Police Report -- December 01, 2005

Published on Thu, Dec 1, 2005
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November 27: An officer assisted a U.S. Customs supervisor by returning a highly intoxicated man to Canada Customs. The man requested assistance in returning to Canada and was transported without incident.

November 27: Blaine police department K9 team was called to assist the Bellingham police department with a search of a vehicle incident to an arrest. Several heroin syringes and other items of paraphernalia were located. Bellingham officers were advised of the team’s findings and the team cleared without incident.

November 26: Officers responded to a 911 hang up call in the 600 block of 9th Street. A person at the residence was contacted and he stated he had called to report that an intoxicated man on a motorcycle had pulled up in front of his home and started yelling at him. The man apparently left when the man went in to call 911. Officers checked the area, but were unable to locate anyone on a motorcycle.

November 26: Officers were dispatched to a fight in progress at the gas station in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive. On arrival officers learned one man had been assaulted and the suspect had fled prior to the arrival of responding officers. The suspect has been identified and police are still investigating.

November 26: A concerned parent contacted the Blaine police to report her son was exhibiting signs that he was not taking his mental health medication. Responding officers were aware of a court order directing the subject be picked up and detained at a mental health facility. The subject was located walking down the street and was taken into custody. He was transported to St. Joseph Hospital by an officer.

November 25: A U.S. Custom Officer contacted a motorist who was denied entry into Canada and discovered a passenger in the car was violating a domestic violence protection order. The 34-year-old suspect admitted to the violation and was booked into Whatcom County Jail

November 25: Washington State Patrol reported they were following a vehicle that was failing to yield, and they were entering the city limits. Officers responded to the area and found the vehicle had already entered Canada. The vehicle and driver, a U.S. citizen, were returned to U.S. Customs. It was learned the driver was suffering from a medical condition and had no intent to elude police. Aid personnel responded and evaluated the person.

November 25: Officers were advised of a vehicle stuck in a ditch in the 4100 block of H Street. Officers discovered the driver had slammed on his brakes on wet roads to avoid hitting a deer. The driver lost control of his truck and slid into the ditch. He was not injured nor was his truck damaged. A tow truck was called to help him out of the ditch.

November 25: Officers were dispatched to a report of 15-20 juveniles fist fighting on school grounds late at night. Officers and several Border Patrol Agents responded. Officers found the group and learned they were play fighting for a film they were making. Officers cleared without incident.

November 25: Blaine police and USBP agents responded to a mutual aid request from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office. Assistance was provided with a disruptive guest at a Birch Bay resort in the 4800 block of Beachcomber Drive. The person left the area after being contacted by law enforcement and promised to cause no further problems. Officers then cleared without incident.

November 24: A woman reported her husband and children might be involved in a domestic disturbance at her home in the 800 block of Harrison Avenue. Officers responded and found the children and father had been arguing over environmental issues. Father agreed to leave the residence.

November 24: A person entering the U.S. from Canada was found to be driving with a suspended license. Further investigation revealed the man was wanted for desertion from the US Army. He was issued a criminal citation and released back to the custody of CBP officers, who detained him until the arrival of Fort Lewis MPs.

November 23: An officer responded to a two car, non-injury, reportable motor vehicle accident on a city street in the 700 block of Grant Avenue. One car had rear ended another car at low speed. One driver was issued an infraction for following too closely.

November 23: Officers were notified that the U.S. Coast Guard was searching for a stranded vessel near Blaine. A couple and their young child were out crabbing during the hours of darkness, got lost in the fog and ran out of fuel. Canadian Coast Guard personnel located the vessel in distress, picked up the stranded boaters and brought them to Blaine harbor. No one was injured in the incident.

November 22: An officer in the 800 block of Mitchell Avenue noticed a motorist who appeared to be trying to avoid him. A check of the vehicle’s registration revealed it had expired tabs. Officers stopped the person and issued a citation. The driver admitted he knew the plates were expired.

November 22: A landlord in the 300 block of Alder Street called police to request a welfare check on a tenant. The tenant’s employer had contacted the landlord, because the woman had walked out of work the previous day without telling anyone why and had not returned or contacted anyone. Officers went to the apartment, but no one answered the door or the phone. Officers did not have cause to enter the woman’s apartment without her permission. The landlord later reported the woman had returned home and appeared to be fine.

November 22: A citizen reported his nine-year-old son did not return home as instructed. The juvenile was entered into law enforcement databases as a missing person. The child’s father called while officers were out searching for the boy and reported he had returned home safely. His missing status was removed from the national law enforcement database.

November 22: A citizen reported someone had broken the sliding glass door of their house in the 600 block of F Street, which is under construction. There is no suspect information at this time.

November 21: A school bus driver in the 2000 block of Yew Avenue notified police of a light fixture that was partially in the road. As officers were removing the light fixture from the roadway, the owner returned and picked it up. It appeared to have fallen off the truck.

November 19: A business owner in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive requested police response when a patron became aggressive after he could not pay for his bill. Police stood by and kept the peace. The patron agreed to return with the correct amount of cash, and there were no further problems.

November 19: A person reported a vehicle doing donuts in the school parking lot. An officer contacted the registered owner of the vehicle. It was determined the vehicle owner’s son was the individual driving the vehicle. The man agreed to address and resolve the driving issue with his son.

November 18: An officer investigated a non-injury, hit and run collision that occurred between a vehicle and a railroad tie in the 400 block of F Street. The abandoned suspect vehicle was impounded. The owner of the vehicle was later contacted and advised of the procedure in reporting accidents.

November 18: A Blaine resident brought in some paperwork from a background check performed by her employer. Some information found on the report led her to believe she may have been the victim of identity theft. After reviewing the paperwork, it was determined it was not a case of identity theft, but rather the information returned was for another individual with similar personal information.

November 18: A parent brought in a marijuana smoking device that her son had found in their house. A name of another individual who possibly made the item was provided to the officer. An attempt to contact that individual’s parent will be made and they will be made aware of the situation.