Police Report -- March 17, 2005

Published on Thu, Mar 17, 2005
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March 14: A citizen reported two five-year-old neighbor kids climbing around on the hood of their car damaging it, while the owner was out town. The parent of the two rough riders was made aware of the complaint and they were reined in. The citizen merely wanted a record of the incident and requested no further action be taken.

March 14: Officers were asked to check on a student who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. It was determined the 17-year-old girl was under the influence of alcohol and a report will be sent to the juvenile prosecutor for review. The parents were notified of the incident.

March 14: A Blaine Harbor resident contacted the police to report that his truck was missing from the 200 block of Marine Drive. The vehicle was entered into the computer and broadcasts were given to surrounding units. The following day a Blaine resident who had heard about the theft spotted the man’s vehicle parked and unoccupied at a service station in Bellingham. The woman called Blaine police, who were able to verify that the vehicle she had spotted was in fact the stolen truck. Bellingham police were notified and the truck was recovered.

March 13: Officers responded to a report of a man breaking items in a residence in the 600 block of A Street. Officers responded and contacted the residents in the house. An investigation resulted in the arrest of a 36-year-old man for malicious mischief 3rd degree DV. He was booked into the Whatcom County jail.

March 12: A clerk reported a theft of gas from a local station in the 1500 block of H Street which had occurred about 20 minutes prior to the call. While an officer was speaking to the clerk on the phone, she reported another theft which had occurred about 10 minutes earlier. One vehicle was described as a purple car with a Canadian plate and the other car was described only as a silver car. No license plates were obtained and the vehicles were not located.

March 12: Officers were dispatched to and assisted North Whatcom Fire and Rescue at the Blaine Marina with a heart patient being brought in via the U.S. Coast Guard. Officers learned that the patient had been arrested by federal authorities. The patient was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

March 12: A Blaine resident called to report that his child had been bitten by a dog. The investigation revealed that the boy was walking through the yard of another residence when that resident’s family pet bit the boy on the back of the leg, breaking the skin. The boy’s father did not wish to pursue the matter, but wanted the pet’s owner spoken to.

March 12: A resident in the 1500 block of Bayview Avenue discovered someone punched a hole through her driver’s door window, entered her vehicle, and removed two Rockford amplifiers and sub speakers from the truck. The cost of repair and equipment replacement was estimated at $1,600. An officer documented the incident and recovered evidence from the crime scene. The case is under investigation.

March 10: A border patrol agent reported observing a couple in a parking lot in the 1300 block of H Street who appeared to be involved in a verbal domestic dispute. The agent stayed in the area to monitor the situation until officers arrived. Officers spoke to the couple and determined the woman was yelling at the man because he had lost their dog. They were traveling, and when the man let the dog out for a bathroom break it ran off. The troublemaking pooch was located and the couple continued on their trip.

March 10: The police department was advised of a theft that occurred at the school. An 11-year-old boy was identified as the suspect. The stolen property was located, and the suspect confessed. Due to the age of the suspect no charges will be filed at this time.

March 9: Officers learned of a partially jack-knifed semi truck on SR543. An investigation revealed the driver was looking for directions and drove too close to the shoulder of the roadway. The trailer’s rear wheels left the roadway causing it to get stuck in the muddy ditch. A tow truck was called to assist the Greenacres, Washington resident. There was minor damage to a nearby telephone pole, and the driver was issued an infraction.

March 8: A man called to report that his daughter and his ex-wife were having an argument. The man was calling from California. He had spoken to his daughter on the phone and became concerned about the situation. Officers responded to the residence and met with the mother and daughter. Officers determined the daughter was acting out because her mother had told her to turn over her cell phone after being disciplined for talking back and getting bad grades. Officers determined no assault had taken place and no property had been damaged. Officers counseled the daughter about obeying her mother and not acting in a disorderly manner. The girl calmed down and turned over the cell.

March 8: A citizen reported a person outside a church in the 700 block of G Street late at night who was talking very loudly. Officers contacted the man and determined he was on an international call and was speaking loudly because he was hard of hearing. The man agreed to return to the residence where he was staying and continue the call from there.

March 8: Officers were notified by dispatch that BCBP officers had located a man hiding on a southbound train. The man was contacted and was found to have a felony warrant. He was taken into custody and transported to the Whatcom County jail.

March 8: A man observed two juveniles defacing a neighbor’s garage with markers. An officer investigated the incident and identified the two 12-year-old suspects. Further investigation revealed the pair was likely involved in two prior incidents at the same residence. The report will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for review of charges.

March 8: An officer pulled over to help what he thought was a disabled vehicle on I-5 northbound. When the officer approached the vehicle he observed a male urinating on the side of the road. The 40-year-old Vancouver, B.C. resident was cited and released.

March 7: Officers responded to a report of a vehicle in the ditch in the 1300 block of Boblett Street. Officer arrived and determined the vehicle in the ditch was passing a semi on the right, when the truck made a right turn and forced her into the ditch. The truck continued on, presumably unaware it had struck the other vehicle. The uninjured driver of the car received a notice of infraction for two charges related to the collision.

March 7: Complainant reported his daughter and a friend were assaulted by some older kids. An officer spoke with all the parties involved and determined all of the juveniles were acting disorderly and were equally to blame for the fighting. All of the juveniles were warned about their behavior. The juveniles’ parents were also contacted. All parties involved agreed to stay away from each other.