Police Report -- November 24, 2005

Published on Thu, Nov 24, 2005
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November 17: A caller reported early morning construction noise on Dodd Avenue. An officer contacted a person-in-charge and advised him of the city ordinance. The person was apologetic and he stated it would not occur again.

November 17: Aid was dispatched to a Blaine residence in the 1200 block of 4th Street in reference to a person who had ingested illegal drugs and was having difficulty breathing. An officer arrived to assist. It was obvious the person had been smoking marijuana. The person was transported to the hospital for breathing difficulty. A summons will be issued for possession of drug paraphernalia.

November 17: Officers responded to a non-injury blocking accident in the 9100 block of Great Blue Heron Lane. A moving vehicle struck a parked vehicle, pushing it over a power box and mail box. Officers exchanged information between the parties involved and completed a state collision report.

November 17: A person living in a private community in Semiahmoo called to report school kids soliciting in the area. The private community does not allow solicitation. Officers spoke with the kids, who are trying to raise money for a sports program. They apologized and left upon request.

November 17: A person discovered someone had crashed into her car in the 1700 block of H Street while it was parked at work. No note was left on the car. Officers took a hit and run report. There is a possible person of interest and that lead is being looked into.

November 17: An officer conducted a civil standby while a person removed some personal belongings from his residence in the 800 block of Alder Street. The officer insured the peace was maintained during the incident. When the person had gathered his belongings and the officer had answered both parties’ questions, the officer cleared without further incident.

November 16: A woman called 911 from a pay phone to report having been physically assaulted by her husband. An officer contacted the woman and transported her to the police station where she provided a written statement. Her husband was subsequently arrested for domestic violence assault and booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

November 16: Officers were advised of a suspicious person who was standing alongside the roadway and looking towards the railroad cars in the 8900 block of Peace Portal Drive. An officer contacted the transient and learned he was taking a break from his travels. The transient was en route to Bellingham. Law enforcement databases were checked and it was determined the individual was not wanted. Officers cleared with no further action taken.

November 16: A caller reported a suspicious person wearing shorts, walking in an alley in the 1000 block of Blaine Avenue. An officer responded and contacted the man whom he recognized to be a local resident. The man advised he was walking home. The officer found no evidence of a crime and cleared without incident.

November 16: Officers received a mental health pick up order. Officers attempted contact with the subject in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive to no avail. Officers will continue attempting to serve the order.

November 16: A mother in the 1000 block of H Street called police to report her teenage daughter was being harassed by other students at school. The woman stated she had attempted to work with the school first, but the harassment has not stopped. At her request, officers will speak with the suspects and warn them about their behavior. If that does not resolve the situation criminal charges may be pursued.

November 16: A man in the 5500 block of Canvasback Road contacted police to report vandalism to his home that occurred near Halloween. He contacted police because he now has possible suspect information. The incident is being investigated.

November 16: A Semiahmoo resident was attempting to pass through a marked crosswalk on a dark street when he was struck by a motor vehicle, causing the pedestrian to be knocked to the pavement. The victim did not receive disabling injury and he did not request to be seen by medical personnel. The driver of the northbound vehicle stopped briefly, but when the pedestrian got up the driver sped away. Officers obtained a vague description of the suspect vehicle and searched the area to no avail.

November 16: Report of two people littering the embankment in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive with yard debris. The suspect vehicle, a red pick up, was gone when an officer arrived in the area to investigate the complaint. A possible suspect has been identified and extra patrol will be provided in the area.

November 15: An officer spotted three juveniles walking off the school campus. The officer stopped the three and sent them back to school. School officials later called to report they had found cigarettes on one of the boys. One of the other boys was also found to have a knife in his backpack. An officer responded and spoke with both of the boys at length. The officer learned the boy who was in possession of the knife normally uses it for hunting and fishing purposes and had forgotten it was in his bag. The officer believed the boy brought it onto campus accidentally and had no intention of causing harm to anyone. The matter was ultimately handled by school officials and no criminal charges were filed.

November 15: A citizen called to report having received third hand information that threats had been made against him. The caller did not wish to pursue prosecution against the suspect, but did request an informational report be completed in the case of further incidents.

November 15: Officers were dispatched to a report of theft of services at a local fuel station in the 1300 block of Boblett Road. The suspect was unloading a large piece of construction equipment without proper permission from the owner. Upon arrival it was determined there had been a lack of communication between the contracting company and the complainant. The truck driver was allowed to leave the equipment once proper payment was made. Officers cleared without any further incident.