Police Report -- October 05, 2006

Published on Thu, Oct 5, 2006
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October 2: A resident reported vandalism to the exterior of their home. Cretins spray painted graffiti on a garage door and placed nails on the driveway.

October 2: A store reported two people refusing to leave the front of the exterior of the business. Police contacted the visitors and found they were engaged in informational picketing. The store manager instructed them to not trespass inside the business and the pair remained nearby for a short while on public right of way and then left the area.

October 2: A person reported a man possibly trapping/killing ducks near the shore of Semiahmoo Bay. An officer contacted the suspect and found he was a uniformed Washington Fish and Wildlife officer, who was conducting a bona fide government health study of waterfowl which did not involve harm to the animals.

September 30: Officer was contacted by a mother who said her son refused to get into her car at the school. An officer met the parent at the school and talked to the eight-year-old, who ultimately agreed to accept transportation from his parent.

September 30: Police responded to a report of a teen out of control in the 2200 block of Odell Road. Officers responded and found that an assault had taken place between a teenager and an adult who lives in the same household. The adult was arrested and transported to the Whatcom County Jail.

September 29: A concerned resident called to report observing an unfamiliar adult man on a bicycle near their residence, playing with several young girls. The man left the area when approached by other adults. He was described as about 21 years old and 5-feet, 7-inches tall with dark hair. None of the kids involved were harmed or accosted.

September 29: Blaine police responded to a report of possible child neglect at a residence in the 9700 block of Vista Terrace. It was reported that three hungry kids were asking neighbors for food after being left unattended by a parent. Officers responded and contacted the latchkey nine and 10-year-olds who had come home from school hungry and started panhandling neighbors. The parent arrived shortly after and was advised to expect follow-up contact from Child Protective Services.

September 29: While at the Blaine high school homecoming football game, a 12-year-old girl said she was slapped by a 14-year-old boy when a game of keep away involving the boy’s hat got out of control. Officers located the young man: he was detained and turned over to his parents. Nineteen people were contacted or interviewed in regards to the incident and a report is being forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for review.

September 29: Neighbors reported a fight in progress in an apartment in the 300 block of Alder Street. Officers arrived and separated five drunken, discordant singers. The quarreling quintet quietly quit after singing a sweet medley of innocence, ignorance and angst.

September 28: Officers received a report that a misdemeanor assault had taken place in the 900 block of H Street. A 12-year-old playing sports intentionally attacked another 12-year-old with a lacrosse stick. The incident was investigated and forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for review and charging.

September 28: Officers received a report of a transient in a disabled vehicle parked on a city owned lot. Officers contacted the transient walking away from the vehicle. The transient was warned not to enter vehicles and he was trespassed from the property. This is the second time that the person had been warned.

September 28: Blaine police responded to a civil dispute between a dating couple in the 9700 block of Vista Terrace. One half wanted to stay in the house with the kids and the other half had different ideas. Ultimately, the party who wanted to stay decided to leave with the kids and a plan to prevent future disagreements.

September 28: Officers were notified of an assault that had earlier occurred between young siblings at a residence. One youngster reportedly threw a knife at the other, but missed. An officer interviewed the suspect youth. He denied the allegation and there was no parent available to collaborate either child’s story. Mom was located and warned of the need to supervise and protect her children, and CPS was advised of the call.

September 26: An officer responded to an emergency hang-up call in the 9100 block of Chickadee Way and discovered the homeowner had been cleaning the phone and accidentally dialed 911. The housekeeping was under control.

September 26: A Blaine police officer arrested a juvenile in front of a business for a felony warrant and a multiple misdemeanor warrants. The teenager attempted to flee on foot and was taken into custody after a brief struggle. He was booked into juvenile detention for the warrants and arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing officers on a report which was submitted to the juvenile prosecutor.

September 25: A resident in the 2000 block of Boblett Road reported nearby dogs barking for two hours, and was concerned since the neighbors usually attended to their noisy pets. Officers found everything was OK in the doggie’s domain and the owners corralled their canine chorus.

September 24: An officer on routine patrol noticed a man acting suspiciously near a vehicle parked in the corner of a parking lot late at night. On contact the officer observed two marijuana joints in the vehicle. The driver said he had stopped to recover the marijuana, which he had hidden there earlier before crossing the border. Officer arrested the driver.

September 24: A family reported that someone entered their carport and took four bicycles valued at $305. Officers investigated, recovered the bicycles and arrested the Blaine area teenagers who had stolen them.

September 24: An 18-year-old boyfriend and his juvenile girlfriend got into a physical altercation in front of a residence after they had both been drinking. The girlfriend punched and scratched her boyfriend, injuring his face before he pushed her to the ground to get away. Officers located the pair and found both to be uncooperative. The girlfriend was arrested and transported to juvenile detention and the boyfriend was cited for minor in possession before being released at the scene to a parent.

September 24: Blaine police officers spent several hours tending to a herd of northbound motorists who were stranded on the truck route and Interstate Five by a sudden lack of Canadian Customs inspectors. Washington State Patrol troopers and Washington State DOT personnel assisted our officers in commiserating with motorists who were stacked two lanes deep for three miles down the freeway. Customs Canada supervisors kept as many lanes as possible open until their staffing returned to normal late in the evening.

September 24: Residents reported a housemate behaving strangely. Officers met with a gentleman who was very irritated and very demonstrative about his share of the housekeeping burden. Officers calmed him down and determined no crime was committed.