Police Report -- August 29, 2002

Published on Thu, Aug 29, 2002
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August 26: Officers were advised of a possible drug deal in progress in the 1700 block of Peace Portal. Officers and K-9 checked the vehicle and determined the exchange of money was a legitimate transaction. No further action was taken.
August 25: Officers received a call from a business in the 1700 block of H Street reporting they had no water. Officer referred the matter to the public works department and found they were already en route to fix the problem.
August 25: Officers responded to a report of a hit and run that involved a pedestrian in the 2400 block of Bell Road. A suspect was located and arrested. The victim was treated by paramedics and released at the scene.
August 24: A resident in the 300 block of H Street reported a man had been calling and harassing her. The resident also reported the names of other females who were being harassed by the same person. Case under investigation.
August 24: A clerk in the 1500 block of H Street complained about a transient. Officer advised the transient of the complaint and he corrected his behavior.
August 24: A property manager in the 600 block of A Street reported children wrote on the walls of rental apartments with a black marker. The cleanup cost is estimated at $50. An officer contacted the children and their parents.
August 23: Officers received a referral report from DSHS concerning possible child abuse and unsafe living conditions. Case under investigation.
August 23: An officer responded to a report of a possible propane leak near a residence in the 700 block of Adelia Street. The officer discovered the smell was related to plants and was not a gas leak.
August 22: Officer was advised by a resident in the 400 block of F Street that a neighbor’s child had stuck her tongue out at her son. Officer documented an ongoing neighborhood dispute between parties.
August 22: A citizen in the 300 block of H Street reported information regarding a person who had recently moved into the area who seemed suspicious. Information was passed on to patrol.
August 22: A citizen in the 300 block of H Street who is new to the area reported having problems with some unknown individuals. The individuals were believed to have followed the citizen from her former residence. Info gathered and forwarded..
August 21: Officer was advised of a subject who allegedly attempted to run over his neighbor’s children who were playing in their driveway in the 400 block of F Street. Under investigation.
August 21: Officer was advised by a citizen in the 700 block of Boblett Street that neighbor children were throwing apples into her yard and calling her names. Contact was made with three unsupervised boys who were told to cease their conduct.
August 20: A citizen reported he was starting his vehicle when it lurched forward and struck a stop sign. An investigation found the man’s license to be suspended and he had no proof of insurance. He was arrested and released. Vehicle was towed.
August 20: A resident found a small amount of plant material in a plastic bag in a public phone booth in the 200 block of B Street. The item was marked for destruction.
August 20: Report received of a hit and run accident in the 1700 block of H Street. The victim reported minor damages and provided a plate number. The plate number was determined to be invalid and there are no suspects.
August 20: Report of an adult female having violated a no contact order between herself and a juvenile female. Officers have not yet located the suspect. Probable cause exists to arrest the adult female when located.
August 20: An officer assisted border patrol by stopping a vehicle that contained a load of smuggled marijuana.
August 20: A citizen in the 800 block of Peace Portal complained about construction equipment running and being loud. The trucks were moved.

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