Police Report -- July 20, 2006

Published on Thu, Jul 20, 2006
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July 18: A vehicle prowl that occurred sometime last week in the 1700 block of Fern Street was reported to the PD. About $100 worth of property was stolen from the vehicle.

July 18: An officer checked the area for a vehicle parked on a city street that had windows broken out and showed a report of sale on

July 12. The area check was negative in locating the vehicle, and the officer cleared pending further information.

July 18: An abandoned vehicle notice was placed on a vehicle that has been parked on a city street for several months. The registration is also expired, and the vehicle is missing a front bumper and license plate. The vehicle will be checked after 72 hours and impounded if left unmoved.

July 18: A resident in the 400 block of D Street complained about a neighbor's barking dog. The dog had been taken inside prior to the officer's arrival, and there were no further complaints.

July 18: An officer responded to an anonymous report of juveniles talking and drinking beer around a vehicle that was parked blocking the city street. The juveniles were contacted and were asked to move the vehicle or be cited for a parking violation. They were also drinking Red Bull energy drinks only. After the vehicle was moved, the officer cleared.

July 18: An area check was conducted after an anonymous complaint was received of a speeding motorcycle on a residential street. The rider was contacted and advised to be mindful of applicable traffic laws. He apologized and said he was done for the night.

July 18: A citizen reported a noisy group skating in the city skate park after hours. The group was contacted and apologized to officers for being loud. They agreed to call it a night and left the area.

July 17: A man in the 1200 block of Mitchell Street called police about his live-in girlfriend having moved out and having taken disputed property. The man was advised the matter was civil. The man was provided with information about where to possibly pursue civil options.

July 17: A business person selling satellite TV dishes door to door had asked a resident in the 600 block of 9th Street for her charge card number. This made her spouse upset because he didn't know if the business person was legitimate. An officer located the business person and found that he was legitimate. The business person gave the paper with the charge card number back to the complainant.

July 17: A person reported a group of three kids making some type of noise in the 700 block of H St. An officer checked the area and was unable to find the trio. No unusual noise was heard.

July 17: A person in the 900 block of Cedar St heard loud music, possible from a car, coming from an unknown location. The area in question was checked and contact was made with other residents who were in their yard. That resident heard no loud music. The area was patrolled.

July 17: Officers checked the area after two juvenile girls reported a middle-aged male drove by them three times while they were having a garage sale in the 800 block of Harrison Ave. The male appeared suspicious as if watching the girls, and they became frightened. A vague description of the person was provided and officers provided extra patrol in the area until their sale was over. The individual was not seen again in the area.

July 16: An anonymous citizen reported hearing a strange beeping sound coming from inside a closed business in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers checked the business and found it to be secure. Officers could not determine whether it was an alarm or electronic equipment inside the business that was causing the noise.

July 16: Washington State Patrol asked Blaine officers to check on a report of a blocking disabled truck in the 8800 block of Blaine Road. Officers checked the area and the truck was gone.

July 16: Officers contacted a person acting suspiciously at a closed business in the 1700 block of Peace Portal Drive. There was no evidence of a crime and officers cleared.

July 16: A gas station in the 300 block of D Street reported a man attempted to pay for a purchase with a bill that appeared to be counterfeit. The customer left the business before the arrival of police.

July 16: A gas station employee reported a male who had been frequenting the business in the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive was acting suspiciously on the property. The owner of the station advised the employee to have the male trespassed if he returned again. Officers contacted the transient male nearby and he was given a trespass warning.

July 15: A business owner in the 1300 block of H Street called the police because they believed a person pumped gas into their vehicle twice and did not pay the second time. An officer arrived and spoke with the business owner and the customer. The customer denied the owner's accusation. The business owner was unable to show any proof that the customer had pumped the gas. The customer had already paid for the gas once. The business owner was advised the case would not be pursued criminally due to the lack of evidence.

July 15: A subject was detained by CBP officers for being in possession of a small amount of marijuana. The person was contacted by police, cited for possession of marijuana 40 grams or less and released with a court date.

July 15: Officers assisted Lynden PD and the WSP by arresting a person on a Lynden warrant at the Pacific Highway port of entry. The person was arrested without incident and transported to Whatcom County Jail.

July 15: Blaine Officers assisted the WSP by checking the interstate at mile post 276 for debris. The debris was located and removed. Officer cleared without incident.

July 15: A concerned parent reported she felt her child was being bullied at the Blaine Skate Park. One person involved was trespassed from the skate park by Blaine officers. The parent also requested frequent area patrols at the skate park.

July 15: A person in the 1000 block of Peace Portal Drive reported there was a suspicious man in the condominium next door to theirs and they did not think he belonged there. They said the man was being very noisy. An officer contacted the man who was performing some late night maintenance on the unit at the request of the owner. He stated he was sorry and agreed to stop the noise making activity. Officer cleared without incident.

