Police Report -- April 06, 2006

Published on Thu, Apr 6, 2006
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April 2: During patrol an officer observed a car that was exceeding the posted speed limit. The officer received a radar reading of a speed in excess of 90 miles per hour in a 35-mile per hour zone. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was arrested for reckless driving. He was issued a criminal citation and released.

April 2: A resident took a shortcut through a marked construction zone on the state’s right-of-way in the SR543 median by E Street. The resident stepped on a piece of plywood which gave way and fell into an unmarked pothole that was full of water. The resident’s spouse pulled his wife out of the hole. The 40-year-old woman did not appear to be injured, but complained of soreness. Medical assistance was declined by the victim. A Washington State Department of Transportation supervisor was dispatched to the site and was assisted by a Blaine city employee in patching the pothole.

April 2: A couple who had rented a moving van in Clark County failed to return it in a timely fashion so the rental company reported it as stolen. The family had traveled to Canada and a few days later the husband was arrested by Canadian authorities. The wife decided to return to Clark County, so she made arrangements with an acquaintance to drive the moving van into Blaine while she drove the family car. When the acquaintance sought entry at the Peace Arch port of entry, Customs and Border Protection personnel were alerted to the stolen vehicle. The acquaintance was detained and later released due to lack of insufficient evidence for prosecution. The stolen vehicle was impounded and the rental company will be notified.

April 2: An off-duty Bellingham police employee found what appeared to be some type of incendiary device on the beach in the Semiahmoo district. The Bellingham police department hazard material team was contacted and arrived a short time later. Authorities believe the orange colored object appeared to be some sort of used charging device, possibly the remains of a marine flare. As a precaution, HAZMAT team members counter-charged the device with negative results.

April 2: A complaint was received of a dispute between a mother and son in the 1100 block of Garfield Street. Officers learned that one of the parties had accidentally driven over a rake that was leaning against a window, causing it to break. A verbal argument then ensued over the cost of replacing the window. No arrest was made and both parties had calmed down before police arrived.

April 1: A female tenant called 911 to report a landlord/tenant dispute in the 800 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers assisted both parties in reaching a mutual agreement and the landlord returned property belonging to the tenant. Further investigation revealed that the tenant may be in the United States illegally due to criminal history so Border Patrol agents were contacted. Officers cleared and the immigration issue was investigated by the border patrol.

March 31: An officer stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation. A Washington license check showed the driver was suspended. The driver was placed under arrest and found to be in possession of marijuana. A K9 officer was contacted and deployed. Additional marijuana was found hidden in the vehicle by the K9 team. The vehicle was impounded and the drugs were recovered as evidence. The driver was cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and the suspension violation, and he was released.

March 31: Officers assisted the sheriff’s office and U.S. Border Patrol by investigating a man who had illegally entered the U.S. The man also provided false information about his identity. He was positively identified and found to have a warrant for parole violation in Idaho. The man was arrested for the warrant by WCSO and was booked into jail.
March 31: An officer was dispatched to a Blaine business for a report of a suspicious person. A lady entered the store and attempted to purchase alcohol. The woman was concealing her face with a piece of clothing and was asked for identification. She refused to provide any ID to the store clerk and was refused the half case of beer she was attempting to purchase. The woman left the store and was contacted by an officer who identified the person as a transient.

March 31: While on patrol, an officer came across a traffic collision blocking an intersection in the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive. A truck towing a boat ran the stop sign and collided with a vehicle entering the intersection. North Whatcom Fire & Rescue responded and transported one of the vehicle’s occupants to St. Joseph Hospital for evaluation of minor injuries. Additional officers arrived on scene, conducted traffic control and investigated the collision. The at fault driver was cited for the stop sign violation.

March 30: Officers were dispatched to an apartment in the 700 block of G Street after the 911 operator received a hang up phone call. It was determined that a verbal domestic dispute had occurred and that one person had taken the phone away from the other, preventing them from calling the police. A 26-year-old man was arrested for damaging the phone, interfering with the reporting of domestic violence and for outstanding felony warrants. He was transported and booked at the Whatcom County Jail for the offenses.

March 29: Officers responded to domestic dispute in the 700 block of Elm Drive. Officers arrested a parent after she assaulted her adult son and resisted arrest. The woman was booked into jail.

March 29: Officers responded to the Peace Arch crossing for two people in possession of “222” tablets. The controlled substance was impounded and a report will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review of charges.

March 29: A couple in the process of a divorce had gotten into an argument about getting the signed divorce papers and wedding gifts back. The caller was at his mother’s dwelling and the female half was not welcome there. It was suggested that the complainant obtain a court order directing the other person to stay away. The other party was given a trespass warning.

March 28: A person requested a welfare check on a local resident in the 700 block of H Street after receiving several phone calls from them. Officers spoke with neighbors and found the individual in question left for their afternoon walk and everything appeared fine. The neighbors said they would call police if anything seemed out of the ordinary.

March 28: Officers saw a person driving a vehicle who had been arrested the week prior for driving on a suspended license and warrants. Checks showed the driver was still suspended and that he still had active warrants. Officers stopped the vehicle and arrested the uninsured suspended motorist, and received an exception to get the individual booked into jail. The vehicle was impounded.

March 28: Officers investigated an assault in which one truck driver allegedly jumped up on a second truck driver’s rig struck the other truck driver in the face and then bent a brake lever in the victim’s truck. The suspect was arrested, cited and released for assault fourth.