Police Report -- June 30, 2005

Published on Thu, Jun 30, 2005
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June 26: Officers investigated a car prowl. A person attempted to steal four wheels off a car in the 9500 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. Officers found a partial fingerprint and are working to identify a suspect.

June 24: Following up on neighborhood concerns about a garage sale in the 900 block of 3rd Street that seemed to be never ending, an officer went to the address listed on the signs and provided the residents a copy of the city ordinance on yard sales. The resident opined “it must be a slow day for law enforcement” if the officer had time to address such matters, and stated that the rules were not applicable, as they were not holding a yard sale, but running a business based in their home. The resident was not able to produce a city business license, although they said they had obtained one. Officers initiated a report for follow-up by the building and codes department to ensure compliance.

June 24: Officers received a complaint about a man who had exposed himself in public. Officers contacted the man and learned he may have accidentally exposed himself when he sat down in a chair while dressed in a pair of shorts. The complaint was reported by a third party and no one who actually witnessed the incident came forward. Officers did not believe the man had any criminal intent and he was warned to be more cautious of the whereabouts of his body parts in the future.

June 23: A resident reported his former girl friend violated a no contact order by calling him 20 times in one evening. She demanded he ask the judge to drop the no contact order. The case will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.

June 23: A resident reported a 17-year-old boy trespassing on her property on the 600 block of 9th Street and frightened three small children. The boy did not leave the property after being asked to do so by the property owner. Officers found the boy hiding under a picnic table in the homeowner’s back yard, and a concealed chain weapon was recovered from his person. The boy was arrested and released. Later in the evening officers received a similar report involving the same juvenile. This time he was arrested and booked into juvenile detention.

June 23: A juvenile spoke to an officer because he felt another juvenile at the skate park was picking on him. Officers spoke to the other juvenile and determined the first one had simply been in the way of a ramp. There was no crime and they were asked to leave each other alone.

June 23: A person called police to express concern for the welfare of an elderly woman who is living alone. The caller was concerned, because the woman was refusing assistance, claiming she did not need it. An officer spoke with the woman and found no cause for an involuntary commitment. The officer will also speak to Adult Protective Services to help determine if it is necessary for the two agencies to intercede on the woman’s behalf.

June 22: Officers responded to a call of a person being held against his will in a residence in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers found that the young man was being held against his will, but since it was his mother, enforcing a recent grounding, officers cleared without incident.

June 22: A person in the 5300 block of Golden Eagle Way called after being awakened by a strange noise. She thought there may have been a person outside her window. Officers arrived and were able to determine that no one had been near the window. No one was located around the house. The reporting person decided that it was probably the TV that woke her. Officers checked the interior of the residence for her as well and found it to be secure. Officers cleared without incident.

June 21: Officers responded with aid units to a report of a male having an anxiety attack. Officers stood by with aid as they evaluated the patient. The patient’s family was provided with referral information for additional help.

June 21: Respondent of protection order reports that the petitioner attempted contact with him via text message. Respondent stated that he did not respond but wanted the incident documented.

June 20: A citizen reported seeing two juvenile males kick an injured rabbit off the roadway in the 1400 block of Bayview Avenue. The citizen carried the rabbit home, consulted with a wildlife rescue center and then called police. When the officer arrived, he found the animal had died. An investigation of possible animal cruelty is underway.

June 20: Officers were dispatched to intercede in what neighbors believed was a physical domestic dispute at an apartment in the 600 block of D Street. Officers contacted the couple who expressed displeasure at not being able to have a heated discussion in the privacy of their own home without the interference of the police. Officers explained that when a heated discussion disturbed the peace of other people it became a police matter. Upon determining there was no physical fight, officers left the scene.

June 20: A 17-year-old female reported being harassed by an elderly white male who made numerous inappropriate comments while attempting to pick her up as she was walking to a friend’s house. The man was last seen driving away in a large, red truck.

June 20: Officer contacted a homeless-looking individual who was blocking a sidewalk in the 200 block of D Street. After conducting a records check it was determined the man had a fugitive probation violation warrant. The subject was arrested on the warrant by a USBP agent, and booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

June 19: During a primary inspection, customs officers located an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. It was determined the driver had not been drinking, and the passenger had pre-mixed his alcoholic beverage at home. The passenger was cited and released.

June 19: Officers responded to a report of a man slumped over in the back of a vehicle that was parked on the side of Peace Portal Drive. An officer made contact with the man and determined he had not been drinking alcohol. The man pulled over because he was too tired to continue driving. The man left to find a safer location to park and rest at until he was ready to continue on.

June 19: Canada Immigration refused entry to a homeless family that was traveling on a Greyhound bus. A Blaine officer assisted the family by providing them with a meal. The family got a ride on the next Greyhound bus and returned to Portland.

June 19: Officers responded to a request from the crisis center to check on the welfare of a man who had threatened to commit suicide. Officers contacted the man and determined he did intend to harm himself. He was transported to St. Joseph Hospital for an involuntary commitment.