Police Report -- July 31, 2003

Published on Thu, Jul 31, 2003
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July 28: A person was denied entry into Canada and was returned to the U.S. Further investigation showed the person to have been in possession of several fake I.D.s, documents issued under the fake names, a stolen handgun and handbook detailing how to change your identity. He was found to have numerous felony warrants under his real name. The person was taken into custody and booked for unlawful possession of fictitious identification. The FBI was also notified.
July 27: Police were called because two young boys were out in the mud flats throwing firecrackers near birds’ nests. The juveniles were apprehended. Their parents were notified of the several laws that were being broken and potential damage done to the birding area by the kids’ behavior. Officers checked the nests and were not able to determine if they had been damaged.
July 27: A person in the 4000 block of Vista Street reported that a vehicle was circling her residence and the driver was the respondent in a restraining order. The driver was confronted and left the area. Police were unable to locate the Canadian plated vehicle.
July 27: A citizen reported a juvenile filling a backpack full of beer in the 300 block of D Street. It was determined that two juveniles were in possession of alcohol. It was also determined that they and two others had entered the U.S. illegally. The juveniles were transferred to the custody of the U.S. border patrol.
July 26: Officer observed a male who appeared to be passed out on a lawn in the 1500 block of H Street. The officer conducted a welfare check and determined the man had consumed several beers and wanted to sleep while waiting for the bus. The man said he did not need medical attention and decided to wait for the bus elsewhere.
July 26: Officers responded to a disturbance at a gas station in the 530 block of Peace Portal Drive. Upon arrival, officers contacted an intoxicated male who was yelling at an employee and had attempted to shoplift food from the store. The subject was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct and shoplifting. After processing, the subject was released and officers cleared without further incident.
July 26: U.S. Customs reported a port runner. A Blaine officer located the vehicle and assisted USBP in stopping the vehicle. USBP escorted the vehicle back to the port of entry. During a search of the vehicle a small amount of marijuana was found. A passenger admitted to possessing the marijuana and was cited and released.
July 26: A mother called police and asked that they check a residence to look for her son who had run away from home. Officers checked the house and the boy was not there. It was determined that he had been there and the adults were told to call the police if he returned. The mother was notified of the findings. While at the residence, officers learned a verbal domestic had just occurred. Officers spoke with the involved parties and determined no crime had occurred.
July 25: Officers attempted to stop a tractor trailer that had failed to stop at U.S. Customs when entering the U.S. from Canada. A short pursuit ensued during which the truck driver attempted to ram one of the officer’s vehicles with his semi. The officer was able to get out of the truck’s path and the rig was stopped just before entering I-5. The driver was taken into custody. He was booked into Whatcom County Jail for felony eluding and assault on a public officer.
July 25: A citizen called the police to report a loud fight and a possible gunshot from the 1100 block of Blaine Avenue. Officers responded and contacted a group of intoxicated people around a residence. They claimed to have also heard a gunshot in the distance. No weapons or injuries were found at the residence; officers gave increased patrols to the area.
July 24: A resident reported a reckless driver in the 200 block of D Street, who had his left leg out the window and failed to slow down or stop for a stop sign at a controlled intersection. The resident said he and his children missed a serious collision with the vehicle by inches. An officer stopped the driver on Peace Portal Drive. The officer discovered the driver was impaired, driving with a suspended license, in possession of used drug paraphernalia, had no insurance, no registration, and two warrants for his arrest. The driver was arrested and released.
July 24: A report was received that a semi-truck had backed into a large dumpster in the 1300 block of Boblett Street and then proceeded to drive away with the dumpster trailing behind. The dumpster detached from the trailer on SR 543 near I-5 and was off the roadway. The business where the dumpster came from made contact with the garbage company and arrangements were made to have it picked up.
July 24: A Blaine resident in the 4000 block of H Street called in a runaway complaint. An investigation revealed that the 16-year-old had assaulted another family member. The juvenile was arrested and booked in to the Whatcom County Juvenile Detention Center for domestic violence, assault 4th degree.
July 24: A person ran south from Canadian Customs during an inspection. Officers assisted border patrol with a search of the area. Border patrol agents located the suspect in a dumpster and he was turned over to the custody of U.S. Customs.
July 22: A business in the 200 block of H Street reported that while in the course of a conversation with a subject, the subject became rude and made threats to an employee. The individual involved did not wish to pursue the matter criminally, however wanted the incident documented and the subject told not to return.