July 15: Officers responded to a fight in the 600 block of A Street. Investigation revealed that two intoxicated friends had taken an argument too far. Neither friend wished charges to be brought against the other. Officers discovered later that one person involved in the fight was with another person in violation of a protection order. The violation of the protection order was sent to the prosecutor's office for review.

July 15: A person in the 8700 block of Osprey Road reported hearing what sounded like two gunshots late at night. Officers checked the area and found nothing unusual.

July 15: A business person in the 9500 block of Semiahmoo Parkway called police to report a group having a loud party. Officers contacted individuals at the party who apologized and called it a night.

July 15: Blaine PD K9 team was called to assist the WCSO with an attempted track of a hit and run driver that fled the scene on foot in the 8100 block of Birch Bay Drive. The team started the track, which led toward the home of the registered owner of the suspect vehicle. Part way through the track, the suspect driver called the WCSO and admitted to leaving the scene. He was asked to return to the scene, and he did so.

July 14: A resident in the 600 block of C Street reported she and her younger brother had gotten into a fight. Officers arrived and spoke with both juvenile siblings. The siblings said their parents had just left for the weekend when the two of them got into an argument. Officer contacted the parents who said they would be returning home. The two siblings were separated until the parents came back home.

July 14: Officers were flagged down by a citizen whose car had broken down in the 1500 block of Mitchell Street. While officers were talking to the person the car caught on fire. Officers had fire dispatched and were able to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. Officers cleared after the fire department checked the car.

July 14: A person in the 1100 block of Adelia Street reported he witnessed a vehicle fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. The person stated he contacted the driver of the vehicle and informed him of what he had done. The driver of the vehicle apologized for not stopping. Officer also located the driver and gave him a verbal warning for not stopping at the stop sign.

July 14: A person in the 800 block of E Street called police when they saw two individuals acting suspiciously. Officers and agents searched the area on foot but no one was located.

July 14: A person in the 700 block of E Street called police because their neighbor was playing loud music. Officers spoke to the person playing the music, and he said he would turn it off for the evening.

July 14: A business owner in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive called to report a suspicious person who had been living out of his car on the business owner’s property. The person was contacted and stated that he had lost his keys. Officers helped the person obtain a tow for his vehicle so that it could be moved off the business owner’s property.

July 14: Two people in the 2400 block of Bell Road witnessed a car run over a bicyclist and then continue driving. Fortunately the victim
sustained only minor injuries. Officers located the hit and run driver and determined he had a suspended driver's license and no insurance. Drug paraphernalia was located in the car, which was found to have switched plates and switched tabs. The vehicle was impounded, and the driver was booked into jail.

July 13: A citizen in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive reported
another made serious allegations against them. Due to the numerous
contacts and an open CPS investigation, both subjects provided voluntary statements. The statements were forwarded to CPS for their investigation.

July 13: Complainant in the 200 block of Marine Drive reported a person who had worked on his boat yelled at him and threaten to assault him because he had not paid his bill. According to the complainant the bill was only two weeks old. Complainant said he was going to pay the man the money he owed him, and wanted to file a report in case the man continues to harass him.

uly 13: Officers were asked to respond to the Peace Arch for a
possible DUI driver. The driver was found to be intoxicated and was placed under arrest. The 32-year-old man was processed and released.

July 12: An officer assisted the fire department in the 300 block of
Alder Street when a fire started under the hood of an old vehicle that
had just been started. The fire was extinguished by fire department
personnel. No one was hurt and no other property was damaged.

July 12: An officer observed that someone had dumped a magnificent,
1970's era, orange & floral pattern couch with one missing wooden arm on a city sidewalk in a business district. Public works personnel removed the artifact.

July 12: During a secondary inspection at the Peace Arch Port of Entry it was found that a protection order had been violated. A Belfair,
Washington resident was arrested for the order violation and booked into jail.

July 12: A band practicing in a dwelling within a residential area of
the 1100 block of Harborside caused a noise complaint. An officer
arrived in the area and heard the very unreasonable noise level for himself. Contact was made with the band members. They were advised of the noise ordinance and that any future complaints would result in citations.

July 12: A Blaine resident in the 800 block of Alder Street came to the
police department to report that his brother had assaulted him earlier
in the day. While driving to a friend's, the brothers got into an
argument. A short sword was pulled on the victim. A struggle ensued, and the victim sustained a few cuts on the hands and a scratch on the face while attempting to prevent his brother from stabbing him in the
stomach. The suspect was located and arrested for DV Assault 2nd Degree. The 23-year-old man was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

July 12: A repo company in the 400 block of C Street informed the
police department they had repossessed a vehicle belonging to them after default on payments. Info was gathered in the event the former owner should call.

July 12: A trailer backed into another trailer at a truck stop in the
1300 block of Boblett Street causing minor damage. The incident was