Police Report -- July 13, 2006

Published on Thu, Jul 13, 2006
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July 11: A hotel on Semiahmoo Parkway reported a group of young people trespassing in a swimming pool during early morning hours. The kids ran away when discovered by hotel security, but left their vehicle behind. The registered owner of the vehicle has been identified and contacted.

July 11: An officer investigated a two vehicle, non-injury, reportable collision on Boblett Street at the truck route. A semi tractor trailer was turning off the truck route and clipped the front of a passenger car, which was waiting at the traffic light. Officers assisted the drivers in exchanging information and completed a state collision report.

July 11: A resident reported that a child on a bicycle drove into the side of his parked vehicle. The youngster was not injured but the accident caused some minor scuff marks to the truck’s paint. The parents will be notified of the incident by the babysitter, so arrangements can be made to have the damage repaired.

July 10: A passerby reported observing a man urinating beside a business. The man was contacted by police and the matter was resolved.

July 10: A shopper reported to the store she was visiting that her groceries had been stolen from the cart she was using in the store parking lot. The market called police and an officer responded. The matter was determined to have been a misunderstanding. No crime occurred and the property was recovered.

July 10: A group of juveniles were witnessed having a fruit fight, using hard green unripened plums in the parking lot at the skatepark. The plums that did not connect with the warriors that were striking parked cars behind city hall, and at least a couple of incoming rounds struck the occupied blood donation van that was on site for the day. Officers declared and enforced a cease fire and the combatants were identified by police. Everyone is now awaiting damage reports and cost estimates from vehicle owners.

July 10: The driver of a B.C. plated van ignored two flaggers in the construction zone at SR543 and D Street and then struck the second flagger with the side of the vehicle while trying to turn left around her. Luckily the flagger was able to move enough to avoid serious injury. The van had already entered Canada upon police arrival, but officers are investigating: the driver could face serious criminal traffic charges related to disobeying the flagger, hit and run.

July 9: Officers were dispatched to a report of a domestic dispute in progress. Officers arrived and discovered that a 10-year-old had called 911 after she was disciplined. No crimes were committed.

July 9: An officer investigated loud yelling at an apartment reported by an anonymous residents in a neighborhood in the 1200 block of Mitchell Avenue. A stressed out and upset couple were contacted: the more they worked on their personal issues the louder they became. No crime occurred and the officer cleared when the couple agreed to quell the volume.

July 9: A woman called police when she observed a man watching her and attempting to follow her as she left work. Officers responded and found the man nearby. He was identified and interviewed. The victim declined to assist in a prosecution at this point and the man was warned to cease his behavior.

July 8: Blaine officers received a complaint about a transient who was panhandling on D Street near the I-5 off ramp. An officer contacted the man and provided transportation to the Lighthouse Mission where he could get food and shelter.

July 8: A victim of a domestic violence assault came to the police department to report the crime, which had occurred earlier. The suspect had broken the victim’s phone and fled the scene. With the assistance of Border Patrol agents, the suspect was located and arrested for the offenses. The Blaine resident was then transported to the Whatcom County Jail and booked for domestic violence assault, malicious mischief, and interference in reporting domestic violence.

July 8: A driver was stopped by police for a traffic violation. Investigation revealed that the person was also driving with a suspended driver’s license and had failed to transfer ownership of the vehicle he was driving as required by state law. The driver was arrested for DWLS. He was issued a criminal citation and released. The vehicle was impounded.

July 8: A person reported that there were kids in the skatepark being disruptive and noisy late at night. Officers contacted a group of youngsters: they were sitting down at the park waiting for a ride. The group was no longer noisy when officers showed up and were not skating. The group was asked to make sure they were quiet and they agreed to comply.

July 8: Residents called police when a neighbor’s argument in the 600 block of D Street became so loud it was keeping them awake. Officers responded and spoke to the parties, who have a history of domestic violence. No crimes were committed on this occasion and the people agreed to stop bothering the neighbors or face disorderly conduct charges.

July 8: A person called 911 when he fell and needed help getting up. Officers checked the area where the call originated and found the elderly person. Aid was called to make sure he was OK, and he was given a ride back to his house.

July 7: A resident asked for assistance dealing with cars from a neighbor’s home in the 900 block of Peace Portal Drive who repeatedly park on the victim’s yard without permission. An officer advised the complainant about how to proceed in having the vehicles towed from her property and the car owner’s expense.

July 7: Police received a complaint that a group of juveniles were skateboarding on the new boardwalk and furnishings, possibly causing damage to it and interfering with the enjoyment of pedestrians visiting the new facility. An officer contacted the juveniles to ask that they move to the skateboard park facility.
The kids argued with the officer that the boardwalk was not specifically posted to prohibit skate boarding. As it was apparent that education and reason were not working, the skate boards were confiscated and released to an adult who arrived to take responsibility for the youths.

July 6: An officer took a report of a stolen bicycle from a front yard in the 9700 block of Vista Terrace Drive. The complainant had possible suspect information and the suspect was contacted a short time later on an unrelated call. The suspect denied any theft and denied any knowledge. Case under investigation.

July 6: A resident requested the police respond when a relative lost their temper during a verbal argument. Blaine and Border Patrol agents stood by while the couple resolved their immediate problem. Both parties were informed about domestic violence counseling resources, shelters, and given victim’s rights forms.

July 6: A person called police when they noticed vandalism to a closed business in the 200 block of C Street. Officers responded and found someone had pried open two soft drink machines to steal the change. They also tried to set a machine on fire though it was just smoldering. Several screens were removed from windows at the business but the premise was still secure. Officers called the fire department to make sure the pop machine was safe.
The business owner will contact the vendor who supplies the pop machine in the morning so they can give police an estimate of the damage. Two tools were recovered as evidence.