Police Report -- August 19, 2004

Published on Thu, Aug 19, 2004
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August 16: Officers responded to a dispute between a contracted maritime salvage employee and a boat owner. The dispute was over the owner being on the boat during the salvage process and the refusal to allow the owner of the vessel to obtain non-attached property. The vessel owner was allowed to obtain some tools and was satisfied. Any further action by the boat owner will be dealt with via the Port of Bellingham. No other police action will be taken in the matter.

August 16: A resident in the 300 block of Martin Street reported someone entered his garage and removed a 22 caliber pistol and ammunition from a storage area without his permission. An officer completed an investigation and documented the crime.

August 16: Officers responded to the Blaine Marina on a call that a person there was acting abnormally. Officers contacted a Port Townsend resident who was being disorderly but appeared flushed in the face and told police that he might be having a diabetic reaction. Officers summoned aid and kept the man safe until medic personnel could evaluate him. After the medical concern was resolved officers completed their contact with the man regarding his behavior that witnesses had complained about and he was released.

August 15: Officer was dispatched to a report that someone was walking around the primary school looking into windows. Officer contacted a man who said he was looking for a place where he could donate some items. He lives nearby and was advised to give the items to Goodwill.

August 15: Officer was dispatched to a report of youngsters going door to door asking for donations to a “3-H Club” in the 700 block of F Street. Officer checked the area but did not find the two entrepreneurs.

August 15: Passing motorists found a two-year-old riding a tricycle across Peace Portal Drive with no adults in sight. They rescued the two-year-old from the street and called police. He was too young to give his name or address, and officers conducted a canvas of the neighborhood trying to locate the parents. The parents called to report the child missing over two hours later. The child was placed into protective custody and released to Child Protective Services pending their investigation.

August 14: A resident reported that two unlocked vehicles parked in front of the family home in the 8800 block of Bald Eagle Drive had been entered by an unknown person. Both cars were rifled through and a set of music CDs worth about $450 was stolen from one of them.

August 13: A passerby reported seeing a man and woman fighting on the beach. Officers arrived and found the report was accurate. They separated the two intoxicated Ferndale teenagers and determined the boy, 17, had assaulted his 16-year-old girlfriend. Both teens were arrested for possession of alcohol, and the male half for assault fourth degree domestic violence. He was booked into juvenile detention.

August 13: Officer was dispatched to a dispute between family members in the 1600 block of Runge Road. They contacted a son who said his mom was mad at him for being someplace he should not have been. Officers determined there was no need for police intervention.

August 13: A relative in the 4200 block of H Street phoned police to report that a disoriented 84-year-old woman had wandered away from her home. She was located about three miles away, still walking away from her residence. Police are working with Adult Protective Services to try and obtain assistance for the family in care giving.

August 13: Officers were dispatched to the Blaine Boys & Girls club
when employees arrived for work and discovered a burglary had been committed. Suspects had entered the building by breaking a window. They vandalized the office and stole a number of identifiable items. Damage and stolen property value may exceed $10,000. A small amount of property was recovered abandoned in a residential area about one mile away. Investigation continues.

August 13: While on patrol an officer observed a pick-up truck weaving and being driven erratically on Peace Portal Drive. The officer attempted a traffic stop and the pick-up failed to yield for several blocks, and almost struck a traffic flagger before driving off the road and coming to rest in a field. The officer discovered the driver was suffering a diabetic emergency and losing consciousness. Fire and rescue was requested, and were able to revive the driver.

August 13: Blaine school district employees arrived for work and found vandals had used paint to damage several exterior walls around the maintenance and industrial arts buildings. Walls and an outside basketball court were spray painted with gold and green painted graffiti and paint was poured in the engine compartment of a school vehicle. Officers investigated and a work crew repainted the walls to remove the vandalism.

August 12: Child Protective Services reported an adult was suspected of talking to a young girl in a sexually inappropriate manner. Officers conducted an investigation and established probable cause that the man had committed child molestation. The 58-year-old was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

August 12: A mother in the 600 block of A Street complained about her neighbor’s children and their conduct toward her daughter. An officer spoke to both juveniles, advised them of the complaint, and warned them about pushing each other. The officer contacted both parents about the children’s dispute and the need for parental supervision.

August 12: A driver had to leave his car parked near Blaine Marina overnight after a young passenger tossed his keys in the harbor. When he returned the next day, he discovered someone had gotten into the car through a window he left partially open, and stole the vehicle’s Pioneer brand stereo system and about 200 compact discs, most of them hip-hop music.

August 11: A small child threw his dad’s car keys off the pier on Marine Drive. An officer assisted the boy’s father by calling a locksmith to make a new key.

August 11: A young child found a Scottish Terrier tied to the pier and abandoned after the air show. The boy asked an officer to provide care for the dog until its owner could be located. The dog had a collar, but no tags. The officer transported the pooch to the station where it was provided water and shelter. The Humane Society will be notified if the owner is not located.

August 11: A person reported seeing a man and woman walking along the road, and they appeared to be hitting each other. Officers responded and spoke to the couple. They said they were playing games with each other. Both assured officers that no physical altercation had occurred, and officers saw no signs of an assault. The couple was advised of domestic violence laws, and the two then continued their trip to Canada.

August 11: A person in the 500 block of E Street reported a theft that occurred about one month ago. The suspect was a juvenile, and the victim had spoken to the juvenile’s parent about the incident. However she did not feel the parent took the complaint seriously, so she decided to report the incident to police. Officers will try and speak to the parent to resolve the issue.

August 11: Officers were contacted by a parent in the 400 block of Boblett Street wanting to report that her young daughter was being harassed. Officers discovered the 10-year-old girl was actually the victim of a strong arm robbery. The suspect was located and his parents talked to. The victim and her mother decided they wanted to solve the problem by working with the other parent.

August 10: BCBP reported they were questioning a male subject who was in possession of a stolen vehicle at the Peace Arch port of entry. Officers arrived and confirmed the vehicle was stolen. A 26-year-old California man was arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle and booked into Whatcom County Jail. The vehicle was impounded and was claimed by its owner, also a California resident, the next day.

August 9: A citizen in the 1700 block of H Road reported seeing a woman yelling at her daughter and using profanities. The witness also stated the woman had grabbed her daughter by the arm. The caller was concerned for the girl’s safety and asked officers to check her welfare. Officers were able to locate the pair using information from a license plate number obtained by the caller. The mother said she was disciplining her daughter, who was not listening to her. An officer checked the girl and determined she was unharmed.