Police Report -- April 28, 2005

Published on Thu, Apr 28, 2005
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April 24: RCMP reported a subject with a gun on “0”Avenue in Canada. Officers and USBP responded to the area in case the subject attempted to cross into the U.S. It was determined the subject had illegally entered Canada from the U.S. and was later caught with two other subjects. Information regarding the gun was found to have been yelled by a citizen in an attempt to scare the subjects who were running, as the citizen thought they were breaking into his car or residence.

April 24: Officers investigated two 911 hang-up complaints at a residence in the 1400 block of Harrison Avenue. It was found that a woman was threatening to call 911 unless her intoxicated husband left the house. He didn’t leave, so the 911 calls were made. Officers spoke to the couple and arrangements were made for the husband to leave.

April 24: A citizen in the 1400 block of Harrison Avenue reported her estranged husband was at her house and was behaving in a belligerent manner. Officers responded, but the man left prior to their arrival. Officers determined no crime had occurred and advised the woman on how to obtain a restraining order.

April 24: Report of a small child who was riding his bicycle in the lane of travel in the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive. The child’s parent and law enforcement arrived in the area at the same time. The mother told the child that he was not allowed to leave the parking lot (apartment complex) and officers told him how dangerous it was to be on the roadway. The mother took the child home.

April 23: An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation in the 900 block of H Street. The driver was in violation of her intermediate license restrictions. Several other violations were noted including too many people in the vehicle. Most of the occupants were juveniles, all were under 21. Two of the juveniles were released to their parents so that the vehicle could be operated in a safe manner. When the number of occupants was reduced and the infraction issued, the driver and her remaining passengers were allowed to return home.

April 23: Officer took a report of suspicious circumstances from a Blaine resident on 4th Street. The man reported that a woman he did not know came to his house and invited herself in. She asked several questions about the area, all the while looking around his house as if she was looking for something. Complainant wanted to report the incident in case the police receive additional calls of the same nature.

April 23: Officers were dispatched to a residence on 9th Street for a domestic dispute in progress. Officers had responded to the residence earlier in the evening for a verbal domestic dispute. An investigation revealed an assault had occurred since officers had last been at the residence. A 25-year-old man was arrested and booked into the county jail.

April 23: Officers were dispatched to a domestic dispute in the 200 block of 9th Street. Officers arrived and found the dispute was only verbal in nature. One of the parties involved was very intoxicated. Officers were assured everything would be ok and that no more alcohol would be consumed.

April 23: Officers were advised of a one-vehicle non-injury collision on 8th Street. Officers responded and discovered an early morning commuter drove up onto the sidewalk and through a fence. There were no injuries and a report was taken for insurance purposes.

April 22: Officers were dispatched to remove an unwanted person from an apartment in the 1600 block of Runge Street. Officers learned the man was at the apartment in violation of a no contact order. Although the man ran from the apartment prior to the arrival of officers he was located with the assistance of the Blaine police K-9 unit. The 42-year-old man was booked into Whatcom County Jail on the order violation.

April 22: A young woman called the police department to report that her aunt was not allowing her to visit with her elderly grandmother. She wanted to know if an officer would accompany her to the house and force her aunt to allow her in. She was given advice on a better way to deal with the issue.

April 22: Officer was dispatched to a report of a broken window in a vehicle at a business parking lot in the 2000 block of Nature’s Path. On arrival it appeared the damage to the side window of the parked van could have come from speeding vehicles leaving a construction site just down the road. A representative of the business said she would contact the construction crew to see if they would be willing to pay for the window.

April 22: Officer was dispatched to a theft report in the 1700 block of H Street where a man was seen taking a stack of games out of the store without paying for them. Store employees were able to get a license plate number along with good descriptions of two people involved. Officers were able to identify two suspects and one of them was contacted later in the day by another local agency. The stolen property was recovered and charges are pending.

April 22: At DSHS Adult Protective Services request, officers checked the welfare of an elderly man at his residence in the 600 block of Adelia Street. The man was contacted and was fine. DSHS was advised and a representative met with the man at his home for an interview. The man was assisted by DSHS in applying for a restraining order against another male. The elderly man also permanently trespassed the same male from his property.

April 21: A motorist reported seeing two juvenile females standing on the H Street overpass as he approached it from southbound I-5. Just prior to crossing under the overpass he saw one of the girls toss something off the overpass and heard it strike his vehicle. The motorist did not stop but used a cell phone to notify police. Responding officers found the duo standing on the overpass. One of the girls admitted to pouring coffee off the overpass onto the vehicle. The girls were warned of the seriousness of such actions.

April 21: An officer was flagged down by a citizen on Semiahmoo Parkway who reported seeing two males get out of a car holding beers and cursing loudly in front of children who were playing in the park. The officer contacted the two men on the beach. They stated they were just there to watch the sunset and would be leaving shortly. They denied cursing in front of any children. They were warned about the consequences of disorderly conduct and advised to make sure they had a sober driver to take them home. and comply with all of the laws.