Police Report -- January 05, 2006

Published on Thu, Jan 5, 2006
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December 29: A report was taken after a number of fraudulent checks were presented on the account of an elderly Blaine resident. Fortunately the intended victim’s financial institution caught on to the scam and the checks were returned unpaid.

December 29: A grocery store in the 1700 block of H Street reported they had two juveniles in custody for shoplifting four bottles of alcohol. An officer arrived and arrested the two juveniles, ages 13 and 14. Store personnel reported there had been a third suspect, but he got away. Officers determined the identity of the third suspect, a 13-year-old boy, and arrested him at his home. All three juveniles were released to their parents and charges for shoplifting and minor in possession of alcohol will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney.

December 29: A man called the police department to report his wife had violated a no contact/protection order by driving past his new residence on at least two occasions. The man felt it was a deliberate violation because, in his opinion, she could have no other reason for driving down that street. The woman’s actions did not constitute a violation of law and no further police action was taken.

December 28: Dispatch reported a physical dispute in progress in front of a business in the 600 block of Peace Portal Drive. Upon arrival an officer witnessed a woman holding a man by the front of his sweatshirt and punching his chest with her other hand. The officer separated the involved parties. A 22-year-old Lacey, Washington, woman was booked into the Whatcom County jail on charges of assault four domestic violence.

December 28: A concerned parent called the police department to report a person driving a white colored Ford Explorer had stopped in front of his residence in the 600 block of H Street and screamed at his son. The individual was apparently angry about something that had occurred at the skatepark earlier that day. The boy had not been at the skatepark that day and neither he nor his father had any idea what the person was talking about. Police were unable to identify the angry individual, but the incident was documented in the event further problems were to occur.

December 28: A woman reported the theft of a wallet out of her unlocked automobile while she was returning videos at Blockbuster. An officer was in the area of the shopping center and arrived within a couple of minutes following the report, but neither the suspect nor stolen wallet were found.

December 27: A young boy came into the police station to report a medium sized white dog with black spots had run after him near his home. The boy was not injured by the dog. Officer checked the area, but could not locate the dog. The Whatcom Humane Society was advised of the complaint.

December 27: Officers responded to a report of a verbal domestic in the 900 block of Cedar Street. Upon investigation it was found that a daughter was upset at her father because he was talking loudly and preventing her from being able to sleep. Officers asked the father if he could keep the noise down and he agreed to do so.

December 26: A person in the 1500 block of Madison Avenue called police when an intoxicated man showed up at their house early in the morning. The man claimed to have been struck by a car. Responding officers learned through medics that the man’s injuries were consistent with having been hit by a car. Officers searched the area for a possible suspect vehicle with the limited information they had, but were unable to locate one. Medics transported the 44-year-old SeaTac man to the hospital for evaluation and treatment of his minor, non- life threatening injuries.

December 26: A resident in the 500 block of F Street reported two male subjects entered their home without permission while everyone in the house was asleep. The males awakened one of the family members and proceeded to make threats against him. The threats were in regards to some property the suspects believed was stolen by the resident. The suspects left the house after claiming they would return and cause bodily harm to the family members if the property in question was not returned to them. The case is under investigation.

December 26: CBP officers contacted a driver on Interstate 5 whose driving privilege was suspended or revoked. During their inspection of the vehicle a handgun was found loaded and concealed inside. The driver was arrested for driving while suspended/revoked. The weapon was impounded and charges for carrying the loaded concealed weapon will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

December 25: Officers received an anonymous report of possible gunshots in the area of Lincoln Park. An officer arrived in the area and heard some type of shots. Five people with paint balls guns werecontacted. They were advised of the city ordinance prohibiting their behavior, and they agreed to stop.

December 24: A concerned parent called to report that his 13-year-old daughter had snuck out of the house to meet with some older boys. The father was able to reach the boys by phone and they promptly returned the girl to her home. At the father’s request, the boys were warned of the possible consequences of their actions and advised not to return to the girl’s residence. The boys agreed and left the area. An officer also talked with the girl about the possible consequences of her actions.

December 24: A business in the 300 block of 3rd Street reported an individual had tried to pass counterfeit currency. An officer responded and spoke with the individual who had presented the bill. The man claimed to have received the bill from a customer of his business in B.C. The bill was impounded and will be forwarded to the Secret Service.

December 23: Officers contacted a man who was reported to be feeling suicidal. The man told officers he was from Virginia and had recently been deported out of Canada for an overstay. The man stated he had attempted suicide in the past and was feeling depressed because of the holidays. An officer transported the man to St. Joseph Hospital for a voluntary commitment.

December 23: Officers assisted the U.S. Postal Inspector’s office by identifying a 67-year-old British Columbia man in relation to some counterfeit money orders. The information gathered will be forwarded for their investigation.