Police Report -- December 05, 2002

Published on Thu, Dec 5, 2002
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December 2: Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 200 block of C Street to check on the welfare of a young man who had called the crisis line indicating he had attempted suicide. He was transported to hospital by paramedics.
December 1: Officers assisted U.S. Customs in search of a man who entered the U.S. without completing the inspection process. A Blaine officer located the man walking on the freeway on-ramp and turned him over to a border patrol agent.
November 30: Officers observed a suspicious vehicle parked by a closed business in the 1300 block of Boblett Street. Two people ran from the unreported stolen vehicle. The driver locked himself in the trunk and attempted to hide from the police, but the police K9 alerted officers to his location. The suspect, a wanted sex offender, emerged from the trunk and confessed to stealing the car from a used car dealer in Sioux City, Iowa. His story was confirmed. He and the passenger were booked into Whatcom County jail.
November 30: A Blaine resident in the 200 block of Boblett Street reported the theft of a cement ornamental figure from the outside of a garage. Resident had last seen the figure a week prior and believed someone passing by the garage may have taken it. There are no suspects at this time.
November 30: A Birch Bay resident called to report a violation of a no contact order. The respondent, who is currently in Whatcom County jail, called the petitioner at work in Blaine. The jail was contacted and was requested to place call restrictions on the respondent’s telephone calls. The jail complied and charges will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for violation of the order.
November 29: Officers came upon a large underage drinking party in the 9200 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. It was later determined who supplied the alcohol to the minors. Subject was issued a criminal citation.
November 28: Citizen reported he believed his 81-year-old friend was home, but he could not get up to come to the door. He was worried because his friend had a stroke about a week ago. Officer went over to the residence and heard a male subject requesting help. Officer was able to gain entry into the residence where the man was found lying on the bedroom floor where he had been all night. Fire department arrived and transported the male subject to the hospital.
November 27: Complainant reported someone went into his vehicle in the 600 block of Boblett Street, tried to rip out his $350 stereo and took a bag of Werther’s Original candy. Officers later located the suspect at his residence and arrested him for vehicle prowl and other offenses from a related case. Juvenile arrestee was later booked into the juvenile detention facility.
November 27: A business in the 1500 block of H Street reported someone drove away without paying for their gas. Officers found the vehicle and the occupants were positive they had paid. Further investigation showed they most likely had paid. The clerk was very busy at the time and may have made a mistake.
November 27: A citizen in the 1100 block of Garfield Street reported finding his car stereo had been stolen from his vehicle which was parked inside his garage. The theft occurred sometime during the night. Officers contacted a suspect who admitted to stealing the stereo. A juvenile male was arrested and booked into juvenile detention.
November 26: Officer stopped a vehicle at 8:49 a.m. for speeding in the school zone and learned the driver was DWLRS/R 3rd. The driver was arrested and released with a mandatory court appearance. The vehicle was impounded.
November 26: An off duty officer saw two people walking together in the 400 block of Cherry Street and knew there was a valid no contact order between the two. On-duty officers contacted the two and verified there was a valid order. The person violating the order was arrested and booked into jail.
November 25: Officer contacted a juvenile who was not in school and learned the juvenile had skipped school to shoplift at a local store. Officer recovered video games valued at $51. Shoplifting charges are being forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor. The juvenile was released to a parent.

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