Police Report -- April 14, 2005

Published on Thu, Apr 14, 2005
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April 11: A woman reported her adult son came to her residence in the 5000 block of 8th Street in violation of a no contact order. The woman advised that no assault had occurred, however her son was acting in a strange manner. The man was contacted on a traffic stop and actively resisted arrest. After being taken into custody officers determined the man was also in possession of a small amount of methamphetamine. The 34-year-old was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

April 11: A resident asked for assistance regarding an adult relative who had broken in to their home in the 400 block of Cherry Street, damaging it in the process. The matter was resolved with a clear understanding with the relative that he would be arrested and prosecuted for any future trespasses, damage or burglary at the house.

April 11: An officer saw three vehicles on the side of the road that appeared to have been involved in a collision on SR543. The officer made contact with the drivers and discovered a semi truck had been following too closely and hit a semi truck in front of it, shoving that truck into a car. There were minor injuries and one truck had to be towed. The driver who caused the collision was issued a citation. A state collision report was also completed.

April 11: An elderly blind woman lost her way while walking outdoors. An officer and USBP agents assisted the woman in returning to her apartment.

April 10: Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call in the 600 block of D Street and learned a child had dialed the emergency number while playing with the phone. While contacting the residents regarding the hang-up call officers discovered a man who was in the U.S. illegally. U.S. Border Patrol was contacted, and they detained the man for immigration purposes.

April 9: A parent requested an officer to counsel her 12 year-old son after he had a temper tantrum and went to his grandmother’s house without permission. The parent, son and officer had a good conversation about respect, temper control, and listening skills.

April 9: An officer investigated a report of suspicious circumstances in the 1300 block of 4th Street. A person witnessed a man transferring boxes from an unlicensed vehicle to a van and felt the situation was suspicious. The officer spoke with the man and discovered he was making room for relatives to move in with him. The officer also verified the unlicensed vehicle is in the process of being registered.

April 8: A woman in the 300 block of Alder Street reported her vehicle had been stolen. She had loaned the car to two people she had just met, who said they were just going to the store to buy cigarettes. The pair did not return with her car, and the car and the suspects have not been seen since Sunday morning. The stolen vehicle was entered into law enforcement databases.

April 8: Blaine police were asked to assist in removing an unwanted person from in front of a residence in the 500 block of C Street. Officers arrived and determined the parties were in a dispute over child custody and visitation. One of the parties claimed to have been assaulted during a confrontation. Statements were obtained from all parties involved, and the matter will be submitted to the prosecutor for review.

April 8: A woman in the 700 block of F Street reported her former boyfriend is harassing her by telephone from his Blaine residence. An officer contacted the boyfriend and advised him of the complaint. The woman was advised to seek a protection order if the harassment continued.

April 8: A resident in the 3900 block of Loomis Trail Road reported having received a notice in the mail that said he had won a large amount of money in Madrid, Spain. The notice required him to provide a bank account number for the money transfer along with all his personal information. An officer advised the man against providing the company with any of his personal information, as it was likely a scam.

April 7: A person staying on a boat while it was being worked on surprised a man who may have been trying to burglarize the boat. The suspect left when confronted. Officers were not notified until the next day and were unable to identify the suspect. Extra patrol will be provided to the area when possible.

April 7: A BNSF train crew reported a suspicious person hiding in the bushes in the 1900 block of Bayview Road, shining a flashlight at the train and taking pictures, all the while encroaching on the BNSF right-of-way. Officers made contact with the man who turned out to be a home owner who is upset about the noise the train makes while sitting awaiting inspection at the CBP VACIS site. The homeowner has been in contact with the trainmaster and was documenting the train being stopped as per their conversation. He was warned about trespassing on BNSF property, and officers cleared without incident.

April 6: A citizen reported a person was picking flowers from a city flowerbed. Officers contacted the woman and warned her about her actions.

April 6: A resident observed a vehicle in the 200 block of D Street drive recklessly through his neighborhood while children were present. The resident then followed the vehicle to a nearby business, blocked it in a parking space with his own vehicle, and called the police. Upon arrival, both parties were contacted and advised of reckless driving laws and threats. Both parties agreed to obey the law in the future, and officers cleared without further incident.

April 6: Two juveniles got into a skirmish at the skateboard park over one juvenile flattening the bicycle tire of another juvenile. The young man agreed to pay for the tire, and they parted ways.

April 5: A school official reported a 15-year-old, habitually truant student, was skipping school again. An officer contacted the student’s parent and advised her of the truancy complaint. The woman said she would drive her daughter to school. The incident was reported to child protective services and the juvenile prosecutor.