Police Report -- January 03, 2003

Published on Fri, Jan 3, 2003
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December 29: A park ranger asked officers to check on the welfare of the registered owner of an abandoned vehicle. The owner was not located. The owner has not been reported missing and is known to have friends and family in the area. The park ranger was notified of officers findings and all information was also given to the WCSO.
December 29: K-9 unit assisted U.S. Border Patrol with a vehicle inspection. The driver and passenger abandoned the vehicle and crossed into Canada through the closed Peace Arch state park. The suspects were arrested by RCMP and their seven-year-old son was returned to U.S. customs. A Blaine officer was asked to assist customs because federal officers could not transfer the child directly to CPS. CPS responded, accepted custody of the child from Blaine PD and placed him in foster care.
December 29: Officers responded to a malicious mischief complaint in the 300 block of 8th Street. The reporting party stated she observed two juvenile males kicking her picket fence. The two juveniles were arrested after a lengthy pursuit.
December 28: An inexperienced driver, attempting to show off for a friend while driving his mother’s car in the 900 block of Boblett Street, lost control of the vehicle and hit a street sign. Driver was cited for speed too fast for conditions.
December 27: Officers were dispatched to a local business for a subject that closely resembled a suspect wanted by the FBI in a homicide investigation. The individual was contacted and identified as a Ferndale resident. The person was not wanted.
December 27: U.S. Border Patrol reported two juvenile males in the 1600 block of D Street playing with a spray can. Officer contacted the males who were playing with a can of deodorant. No crime.
December 27: A resident in the 700 block of E Street reported that a houseguest took a $300 ring without permission and then lost it in Bellingham while washing a vehicle. The resident did not want to make a crime report, but requested assistance in recovering the ring. The request was passed on to Bellingham PD. The ring was found and returned to its owner.
December 26: Complainant in the 800 block of Harrison Avenue reported being assaulted by two males after opening the front door to them. Under investigation.
December 25: Officers were asked to check on a car that had been parked in the lot of a closed business in the 200 block of D Street for an extended period of time. The employee felt uncomfortable about the vehicle, because the occupant appeared to be watching the business. The driver was actually sleeping.
December 24: A representative of US Bank reported a subject entering the bank and studying the surveillance system. Suspect was contacted, identified and then got on a bus to Bellingham. He stated he had been looking for a clock so he wouldn’t miss the bus.
December 22: A citizen came to the police station to speak to an officer about an employment issue involving his son. The citizen was advised to contact the department of labor and industries.
December 22: Complainant reported the theft of a stereo out of the dash of an automobile that had been left at a service station in the 500 block of Peace Portal Drive for repair.
December 18: A resident in the 1300 block of Peace Portal Drive observed a man disciplining his dog by pulling on a choke leash and reported the incident as possible animal abuse. Blaine officers contacted the man and learned he was controlling his dog by pulling and releasing a choke chain. He was advised of the complaint. The dog was not injured and was in good health. No crime was committed.
December 18: Officers saw a vehicle do a U-Turn in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive. The person wanted to report that another person had crossed the double yellow lines. The officer had given the driver four warnings in the past that he cannot commit an infraction simply to report another person committing an infraction. This time he was cited.
December 18: Officer had a report of a possible DUI in the 200 block of Cherry Street. An officer located the vehicle and saw several traffic violations. A stop was initiated. The driver was an elderly person who stated she could not see at night. The officer assisted the person by taking her car home, taking the groceries in the house and suggesting she not drive at night any more.
December 17: A person in the 4300 block of H Street phoned police because she could hear people screaming and what sounded like gun shots in the woods near her home. Officers arrived and found children playing with cap guns they had received for Christmas..


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