Police Report -- November 21, 2002

Published on Thu, Nov 21, 2002
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November 17: U.S. Customs reported an adult female in possession of prescription drugs without a prescription. A Blaine officer contacted the woman who admitted the pills were hers and said she used to have a prescription for them. The container the pills were located in also contained marijuana. The female was issued a criminal citation for marijuana.
November 17: Two young men in the 600 block of 14 Street asked a merchant for water, then reached into a tip bucket and took five one-dollar bills. The boys fled and were not apprehended. An investigation was completed.
November 17: WCSO requested mutual aid while deputy contacted an occupied vehicle which had been parked on the side of Delta Line Road for a couple of hours. The driver said he was waiting for a business owner to return. The driver was reportedly a registered sex offender. A Blaine officer stood by while the deputy had the subject leave the area.
November 16: Blaine officers assisted WSP with mutual aid when a very intoxicated and belligerent female tried to kick the windows out of his patrol vehicle. The suspect had a rapid mood shift and calmed down when Blaine officers arrived. While she was being provided a ride home, she began kicking the windows again. The female was booked into Whatcom County jail.
November 16: Officer stopped a vehicle in the 700 block of SR543. Driver was arrested for DWLS 3rd. Found during the inventory search were several thousand tablets of pseudoephedrine. Driver and passenger were booked into Whatcom County jail for VUSCA with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine.
November 16: A parent in the 1400 block of Mitchell Street reported her ten-year-old scratched the family vehicle with a rock, because he was told he could not play outside. The matter was being resolved by the family. Report is for informational purposes only.
November 15: Police received several calls of two vehicles driving through front yards in a residential neighborhood. One vehicle was caught at the scene. The second vehicle was later found at the driver’s residence. Both drivers were cited for reckless driving and released with a court date. Damage to the yards was minimal.
November 15: A resident in the 900 block of Blaine Avenue complained about a neighbor who has loud band practice and plays the same songs over and over again. The neighbor was advised of the complaint and agreed to keep the noise down.
November 14: A citizen reported a person entering an abandoned house in the 200 block of Cedar Street. Officers contacted the man and determined he was a real estate agent.
November 14: While looking for a male juvenile runaway, officers located a female juvenile runaway. Officers took the female into protective custody and notified her mother. The juvenile was released to her mother.
November 14: A citizen in the 800 block of Alder Street reported that a person who owed her money was paying her back by having her cash checks from a third party. The citizen felt the activity was suspicious. An investigation revealed the checks were stolen. Case is still under investigation.
November 13: U.S. border patrol reported a person hunting inside the city limits. An officer contacted the man who was scouting for an upcoming opening. He was warned about hunting inside the city limits.
November 13: Officer was dispatched to check on a man who was sitting in a lounge chair in the parking lot of a business in the 1400 block of Peace Portal Drive. When the officer contacted the man he had moved across the street. The man said he was going to Alaska on Friday and until then, he was staying in Bellingham.
November 13: An anonymous citizen reported an adult male sitting in a parking lot of a closed business for several hours. The vehicle did not have license plates. Officer contacted the man and learned he was denied entry into Canada and was waiting to catch a ferry in a couple of days. The vehicle had a temporary trip permit.
November 13: A person reported that a suspicious man had been in her neighborhood in the 9200 block of Semiahmoo Parkway for several weeks. The man appeared to be watching people. Extra patrol will be provided when possible.
November 12: An officer investigated a truck/trailer vs. pole accident in the 900 block of Peace Portal Drive. There was no damage to the pole. An air-line part to the trailer was damaged. The part was replaced and the trailer was removed from the accident scene.
November 12: Complainant reported a female student at the high school brought marijuana onto the school campus. Officer arrived and arrested the juvenile for possession of marijuana under 40 grams. The arrestee was later released to her mother...

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