Police Report -- September 21, 2006

Published on Thu, Sep 21, 2006
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September 18: Dispatch reported an alarm company advised them that a panic alarm had been set off at a business. Officers arrived and spoke with an employee who pushed the magic button out of curiosity, not knowing its function.

September 18: Middle school administrators asked for assistance in safely removing a non-compliant student who would not listen to school personnel. Ultimately the student was convinced to leave with a parent.

September 18: A passerby reported finding an item possibly stained with blood, tacked up near a child’s tree fort on a wooded residential lot. The officer inspected the item and found it was covered in red spray paint. No crime had been committed.

September 19: An alert concerned resident requested a welfare check for an elderly neighbor in the 700 block of Cedar Street who had not been seen around their home. An officer investigated and found the man was on the floor of his home, calling for help. Officers forced entry to assist the victim, who was transported to the hospital by fire personnel.

September 19: A teenage driver reported being harassed and threatened by another group of teenagers who did not like the music he was playing. The young man related that this is part of a pattern of harassment by members of the group. Under investigation.

September 17: An officer on routine patrol observed a vehicle with its front passenger door open with a man slumped over in the seat. The officer found that the occupant was underage and extremely intoxicated. Officer arrested the Point Roberts resident for minor in possession of alcohol.

September 17: A resident complained about the noise from a neighbor’s afternoon band practice in the 1100 block of Harborside Drive. An officer advised the musician of the complaint, and they shut their windows and turned down their amplifier. The officer also contacted the musician’s mom and discussed the ongoing problem.

September 17: Officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Boblett in reference a mother wanting her adult daughter removed from the premises. The visiting daughter agreed to leave with no further problems.

September 16: A passerby reported someone with a large knife making threats towards a victim of a crime that had taken place a few weeks earlier. The suspect teenager with the large knife was located and arrested him for possession of a concealed weapon, intimidating a witness and being a minor in possession of alcohol. The Blaine area youth was booked into the Juvenile Detention facility.

September 16: Complainant reported receiving a call from a teen who threatened to assault the complainant and damage the complainant’s car, in a dispute over a relationship. The complainant did not want to pursue charges but wanted a report filed in case something does happen.

September 15: While on routine patrol an officer located a traffic collision just east of the truck route on H Street. The officer determined that a driver attempting to get through the construction delays used a truck parking lot to bypass the lineup and hit a truck that was leaving the lot.

September 15: An officer was dispatched to a reported fire alarm at Blaine School District. School employees advised the alarm was set off by a student. The student involved claimed they accidentally tripped the alarm, but campus security video showed that the alarm was activated on purpose. The case was investigated and a report filed with the prosecutor for review and charging as appropriate.

September 15: Officers were advised of a domestic fight in progress in the 500 block of Fifth Street between father and a teenage son. On arrival officers investigated and arrested the father for domestic violence.

September 14: A resident reported that vandals had destroyed two small Golden Apple trees in their yard. The cost to replace the trees will exceed $100, but the greater impact stems from the lost pleasure of sharing the fruit with neighbors. An officer investigated the malicious mischief incident but no suspects have been identified.

September 13: Officer responded to a report of a possible fight on a residential street corner between kids after school. An adult witness reported that the kids were yelling at each other but the group dispersed when officers arrived. A number of the boys involved were identified. The incident was documented.

September 13: A flagger in a construction zone reported trouble with a motorist. The driver had complained when he was asked to stop by the flagger, and then accelerated abruptly and almost struck the flagger. The flagger was not injured, but was not able to get the suspect’s license plate number. Extra patrol was provided in the construction zones.

September 13: School officials asked for assistance with a gentleman at their campus who was unable to speak English. The man was contacted with the assistance of Border Patrol agents who were able to determine the man was a resident of B.C. who suffered from mental health problems and had wandered across the border into the U.S. He was turned over to a relative who took him home to Canada.

September 13: A truck driver reported being cut off by a car when merging to the truck route off-ramp from northbound I-5. This caused the truck driver to brake hard. An expensive show car being transported in the trucker’s trailer broke free from its securing straps and hit the front of the trailer, causing damage to the show car. The other vehicle left the area and was not located. A report was completed for informational purposes.

September 13: An officer assisted with traffic control when the railroad crossing barricade arms failed and remained down at the Marine Drive crossing. The problem originated on the Canadian side of the border and was repaired in 45 minutes.

September 13: A clerk requested an officer contact a woman sitting in front of their business in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive talking to herself and frightening customers. The woman was contacted and agreed to talk to herself more quietly. She accepted a bus pass from an officer to aid her on her way.

September 12: A citizen who came to the police department on unrelated business, observed a missing persons bulletin and believed that the person in the poster is located in unincorporated Whatcom County. Information was forwarded to WCSO.

September 12: Police are investigating an incident in which 10- to 12-year-old kids had harassed and possibly assaulted a seven-year-old while playing.

September 12: An officer provided a courtesy ride to a resident who was unable to continue to walk due to a medical problem, but struck out on foot after their car had broken down nearby.

September 11: A complaint was received concerning the number of times a debtor was contacting an individual attempting to collect money owed. No physical threats were made. An officer explained the options available.

September 11: An officer was dispatched to take a report after two vehicles collided in the parking lot of a truck stop. The trailer of one semi struck the front of a parked truck/trailer causing damage to the fiberglass hood and bumper.