Police Report -- July 11, 2002

Published on Thu, Jul 11, 2002
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July 8: A person was concerned when his friends failed to return from a boating trip. Officers notified the US Coast Guard. The parties are believed to be on an island and having mechanical difficulties.
July 6: Officers received a report of a transient camp near a local business in the 1400 block of H Street. The area was checked and the individual had moved on. Extra patrol around the area will be provided.
July 6: A person in the 300 block of 11th Street complained about her neighbor spray painting. She said the fumes were entering her house and making her feel ill. The painter apologized and agreed to stop painting.
July 6: A person in the 500 block of 11th Street reported that his girlfriend may have received minor burns while barbecuing. She had taken his car and left to an unknown location. A ‘watch for’ was broadcast and the woman was located at the hospital.
July 4: A resident was walking his dogs in the 900 block of 9th Street when a boxer got out of a fenced yard and attacked his beagle. The dog needed six stitches. The humane society was notified and the police are investigating the incident.
July 4: A person in the 600 block of H Street reported a suspicious individual loitering in front of a church. The individual was contacted and found to be a transient attempting to get into Canada. He was advised of places to obtain help, and he left the area.
July 3: A resident in the 900 block of E Street reported that a neighbor’s child disengaged the emergency brake on his father’s car. The unattended running car rolled across the street and split the bark on a young cherry tree. An investigation is in progress.
July 3: A business in the 200 block of D Street reported a citizen discovered he had lost his wallet after he had ordered food. The business agreed to let him pay by mail when he returns from his trip.
July 3: Officers saw a person they didn’t recognize walking on an unlit street late at night. Officers contacted and identified the subject. The man lives just outside the city limits and was out for a walk because he couldn’t sleep.
July 2: Officer contacted a female who was walking barefoot in her pajamas during the early morning hours. The female had a disagreement with her boyfriend and was walking home. She declined a ride.
July 2: Anonymous report of a person who had left her children unattended in vehicle in the 1700 block of H Street. An officer handled the complaint.
July 2: A person in the 1300 block of Garfield Avenue saw two individuals walking around his house several times. No one had permission to be there. Officers contacted the two who were looking for a missing cat. They were cautioned about walking through other’s yards.. .

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