Police Report -- January 08, 2004

Published on Thu, Jan 8, 2004
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January 6:

A Blaine resident reported she had previously been at a local shopping establishment and received change from the clerk following her purchase. The resident returned to the same store a couple of days later and tried paying for her grocery items with the same currency she received as change. The store clerk told the patron that the currency she provided was counterfeit. The currency was verified as being counterfeit, and it was booked into evidence pending transfer to the U.S. Secret Service.

January 5:
Dispatch received a report of railroad ties laying in the roadway on I-5 in Blaine. Hoping that the railroad was building a new line to expedite VACIS, an officer investigated the incident. He found that a truck driver had lost two ties off his flatbed trailer. The trucker picked up the railroad ties, and a state trooper spoke to him.

January 5:
City light employees reported a semi-tractor trailer had backed into a concrete light standard belonging to the city in the 1000 block of Fir Street. The pole was broken off from its base, and the assembly broke into several pieces when it hit the frozen roadway below. Estimated replacement cost for the light and pole is approximately $3,000. An accident report was taken.

January 4:
Officers were advised of kids sledding down the hill at Peace Arch Park onto I-5. The youths were contacted by immigration officers who were concerned for their safety. Officers contacted the kids: they advised it had been a different group who had been sledding out into the roadway and they would sled more safely.

January 3:
While on patrol, an officer observed suspicious activity in and around a vehicle parked in front of the Blaine school district�s maintenance shops. Further investigation showed that a verbal domestic dispute was in progress and all of the people were intoxicated. It was unclear who had been driving and the vehicle was safely parked off the roadway. Officers ended the argument and the participants were given a ride to their residence by another officer.

January 2:
A Louisiana resident reported that she wired a large sum of money to an account holder at a local bank as payment for a computer. The account holder appears to live in Canada and has an internet based computer sales business. Two months have passed and the computer has not been delivered and a refund has not been forthcoming. The Louisiana resident believes that she has been defrauded. Case under investigation. January 1: A Blaine resident in the 100 block of 8th Street reported someone threw clothing covered in flour at their garage door three weeks ago. The resident returned home and found that someone had spread snow on their front door and window. There was no property damage. Extra patrol was requested.

December 31:
Report of motorists lined up at the border complaining that others are �cutting in� and making a third lane. Underneath the snow and slush in the third lane were the words �Nexus Lane.� There was no violation of law, just impatient motorists.

December 31:
A citizen was not able to get to his house in the 9100 block of Semiahmoo Parkway because he could not get up a hill to his house. He parked his vehicle and an officer gave him a ride home. December 30: U.S. Border Patrol advised Blaine police of a possible motor vehicle accident on I-5. An officer contacted two motor-home drivers who were making roadside plans. There was no accident. The drivers continued on their way.

December 30:
While on patrol, officers observed movement inside the closed Boy�s and Girl�s Club. Investigation revealed an employee doing some work on the computer system.

December 30:
A person reported construction noise during early morning hours near a neighborhood in the 300 block of D Street. An officer contacted a male who was cutting asphalt with a machine. The worker agreed to comply with the city noise ordinance and stopped work until 7 a.m.

December 29:
Officers responded to the intersection of Bell Road and Peace Portal Drive where train crossing arms were stuck in the down position. Two officers provided traffic control for about one hour and 15 minutes at the intersections until a Burlington Northern Sante Fe (BNSF) rail technician repaired the problem.

December 26:
A parent called and said that his daughters were home alone and were being harassed by some other juveniles. Officers went to the house and talked with the daughters. The girls said some friends came to the house and there was a miscommunication between them and another group of juveniles. The girls said there was no problem.

December 25:
Officers were dispatched to a complaint about an aggressive dog in the 600 block of Adelia Avenue. While officers were responding dispatch advised that the situation was escalating. Officers arrived, investigated the complaint and determined there was a verbal domestic and a civil dispute. Officers stood by to allow one person time to move out.

December 24:
U.S. Border Patrol agents found a large bag next to the border. When they opened it they discovered clothing and other personal items. Officers took the bag as found property. The person was later stopped by Canada Customs trying to enter Canada. He was returned to the U.S. and Blaine officers warned him about littering.

December 24:
Officers received a report of an intoxicated person panhandling near a business in the 300 block of D Street. Officers contacted the highly intoxicated male and gave him a courtesy ride to his residence.