found a group of students working on a school project with a teacher.
June 2: A citizen called police to ask what could be done about her ex-husband allowing their children to ride motorcycles against her wishes. She was advised that it was a civil matter.
June 2: Officer was advised of a port runner northbound from POE Peace Arch. Officer located the driver in the 400 block of Peace Portal. Driver returned to the port to meet with US Customs Officials.
June 2: Officers responded to a motor vehicle accident with injuries in the 200 block of D Street. A 21-year-old female had been riding a motorized skateboard and had struck the curb resulting in a fall and a broken arm.
June 2: Officers assisted US Border Patrol by attempting to locate an illegal alien who had fled on foot from an agent. The person was able to make it back to Canada and was not apprehended.
June 1: Officers received an anonymous report of a sick raccoon in the 800 block of H Street. Officers located the animal, however, it escaped into a residential zone.
June 1: Officers were advised of a tour bus that had tried to cross the median and became high centered. Officers conducted traffic control until Washington State Patrol took over the scene.
June 1: A resident complained that a juvenile threatened him with a gun in the 600 block of Peace Portal and challenged him to a fight. Officers contacted the suspect and witnesses. Charges were forwarded to the prosecutor for disorderly conduct and MIP.

May 31: A Blaine resident reported a door on a residence in the 1500 block of Mitchell Street was missing. The resident thought the landlord had removed the door and was unaware of anyone else having removed it. Report was taken for informational purposes.
May 31: Report of an unattended small child walking alone in the 900 block of Adelia Street. An officer found the parents. A copy of the report will be forwarded to CPS for review.
May 31: A Whatcom County resident reported her three-legged Irish setter and a golden retriever were missing. The resident thought the dogs may have wandered into Blaine. An informational report was taken.
May 31: Officers were asked to investigate false identifications found on two students at the school. The cards were confiscated and the case is under investigation.
May 31: Officers were requested to respond to the school regarding a theft from the locker room. Officer arrested a juvenile female who admitted to the theft. She was processed and released to her parents.
May 30: Officer contacted two suspicious persons and found they had recently entered the country illegally. The two were turned over to a USBP agent at the scene. Officer cleared without incident.
May 29: Officer was contacted by a landlord in the 1500 block of Mitchell Street. It was requested that officer standby while he left a note for the current resident. The current resident is in the process of moving out. Standby complete, no further action required.
May 29: A wallet and birth certificate were turned into the police department for safe keeping. Officers will attempt the locate the owner of the property.
May 29: A student reported seeing an anonymous, general threat written on a bathroom wall. Officers and school officials investigated. The writer was not IDed and it appears to be a hoax. Officers are providing extra patrols at the campus.
May 28: A landlord in the 300 block of D Street reported a possible burglary to his business. Investigation revealed the matter to be civil in nature, involving a dispute between the landlord and his former renter. No crime.
May 28: Officers responded to a vehicle in the ditch in the 1500 block of Peace Portal. Vehicle was found unoccupied. The owner said he left the vehicle parked across the street. It apparently rolled across the street into the ditch. There was no damage to the vehicle.
May 28: Officer was advised of parking violations in the 9200 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. Officer located the offenders and issued parking tickets accordingly.
May 28: An individual reported that juveniles had been playing soccer in a parking lot next to his business in the 200 block of H Street. The ball had apparently been kicked into a window of the business, breaking it. It was requested that the police assist in locating the juveniles.

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