Police Report -- September 19, 2002

Published on Thu, Sep 19, 2002
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September 17: An aggressive bull and a heifer were spotted in the 3400 block of H Street and on Valleyview Road. The animals were located on Sweet Road and their owner and an animal control officer responded. The animals had been at large for two days.
September 16: A person came to police to report a crime that occurred 19 years ago. The information was forwarded to the police agency where the crime is alleged to have occurred.
September 16: Officer spoke with several students at a football game about a fight that occurred. During the course of the investigation it was determined it had been a mutual disagreement. The matter was turned over to school officials.
September 16: A person was driving too fast in the 2300 block of Bell Road and slid off the road into a ditch. Officers issued a citation and the vehicle was removed by a tow truck.
September 16: A person reported several cows walking in the roadway in the 4000 block of H Street. The cows were gone when an officer arrived in the area.
September 16: A resident in the 500 block of D Street reported someone had walked onto his property and moved the cement lid off his water meter. City workers were not involved in the incident. Officers provided extra patrol to that area.
September 16: Reno police department called to confirm a stolen vehicle that was entered by Blaine P.D. They had found the vehicle in a parking lot. The information was confirmed and a message was left for the owner.
September 16: An out of state person in the 1700 block of H Street reported a possible “Australian Lottery” scam being operated by a P.O. box through a local business. The complaint was forwarded to the appropriate investigating agency.
September 16: Complainant in the 200 block of H Street reported a person having cashed or forged one of his personal checks at a local bank. Case under investigation.
September 15: Three underage females were passengers in a motor vehicle that was stopped for a traffic violation. They had been drinking in British Columbia and were issued citations for being in possession of liquor by consumption.
September 15: Officer observed a traffic violation on I-5. Driver attempted to elude officers and was arrested for DUI. Driver was cited and released with a mandatory court appearance. Vehicle was impounded.
September 15: A citizen in the 200 block of 16th Street reported finding a white substance on his driveway and requested an officer to check for narcotics. Officer tested the substance and found it did not contain narcotic substances.
September 15: Officer was dispatched to a residence in the 700 block of F Street in reference to graffiti on a fence. Officer found some evidence at the scene which had a name on it. Investigation is
September 14: An officer discovered an unoccupied vehicle parked in the travel portion of H Street at SR543. The registered owner could not be contacted. The vehicle was impounded.
September 14: Blaine officers were asked to assist the Whatcom County Sheriff’s department by checking on an intoxicated male who was reported to be staggering into traffic on Birch Bay Drive. The man was gone upon arrival of officers.
September 14: A citizen in the 100 block of Boundary Court reported he received a suspicious telephone call regarding a letter he had written to the newspaper. Information documented.
September 13: Officer observed a rear-end accident at the intersection of SR543 and H Street. One driver was taken to the hospital via ambulance. The other was given an infraction for failing to control his speed to avoid a collision.
September 13: Officer was advised of two men in the 1600 block of D Street who asked a young girl to get into their truck. By the time the girl reported this to her mother, the suspects had left the area. Descriptions of suspects given to patrol.
September 11: Officers were asked to check a residence in the 9100 block of Chickadee after 911 received a hang-up call. The call was found to have been made in error.
September 11: A juvenile came to the police department to report she had stolen two bicycles from the school. She felt bad and wanted to apologize. The bikes were not found and no one reported them missing.
September 11: A business in the 800 block of Peace Portal reported a customer left without paying the bill. Officer contacted the customer who said the money was left on the table. The money was found under a seat cushion. No crime.
September 10: A subject arrived at the police department and stated he wanted to turn himself in, however, he had no outstanding warrants. It was found the man has a mental health problem and he was returned to his family.
September 10: K9 team was called to assist USBP with a drug search of a vehicle. A large amount of marijuana was located. Suspects were arrested....

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