Police Report -- March 04, 2004

Published on Thu, Mar 4, 2004
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March 1: It was a nice day, probably too nice to be wearing a ski mask. This caused a person to be suspicious when she saw someone walking down the street with one on, so she called the police. Officers checked the area for the masked person but was unable to locate him/her. The search continued until officers had to leave the area to respond to an in-progress DV assault.

March 1: Officers responded to a 911 hang-up in the 800 block of Alder Street and arrested an adult female for DV assault, DV malicious mischief, and outstanding warrants. She was booked into Whatcom County jail.

February 29: The mother of two small children in the 300 block of B Street asked for help connecting with social services after her husband abandoned the family. Officers provided her with information on community and county resources.

February 29: A U.S. Customs Inspector contacted three minors who were in possession of five bottles of liquor and four unopened bottles of Tylenol and Codeine. A Blaine officer investigated the incident and cited the minors to Blaine Municipal Court for MIP. The Tylenol and Codeine was seized by customs, and federal fines are pending.

February 29: A citizen called and reported being concerned for an intoxicated person in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers contacted the highly intoxicated female. They found that her sober adult son was in the process of taking her home, resolving the problem this time.

February 28: An alert Cost Cutter employee saw a man and woman stuffing meat and other items into shopping bags and noticed the bags bore the name of a competitor�s store. When the couple left the market without making any attempt to pay for the goods, employees confronted them in the parking lot. The couple dropped the $320 worth of stolen property and ran. Store employees got their license plate number as the couple fled in their tan 1984 Buick Skylark. Blaine officers were able to identify one of the suspects as she had been arrested and booked before for felony theft following a prior shoplifting incident. Case under investigation.

February 28: During a routine foot check of the Blaine schools, officers located an unsecured door. The room was checked along with all accessible areas. Everything appeared to be in order. The door was shut but was not able to be locked by officers. A responsible party for the school district was notified about the door. The responsible party informed officers he would take care of it. Officers cleared without incident.

February 28: A black 1990 Nissan Pathfinder left the roadway and struck a large cedar tree in the 1800 block of Peace Portal. The occupants of the vehicle had fled the scene prior to the arrival of officers. The abandoned vehicle was impounded.

February 28: A person reported suspicious activity near the intersection of 4th and Cedar streets. A 17-year-old male was contacted and found to be walking two friends to their homes before returning to his, and that he intended to head straight home afterwards. Officer cleared without incident

February 27: A U.S. Customs inspector intercepted a minor with an open bottle of vodka concealed in a bag. The 19-year-old admitted to possession of the liquor and was cited by a Blaine officer for MIP.

February 26: Officers were dispatched to the 1700 block of H Street for a report of three teenagers who had possibly pointed a firearm at a passing motorist. The juveniles could not initially be located in the area, but were later located exiting from a secluded driveway. A traffic stop was made on a vehicle that had stopped to pick up the juveniles. The investigation revealed that one of the boys had pointed an unknown metal and plastic object at the motorist, and had discarded the object in a field prior to being contacted by the police. An area search was conducted, but the object could not be located. The victim in the case was re-contacted and declined to pursue brandishing charges at this time.

February 26: Report of a roll-over accident on I-5 between MP 276 and 273. The one car non-injury, non-roll-over, non-reportable MVA was found near MP 273. The driver of the vehicle struck a garbage bag full of empty aluminum cans and lost control of the car. WSP handled the report. The aluminum cans did not need to go to the crusher; it was done at the scene.

February 26: Complainant in the 400 block of 10th Street reported his vehicle was stolen. Officer arrived at the complainant�s residence and spoke with his teenage daughter who confessed to stealing the vehicle and crashing it into a ditch the previous night. The 16-year-old female was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and booked into juvenile detention.

February 25: Officers saw a young juvenile walking away from the school. The juvenile told officers he was skipping class, so he was delivered back to the school.

February 25: A complaint was received regarding a person who had urinated out of an apartment window in the 300 block of Alder Street. A statement was obtained and a summons will be issued.

February 25: Someone turned the stop sign at the intersection of Alder and Mitchell avenues to face the wrong direction. Using his mighty upper body strength, an officer was able to turn the sign in the right direction.

February 25: A person called police to complain about several juveniles hanging out on a street corner near the Boys and Girls club. Some of them were smoking. Officers contacted the group and determined the kids who were smoking were legally old enough to do so.