Police Report -- July 06, 2006

Published on Thu, Jul 6, 2006
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July 4: Blaine officers responded to a domestic violence investigation. A 17-year-old female was arrested for Domestic Violence Assault. She was booked into juvenile detention.

July 2: Dispatch reported a 911 hang up at a residence in the 1500 block of D Street. Officer’s arrived and contacted a wife and husband who had a verbal disagreement, and when the wife would not stop yelling the husband threatened to call 911 if she did not stop, but he accidentally pushed 911 for real. Officer determined the domestic dispute did not get physical and nothing was damaged. Both parties agreed to stop arguing.

July 1: A deputy notified Blaine officers of an occupied vehicle at a closed business on Peace Portal Drive. Officers contacted the subject who was evasive. The subject then tried to hide a marijuana pipe and was arrested. A search of the vehicle incident to arrest revealed almost 12 grams of marijuana and suspected cocaine. The person was booked into jail.

July 1: WCSO requested assistance from Blaine officers and Border Patrol Agents. They were responding to a person shooting a gun into a house after a party had gone bad. Officers and agents provided assistance until the suspect was arrested.

July 1: An officer observed a male urinating on the side of a building in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers arrested the subject for a lewd act. The person was trespassed from the property via telephone by the property owner. The subject was cited and released.

July 1: A person reported she and her husband were having a verbal dispute over a bank card he would not give her. Officer’s arrived and contacted both parties who verified the dispute was only verbal. The husband returned the bankcard. Officers cleared with no further incident.

June 29: A person reported a former employee approached him because he thought he was owed some money, and when he was refused the money the old employee threatened him. The person just wanted to file a report for record purposes in case the employee continues to bother him.

June 29: Officers were dispatched to SR543 and Boblett for an individual who failed to obey several flaggers. Officer received statements from individuals who reported the vehicle had to swerve to miss two separate flaggers and proceeded northbound on SR543. The suspect was gone when officers arrived on scene. Report will be forwarded to the city prosecutor for review.

June 28: Officers checked on a juvenile who was having a temper tantrum after being called some names by a sibling. The juvenile was visiting a grandparent’s house when this occurred. No evidence of a crime was found and the child was driven home by officers and released to their mother without incident.

June 27: A juvenile male complained that he had been assaulted (hit on the top of his helmet with a skateboard – no injury) by another juvenile male at the city skate park. The victim did not wish to have an assault charge pursued against the suspect male but did request that police address the matter in some fashion. The police have received numerous complaints from numerous other park visitors about the suspect male since the skate park opened. The suspect male was trespassed by police from the city skate park for a one-year period.

June 27: An officer checked on two males with luggage loitering near an ATM machine at a bank in the 200 block of G Street. The males were scaring ATM customers and appeared suspicious in nature. After contact was made, it was determined that they were waiting for a friend inside the bank who was a customer. Employees were notified and the officer cleared when the individuals left the property.

June 26: While on patrol, an officer observed a traffic violation. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle; however, it failed to stop until it reached a gas station in the county. A WCSO deputy arrived shortly after and found the driver to be under the influence of alcohol. Blaine officers assisted as the driver was taken into custody and processed for DUI.

June 26: A child at the skate park reported other kids wouldn’t leave his bicycle alone. An officer contacted one of the persons involved and told them to leave other people’s property alone. Case closed.

June 26: A WCSO deputy requested mutual aid from Blaine police for a group of intoxicated juveniles in the 4500 block of Alderson Road who were joy riding in the bay area. The deputy contacted the parents of the involved juveniles and arranged for transportation home. The deputy had to respond to another emergency call, so a Blaine officer assisted with gathering written statements and providing voluntary PB tests to the suspects. The case will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for review.

June 25: Juveniles old enough to know better, drew inappropriate material with chalk in the middle of the roadway. They were contacted and advised to wash the drawing off the roadway. The juveniles were warned that further violations may result in criminal prosecution.

June 24: A person in the 600 block of A Street reported that he was having problems with neighborhood kids throwing rocks at his children. This is part of an ongoing problem in the neighborhood. Officers were able to help mediate an agreement with all parties involved, which will hopefully bring some peace to the area.

June 24: A caller from the 5500 block of Canvasback Road reported to police that someone had damaged his pond by adding some kind of cleaning agent to the pond water. Police found nothing.

June 23: Someone lit paper in a BBQ that was near a building in the 500 block of C Street which caused the vinyl siding to melt. Damage to the building is estimated at $300.

June 22: Two neighbors in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive got into a heated argument about a television cable hookup. The argument was over when police arrived and no further police action was requested.

June 22: A Fed Ex driver saw a juvenile male throw a real estate catalog at his work truck. There was no damage. An officer contacted the Oregon state resident and advised him of the complaint. He was warned to obey the laws in the future. The juvenile male and his two ‘local’ friends were last seen walking towards Birch Bay.

June 22: An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic offense. Prescription drugs were located in the vehicle which did not belong to the driver or the passenger. The driver and passenger were arrested for being in possession of a legend drug without a prescription. A search of the vehicle was made incident to arrest and numerous stolen items were located. It was determined the stolen items came from a house in the county, which had been burglarized. The suspects and property were turned over to the WCSO.

June 22: WCSO requested mutual assistance with a possible drunk driver being detained by a citizen on the Blaine Road. Officers arrived in the area and they detained the suspect until WCSO arrived. The driver was arrested by WCSO on suspicion of drunk driving.