Police Report -- April 20, 2006

Published on Thu, Apr 20, 2006
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April 16: A young man quit his job in Florida to travel to Alaska to seek his fortune. He drove 8,000 miles while touring the country in his Volkswagen camper van. While in line at the border his vehicle broke down. He managed to get the vehicle into a business parking lot. He left the vehicle (which contained all his worldly possessions) locked up and took his dog for a walk to find help in repairing the vehicle. During the 45 minutes he was gone a thief broke into the vehicle and stole his computer and GPS system. Although the vehicle was parked in a public place, there were no witnesses to the crime. The value of the items stolen was approximately $3,000.

April 16: An officer assisted the Whatcom County Sheriff’s office and Washington State Patrol by contacting two 19-year-old males at Customs and Border Protection at Pacific Highway. Two young men were reportedly in possession of marijuana. An investigation revealed a trace amount of suspected marijuana found inside the vehicle. There was an insufficient amount to be tested, however both men admitted to recently smoking marijuana in Canada and they were very tired. The men agreed to seek a motel for the night and leave their vehicle.

April 15: While monitoring an intersection for traffic violations, an officer stopped a motorist for not stopping at a stop sign. An investigation showed the violator was driving with a suspended drivers license. The Birch Bay resident was arrested, cited and released.

April 15: Officers were dispatched to a report of person who was making suicidal threats. Officers arrived and determined the person was despondent over the death of a deceased friend. An investigation revealed that the 47-year-old man did not make any such remarks to others about feeling suicidal. Officers cleared.

April 15: A resident in the 1100 block of Adelia Street reported that her neighbor may have squirted ketchup on her car because he believed she called the police to check on his welfare. The neighbor left the area and went to a friend’s house before police arrived. The ketchup was washed off the resident’s car and there was no damage. The resident requested no further police action be taken.

April 13: Officers received an order of detention from a CDMHP for a mental hold. The respondent was taken into custody on the order and was transported to St. Joseph Hospital without incident. The family was notified.

April 11: An officer was dispatched to a residence where a child had placed a toilet seat over his head and could not get it off. The officer was able to get the seat off the boy’s head. There were no injuries.

April 11: Several Semiahmoo residents reported a female walking door-to-door acting suspicious. She appeared intoxicated and was asking personal questions, as well as claiming to be a resident. The female did not live in the area and may have been casing homes to burglarize. The suspect was unable to be located after an extensive area check by officers. Extra patrol will be provided in the event the female suspect returns.

April 11: A Border Patrol agent requested officers for a couple in Peace Arch Park who were engaging in a lewd act. When officers arrived, the two had ceased their activity and they were warned of possible criminal charges if their conduct continued.

April 10: A report was taken after a 14-year-old male failed to return home from a friend’s house. A runaway report was taken, and a short time later the boy had returned home. He was removed from law enforcement databases.

April 10: Officers were asked to contact a DSHS/CPS case worker at a residence in the 700 block of F Street concerning the presence of drugs in the residence. Officers discovered a number of issues relating to the safety of the infant children in the residence and an infant was taken into protective custody. The parent that was present was issued a criminal citation for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.