Police Report -- March 18, 2004

Published on Thu, Mar 18, 2004
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March 15:
Officers were dispatched to a subject refusing to leave a Blaine business in the 500 block of Peace Portal Drive after being asked several times to leave. The Tucson, Arizona resident was contacted and given a verbal trespass warning not to return to the business. Suspect returned to the business. The business was contacted and the employee did not wish to pursue trespassing charges. The individual was contacted a short distance away and was transported to his motel room. The individual will be departing Blaine to Arizona via Greyhound bus the next day.

March 14:
Complainant reported a woman knocked on her door in the 1100 block of Harborside Drive and asked to come into the house. The woman would not give her name or state why she was at the residence. The woman just laughed at the complainant when asked to leave. The woman had to be asked to leave several times before she finally left. The resident was able to obtain a license plate from the woman’s vehicle, and officers determined she was an employee of a company that serves legal papers. The company was advised of the complaint.

March 13:
Complainant in the 600 block of 11th Street reported two large black dogs have been coming into her yard at night and eating her cat’s food. An attempt was made to locate the dogs without success. Complainant said she would call the next time she saw the dogs loose. Complainant does not know what house the dogs are coming from.

March 13:
Victim reported her mother witnessed two subjects running out of her residence, which is next to her mother’s house, in the 300 block of Cherry Street. The subjects were reported to be carrying objects in their hands. Victim said she found her door open and discovered someone had been inside her house. Case under investigation.

March 13:
A person reported that an unknown male entered her house in the 500 block of Boblett Street through her back door. She confronted him, and he asked her if she would hide him. She told the male that she would shoot him if he did not leave. Feeling light afoot, he fled the area. The victim informed police that the male had not threatened her in any way. A Blaine police dog tracked the suspect to an apartment containing several uncooperative subjects. The main tenant of the apartment refused police entry without a warrant. Due to time constraints and the nature of the crime, a warrant was not sought. Police will continue to monitor the activities of the apartment tenant and his friends.

March 13:
Victim reported being shot by two teenage boys with rubber pellet guns in the 700 block of H Street. The two juvenile subjects, both age 14, were located and arrested for Assault 4th degree. The arrestee’s were later released to their parents. The victim, a 14-year-old boy, suffered only minor injuries.

March 12:
A person called to ask what could be done for a juvenile female claiming she could not return home. Further investigation showed that the juvenile had left voluntarily after an argument over housecleaning. The juvenile later requested a voluntary mental health hold at the hospital. The parents and the girl’s friend took her to the hospital.

March 11:
A citizen in the 8800 block of Bald Eagle Lane reported finding property at his home that he believed was stolen. The property was checked in law enforcement databases and could not be located as stolen. Report taken for informational purposes only at this time.
March 10: A person received a call from a man who said he was working for a business that is associated with drug traffic control. During the call the person continued to laugh and the phone then disconnected. The incident was documented, and if it continues, a trace will be placed on the complainant’s phone line.

March 10:
An officer was dispatched to check on vehicles parked at the closed high school at 4:15 a.m. The officer met a number of parents who were preparing to leave with the band for the boys and girls state basketball tournament in Yakima.

March 9:
A Blaine officer contacted an unsupervised group of children who were at a business in the 700 block of 3rd Street which had just been egged. A 13-year-old girl became enraged when the officer said he knew her curfew was 10 p.m. and was going to call her mother. The child ran into the business and injured her hand in the process. (It is unknown whether she punched the wall or fell.) The officer called for aid while another officer contacted the child’s mother. The child was transported to the hospital for precautionary x-rays. Two cold unopened beer cans were found abandoned where the children had been standing. The parents were notified of the incident.

March 9:
Officers responded to a verbal domestic disturbance between a 17-year-old and her father in the 8800 block of Bald Eagle Drive. The young lady lost control of her temper when she found her house key did not work correctly in the new front door lock. The family resolved their problems and no police assistance was needed.

March 8:
An anonymous person reported seeing several teenagers walking down the street in the 500 block of 6th Street who were possibly intoxicated. Officers contacted the group; they were all adults, jovial and not impaired.

March 8:
An anonymous person reported that two men appeared to be fighting in front of their residence in the 500 block of E Street. Officers located the pair, talking nearby. The two were brothers and denied fighting. The older sibling said he was just holding his younger brother back from hitting a third person who had been at their house. The younger brother concurred with this rendition. The pair decided to go into the house and quit disturbing their neighbors.

March 8:
Complainant reported the theft of a silo in 1500 block of Odell Street. The tower, a seven foot by 14 foot stainless steel specialty item used in a manufacturing process, is valued at over $16,000. It was stolen from outside the business, where it was being stored in preparation for installation.

March 8:
An officer was asked to contact the middle school after a 13-year-old girl was found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana. The marijuana was impounded and the matter referred to the Juvenile Prosecutor.

March 8:
A parent reported her 13-year-old daughter failed to return home for three nights. The child called home today and got permission to stay at a friend’s house, but failed to return home at 10 p.m. Blaine officers began calling the child’s friends and located the missing girl as she was walking home. The incident will be referred to CPS.

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