Police Report -- January 16, 2003

Published on Thu, Jan 16, 2003
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January 13: The Blaine school district reported two juvenile males as truant. One of the males reported to the police that he was abducted. After an investigation the juvenile admitted to lying to the officers to avoid getting into trouble. False reporting charges will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.
January 13: A school employee received a telephoned bomb threat. A person said a pipe bomb was at the high school. Officers were dispatched and assisted school authorities with evacuating the occupied areas of the high school campus. Larko, a K-9 from Ferndale police department trained to search for explosives, was used to search the facility. Offices and K-9 were not able to find any explosive devices and the campus was reopened.
January 13: A young victim reported that a relative touched her sexually while she was asleep. Officers investigated and found probable cause to arrest the adult relative. Officers interviewed, transported and booked the relative into Whatcom county jail.
January 13: A resident advised border patrol dispatch that three juvenile boys were playing in traffic at SR543 and D Street. The young men were contacted and advised of the complaint. They denied playing in traffic and said they were out for a walk because school would be closed on
January 12: Officers made contact with a woman in the 1700 block of H Street who appeared to be having mental problems. It was determined the woman was having difficulty in her life; however, she did not need intervention. Subject will seek help through pre-established networks she has.
January 12: A person in the 200 block of Cherry Street complained that a neighbor’s dog keeps barking at night for no reason. The owner of the dog admitted the dog was just barking. They were given a verbal warning and they promised to try to keep the dog from barking.
January 11: Officer received a call of a fight in progress outside a hotel room in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers arrived and arrested two subjects for disorderly conduct. One subject was cited and released, the other had outstanding warrants and was transported.
January 11: Officers received a call of a fight in progress outside a local bar in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers arrived on scene and found there had only been a verbal argument between friends. Officers found no assault had been committed, and both subjects said they were going to go home and sleep.
January 11: A person reported her daughter was pushed and insulted by a referee at a girls’ basketball game. The suspect is unknown. Investigation is ongoing.
January 10: A Blaine resident called to report a stack of garbage bags piled next to a city sidewalk in the 200 block of C Street that were beginning to stink. Officers checked the city ordinance and could find no violation. A later check of the area revealed that the trash had been removed.
January 10: The elementary school called to report a disorderly parent on campus yelling profanities at a school official. The parent was contacted and given a trespass warning for the day.
January 10: A Blaine resident came into the police department to report the theft of a fishing vessel valued at $20,000. Case under investigation.
January 8: An anonymous citizen reported two adult males walking on the railroad tracks in the 1700 block of Peace Portal Drive and nearly being struck by a passing train. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the men.
January 8: A citizen reported her daughter was being argumentative and uncooperative in violation of a juvenile court order. The citizen was advised to contact the daughter’s probation officer. Officers spoke to the daughter who agreed to stop. Case forwarded to juvenile prosecutor.
January 8: Report of a possible no contact order violation. Complainant received a hang up call and he thought it had been his ex-girlfriend.
January 7: Complainant reported a student struck another student while they were on a school bus. Officer determined the assault took place in the county. Suspect was detained until WCSO deputy arrived and took over the investigation.
January 7: Report of a loud white Honda that had been driving around a neighborhood for about 45 minutes. An officer was in the area at the time of the call and no white Honda, moving or not, was located.
January 6: Officers were dispatched to a violation of a no contact order in the 1300 block of Blaine Avenue. Officers arrived and found evidence that the person had also committed residential burglary and harassment. Officers found the suspect hiding in a car and arrested him. He was booked into jail on felony domestic violence charges.

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