Police Report -- February 09, 2006

Published on Thu, Feb 9, 2006
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February 3: A person reported a vehicle in the 900 block of Cedar Street was revving its engine repeatedly and had been doing so for at least the past 15 minutes. Officers arrived and found a pick-up truck that got stuck in the mud while attempting to take a shortcut from a dead end street. The driver was visiting a friend and was not familiar with the area. Neighbors helped move the truck out of the mud, and the driver was warned about trespassing.

February 3: A resident received $100 cash in the mail from a stranger who said the money was repayment for the theft of a camera from his mother. The resident said his mother has been deceased for more than 37 years. An officer helped the citizen locate contact information for the sender, so the money could be returned.

February 2: A resident advised the police of a possible fraudulent mail solicitation. The resident received a letter from a group representing themselves as Association for Police and Sheriffs in Bellingham, asking for donations for victims of domestic violence. This department is unaware of any such agency who is legitimately soliciting funds on behalf of local law enforcement. The letter was faxed to Bellingham police department for informational purposes. The resident did not respond to the letter.

February 2: A resident from Miami, Florida contacted the Blaine police regarding a possible scam telephone call from a man who identified himself as a teacher in Blaine. The person was asking for $100 donations for his students who were writing essays for a chance to win a scholarship. The Miami resident wanted the police department to know about it.

February 2: The Blaine elementary school called to advise that a 9-year-old boy had been waiting for his parent at the school, however, they never arrived. Police took the child to his home and did not find anyone home. The parents were later located and arrived at the police department to take custody of their child.

February 2: A business in the 1700 block of H Street reported juveniles being loud and obnoxious to customers. Police located the juveniles and they were told to leave. They complied without incident.

February 2: Officers were contacted by a Cost Cutter employee regarding an individual who had been detained for shoplifting. The juvenile female was arrested for shoplifting and released to her mother. Case forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.

February 2: An officer received a report of an assault that had taken place at the high school between two students. A staff member broke up the fight, and the student who started the fight was suspended from school. The case will be referred to the juvenile prosecutor for review of charges.

February 2: Officers responded to a 911 call received by the Surrey, RCMP. The caller was on a cell phone in Blaine, but the call had been routed to Canada due to roaming cell phone coverage. Upon arrival officers determined a couple was having an argument, but no crime had been committed. Both parties agreed not to argue anymore.

February 2: A Border patrol agent contacted two subjects in a vehicle late at night in the 400 block of Milhollin Drive. The driver was found to be a runaway who also had warrants for his arrest. The 17-year-old was arrested and booked into juvenile detention.

February 1: A paper delivery person discovered a pile of newspapers by a resident’s door in the 700 block of H Street and alerted police of the need for a welfare check. Offices were unable to make contact with anyone at the home and located an emergency contact number for a family member. The resident was located at a friend’s home, and it was determined no assistance was needed. A hold was put on deliveries.

February 1: A Customs and Border Protection officer intercepted a driver who was in possession of a small amount of marijuana. A Blaine officer investigated the incident, and the driver admitted to possession of the marijuana for personal use. The 39-year-old woman was cited to the Blaine Municipal Court for the offense.

February 1: Blaine police investigated an automobile accident that occurred in the 800 block of Boblett Street. An intermediate driver failed to yield to an oncoming vehicle while she was attempting to make a left hand turn. Minor damage was sustained and one driver was issued an infraction for failure to yield.