Police Report -- February 06, 2003

Published on Thu, Feb 6, 2003
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February 3: An officer contacted a 12-year-old in the 900 block of H street who said she intended to commit suicide. The juvenile was taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

February 3: A concerned parent in the 900 block of H Street called to report her 10-year-old daughter missing. Several areas were checked and the juvenile was later located with her mother at the grocery store.

February 2: An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation in the 600 block of H Street. During the stop, the odor of marijuana was noticed by the officer and confirmed by K-9. During the stop, the driver�s father arrived and advised the driver to leave. When officers informed the driver he was not free to leave, he did not listen. When confronted, the driver became violent, striking and punching officers. He was arrested, but not booked into jail due to a medical condition.

February 1: A person entering the U.S. from Canada was found to be in possession of several prescription medications without a prescription. The extremely uncooperative subject was booked into Whatcom County jail.

January 31: A business in the 900 block of Boblett Street reported that person(s) had burglarized the business during the night. Case under investigation.

January 31: A local business in the 300 block of Martin Street reported an attempted burglary. The suspect(s) did not gain entry. Extra patrol was requested. Officer suggested some crime prevention measures to the manager.

January 31: A resident in the 1400 block of Marry Avenue claimed that her ex-spouse threatened to come over and expel any of her male friends from the house by force. The resident and the ex-spouse were contacted by Blaine officers. The ex-spouse denied he intended violence and said he was concerned for the welfare of his child. The parties were advised to keep the peace and to seek legal advice for their separation problems.

January 30: Canadian immigration contacted Blaine officers concerning a person seeking entry into Canada. The person was on release for felony charges out of Clark County. The person told immigration inspectors he was afraid of going to jail for life and was fleeing the U.S. to avoid prosecution. Working with Clark County, officers were able to arrest the person and book him into jail. He will be returned to Clark County.

January 30: A parent came to the police department to report her 13- year-old son had been assaulted by another student while at school. Case under investigation.

January 30: Complainant in the 1500 block D Street reported someone broke into her house and stole $3,969 worth of household items. Case under investigation.

January 30: A citizen in the 1600 block of Mitchell Avenue reported someone entering his residence without permission. An unknown subject had entered using a key. Nothing was taken and the victim could not describe the suspect. Victim reported that he would have his locks changed.

January 29: Complainant in the 900 block of Boblett Street reported 17 storage units were broken into. Case under investigation.

January 29: Complainant reported a male subject who had his vehicle impounded earlier in the day had broken into the tow yard and taken his car. Officers located and stopped the subject on I-5. He was arrested for burglary and booked into Whatcom County jail.

January 29: Officers were dispatched to a possible residential burglary in the 4200 block of 99th Street. Upon arrival, a search of the residence was conducted and it was determined a burglary had occurred and several items were taken from the residence in the amount of $4,220. K-9 team was called for a search with negative results. Case under investigation.

January 29: Blaine police were asked to check on the welfare of a resident in the 3900 block of H Street Road, who had not been heard from in quite some time. The person was contacted and found to be in good spirits and good health. The resident said he would contact the reporting parties and let them know he is ok.

January 29: Residents in the 300 block of 12th Street reported their house was broken into while they were away. Case under investigation.

January 28: A citizen reported observing a vehicle in the 2600 block of Bell Road fail to stop for a school bus while its flashing red lights were on and its stop sign was out. The vehicle nearly struck a child. Officer contacted the drivers involved and the victim for statements. The driver was issued a citation for reckless driving.

January 28: Officer observed a small child riding in a truck in the 800 block of Mitchell Avenue who was not in a child safety restraint. The truck also failed to signal for a turn. The vehicle was stopped and it was determined the driver was DWLS/R 3rd and driving without insurance. A passenger in the vehicle was a deported felon and he was detained by USBP. The vehicle was impounded.

January 28: Complainant reported her daughter was harassed by two other girls and a mother at the high school after school had let out. Shortly after receiving the first complaint, officers received a call from the other parent to report her daughter having been harassed. The parties were instructed to contact the school district for assistance in resolving their dispute.

January 28: Complainant in the 1400 block of Peace Portal reported an unknown male was knocking on her apartment door. Officers responded and contacted the male. He was attempting to serve legal papers on the resident.

January 28: Bellingham police requested assistance in looking for a car in the Blaine area. A person with a history of mental problems had been listed as missing and had been located in Bellingham. When the person was found she no longer had her car and she thought she may have left it in the Blaine area.

January 28: Complainant in the 1100 block of 4th Street reported she heard someone in one of her apartments after the tenant had left for work. Officer arrived and located the tenant�s new girlfriend inside the apartment. Officers determined no crime had been committed.

January 27: A man was seen walking around a house in the 600 block of Adelia Avenue late at night. He left three bags in the yard. He was contacted and it was determined he was homeless. He was warned about trespassing and littering.

January 27: Officers saw a car acting suspiciously in the 300 block of D Street. It drove around a closed business and sat there. Officers contacted the two subjects inside the car who said they were looking for friends. A U.S. border patrol agent interviewed them and determined they were illegal aliens. He took custody of them and officers cleared.

January 27: Victim reported her boyfriend had assaulted her and kept her in her bedroom against her will overnight. The victim reported that once she was able to get away she came straight to the police department. Officers located the suspect and arrested him for unlawful imprisonment, felony threats and assault 1st degree. Arrestee was later transported to Whatcom County jail.

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