Police Report -- August 17, 2006

Published on Thu, Aug 17, 2006
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August 14: Dispatch reported the fire department was enroute to the Blaine high school for an activated fire alarm. Officers arrived and searched the school from the location of the activated alarm. Officers found two fire alarms which had been pulled. A further investigation revealed that someone had gotten into the school and then pulled the two fire alarms. There are no suspects.

August 14: Blaine police were notified of a burglary in the 200 block of Marine Drive where tools had been taken. The intruder had entered the business through an unsecured door. No suspects.

August 14: A mother and daughter got into a verbal argument over drug and alcohol usage. The problem was temporarily fixed when the adult daughter left the house for the evening.

August 14: A passerby informed an officer on patrol that there was an unattended firearm left in an open bow of a commercial fishing vessel. Due to the proximity to the public pier and access for anyone walking in the area, the .22 rifle was impounded for safekeeping, and the officer’s business card was left for the owner to contact the police department. The weapon was not loaded. A call to the Fish & Wildlife Service confirmed there was no applicable crime for a firearm to be aboard a boat however, the matter may be pursued criminally. The rifle was not stolen and no registration was found in WACIC/NCIC.

August 13: Officer located 12 teenagers in a park who were in possession of alcoholic beverages. All 12 teenagers were arrested for being in possession of alcohol. The teenagers were released to their parents and the case was referred to the prosecutor’s office for charges.

August 13: A person saw two people in a vehicle arguing at a business in the 1700 block of H Street. One person was also drinking a beer. Officers arrived and determined it was a verbal argument only. A freshly opened beer was located on the passenger floorboard. The occupant was warned of the open container laws and agreed to dispose of the beverage without hesitation.

August 13: Officers and a Border Patrol agent attempted to catch a possum that was camping in the drawer of a cabinet. The officers were close to apprehending the trespasser, however it was able to flee behind the cabinet and through a hole in the floor to the crawlspace under the residence. The owner will be contacting someone tomorrow to close off the hole.

August 13: An officer and Border Patrol agents contacted a car full of teenagers after a report of a slow moving car with the driver’s door open, as it was traveling along a city street. The vehicle was located a short time later and found that the driver wanted to check their rear tire, so they opened the door and leaned out while the passenger steered. After finding the vehicle had legitimate mechanical problems, they were warned to repair the vehicle before operating it on a public roadway.

August 12: Officers responded to a report of a man and woman loading up railroad ties in their personal vehicle from a construction site. The vehicle was stopped by officers, and it was determined that the person worked for the company that owned the ties and that he had permission to take them. Officers cleared without incident.

August 12: A person called police to remove another person from a residence. The reporting person stated that the other person had been trespassed from the residence which he was at. Officers responded and spoke to a woman who insisted that the person in question was not at the residence. Further investigation led officers to believe that it may be a civil problem.

August 12: A person called to report that she was tired of her adult daughter taking advantage of her and calling her names. The person stated that although her daughter had already left, she would like officers to remove her should she return. The person felt that her daughter was being influenced by drugs and that an encounter with the police may help her. The person was told to call the police upon her daughter’s return to the residence.