Police Report -- April 13, 2006

Published on Thu, Apr 13, 2006
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April 8: During patrol, an officer recognized a driver who they had arrested in previous weeks for driving on a suspended license. A DOL check confirmed the driver as still suspended and he was placed under arrest. The 40-year-old Blaine man was cited for DWLS/R third degree, driving without proof of insurance, and released with another mandatory court date.

April 8: Officers responded to a verbal domestic dispute. A husband was reportedly caught cheating on his wife via the internet. The husband apologized for his actions and said he would do anything to make it right. The husband left the residence and sought alternative housing for the evening to let things cool down.

April 8: An 18-year-old man was reportedly walking around the skateboard park displaying a folding knife to the public. The knife belonged to another boy who left with it prior to officer arrival. Witnesses reported that the man made no threats toward anyone nor was he acting in an aggressive manner. He was asked to leave the park and complied.

April 7: A juvenile accidentally shot another juvenile with a BB rifle. The juvenile sustained a minor injury to his left cheek. The two juveniles and their parents were warned about shooting BB rifles within the city limits and neither the victim nor his parents wished to pursue the matter criminally.

April 6: Officers responded to the high school for an activated fire alarm and evacuation of students during regular school hours. A fire, intentionally lit and left to burn unattended in bathroom trashcan, was determined to have been the cause of the alarm activation. The bathroom was in a building occupied by students in classrooms and the library on a regular school day.
A police and school district investigation led to the arrest of a 14-year-old female for arson first. The girl was booked into Whatcom County Juvenile Detention.

April 6: A citizen reported on-going problems with neighborhood children in the 500 block of E Street. They have apparently been riding bicycles onto neighbor’s yards, throwing rocks, and making inappropriate gestures. The children’s mother was contacted and made aware of the situation. She told officers that she would deal with the problem and apologized for her children’s behavior. Officers cleared, pending any further incidents.

April 6: Officers responded to a report of a male individual loitering around a business when previously asked to leave. The person had walked down the street and was contacted by officers. It was determined the man was a transient who had been turned back from Canada for having no identification, and was suffering from a mental disorder. He had no money and said he wanted to find work so he could buy a bus ticket back to Seattle.
An officer provided a courtesy ride to the Lighthouse Mission and cleared without further incident.

April 6: A citizen reported a suspicious male with a hooded sweatshirt loitering around a vehicle in the 700 block of G Street and walking aimlessly. Officers located the intoxicated male, who was found sitting on the curb talking on his cell phone. He was visiting family who lived in the neighborhood. It was determined that no crime had been committed and the Arizona resident was released.

April 5: A resident called to report that someone was parked on his property in the 1100 block of Peace Portal Drive. When the property owner asked the person to leave, the person told him he would leave in a minute. This was not acceptable to the property owner so he called the police. Both parties spoke with one another and worked out the problem in a civil manner.

April 5: A 12-year-old boy reported two older boys approached him on foot and demanded he give them his bicycle. When he refused, one of the boys strong-armed the bicycle away and began riding it. An adult reportedly observed this and yelled at the boys to give the bicycle back. They complied and gave the victim his bicycle back.
Moments later, the two boys re-approached the victim where one of the boys handed a knife to the other boy who opened it, stood near the victim, and allegedly threatened to cause bodily harm if he didn’t give up the bicycle. The victim initially gave his bike to the brandisher, but was able to grab it back and flee to his residence to call the police.
Both suspects, ages 13 and 14, were identified through investigation and arrested within an hour of the incident. They were booked into Whatcom County Juvenile Detention on robbery charges.

April 4: A citizen reported a car speeding away from their property and spraying gravel. Their concern was for children playing in the area. The driver was located and was very apologetic saying they had gotten stuck in the soft gravel and misjudged their use of the gas pedal. The driver was warned that any future activity of this kind may result in more serious consequences.

April 3: The school contacted police when a student failed to show up to class. The student had been ordered by Whatcom County Superior Court to attend school. Officers contacted the juvenile who after being warned she could face criminal charges, refused to go to school. A friend of the juvenile’s father responded and took custody of the child. A report will be sent to the prosecutor for an order violation.

April 3: Officers responded to a disturbance between an adult and several teenagers in the 600 block of Adelia Street. One teenager decided to confront another younger juvenile because he felt his sister was being harassed.
The parent of the harasser was called and came home to confront the teenagers. One of the teenagers is claiming to have been assaulted by the adult.
The incident was investigated and resolved between the parties.