Police Report -- November 14, 2002

Published on Thu, Nov 14, 2002
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November 11: Witness reported a 17-year-old boy had assaulted a 10-year-old boy. Officer located the victim and his mother who decided to press charges against the older boy for assault, 4th degree. Additional witnesses to be interviewed.
November 11: A 10-year-old child ran to the police department after his stepmother tried to take away one of his CDs. An officer spoke to the child and told him to go home. The stepmother was also contacted. No crime.
November 11: Officers were asked to assist U.S. Customs in the 100 block of Marine Drive with the arrest of a fugitive who was riding on the local train. The person was taken into custody without incident.
November 11: A resident in the 1400 block of D Street complained about being harassed by someone who rings her doorbell late in the evening and is gone by the time she gets to the door. The resident said she is going to install a switch to turn the doorbell off. Extra patrol was provided to the area.
November 10: A person wished to speak to an officer about her problems. The person did not appear to be a danger to herself, but she was intoxicated. Officer helped her get in contact with her husband and arranged to have a friend come over and stay with her.
November 9: Officers assisted U.S. Customs agents with a subject who had been refused entry into Canada because he was under the influence of inhalants. Officers arrested the driver for possession of inhalants and unlawful huffing. Driver was given a mandatory court date and the vehicle was towed.
November 8: Officer stopped a vehicle for speeding in the 1500 block of H Street and found the driver to be DWLS/3rd, driving without a required ignition interlock device and driving without liability insurance. The driver also had three outstanding arrest warrants. The warrants were not served due to jail overcrowding. The driver was arrested and released, the vehicle was impounded.
November 8: Officers received a request from the WCSO to watch for an erratically driven vehicle in the 4000 block of H Street. The vehicle was described only as a 4 x 4 truck occupied by three males who were possibly firing a shotgun out of the window of the truck while it was moving. Officer arrived in the area and waited for over 15 minutes before determining the vehicle was not travelling in that direction. Officer cleared without incident.
November 8: A local business in the 1700 block of H Street reported detaining a 14-year-old female for shoplifting. An officer interviewed the juvenile who admitted to taking $129 worth of merchandise with the intent to steal it. The juvenile was arrested for theft and released to a parent. Case forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for charges.
November 8: Officers assisted U.S. border patrol while they contacted two subjects who crossed the border without stopping for inspection. A ‘wants check’ showed one subject had a felony warrant from another state for a parole violation. He was arrested by border patrol and taken to jail.
November 7: A person ordered a meal at a local business and then told the manager he needed to go to his car and get his money. He left his I.D. with the manager and went outside. He did not return. Officers attempted to locate the man at his last known address, but he had moved.
November 7: While on patrol in the 500 block of Peace Portal Drive, officers saw a person walking around a closed business. When the person saw the officers, he tried to hide. Officers contacted the person and discovered he had a warrant for his arrest. Officers were unable to arrest the subject due to jail restrictions.
November 7: Complainant reported a female subject came onto the school campus with her five-year-old son and she had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. Officer contacted the female subject while she was driving in front of the school. Officer determined she was under the influence of alcohol and in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Officer arrested the female and impounded her vehicle. Arrestee was later released.
November 7: A person reported being concerned, because she was unable to contact her sister via telephone. An officer contacted the sister at her residence. She was fine and said she would call her sister.
November 7: Officers stopped at a hotel in the 1300 block of 4th Street to see if a person still lived there. When officers approached the hotel they saw one man trying to get another man to fist fight. The person was arrested and issued a citation.
November 7: A neighbor reported nearby residents were having a verbal or physical domestic fight n the 900 block of Blaine Avenue. Officers responded and discovered a husband and wife had a loud discussion about their finances. The husband left before the police arrived. The children and another adult were present. The family was advised of the neighbor’s complaint and a domestic violence victim’s rights pamphlet was given to the wife.
November 6: A resident in the 400 block of C Street complained about a brown and white boxer that was on her front lawn barking at her child and her dogs. The dog left before officers arrived. Neighbors were contacted, but no one knew who the dog’s owner was.
November 5: Witness reported a juvenile male subject who came into the school campus and punched another student in the back of his head. The witness tried to stop the suspect, but he fled the area. Officer located the suspect and arrested him for Assault in the 4th degree. The juvenile arrestee was booked into the juvenile detention facility.
November 5: Officers were flagged down by a citizen in the 600 block of D Street. The person wanted to talk to officers about his neighbor who constantly makes noise late at night. The person decided to go home and see if the neighbor had quieted down. He was advised to call if there was a problem.
November 4: Officers assisted the mental health department in taking an elderly person into custody. While doing so her roommate assaulted officers. He was arrested and booked into jail.
November 4: Officers were advised of a non-injury, non-blocking vehicle collision in the 600 block of 6th Street. A driver reached for her cell phone and hit a parked car, causing damage to both vehicles. A WSP collision report was completed.
November 2: While off duty, an officer saw a person driving a car who has a suspended driver’s license. Officer will forward charges to the prosecutor for review..

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