Police Report -- October 26, 2006

Published on Thu, Oct 26, 2006
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POLICE REPORTSOctober 24: Blaine Police responded to a report of an assault in the 200 block of 4th Street. Upon arrival officers were advised that the suspects had fled the scene. Victim was physically assaulted by two white males who fled in a white construction truck. Officers are searching for the suspects.

October 23: A citizen reported his motor vehicle was damaged by another while parked in one of the school parking lots during a football game. A witness contacted the car owner and provided a description and license plate number of the suspect vehicle. Under investigation.

October 23: A resident reported that a stranger stopped his car in front of her house at night and started yelling obscenities. The driver left when confronted by the homeowner. The complainant believes the incident may be related to a domestic violence situation which had occurred earlier between relatives. A restraining order is being sought.

October 22: A USBP agent notified Blaine officers that he had located a sign, which appeared to have been knocked down by a vehicle, which had left the roadway sometime during the night. The sign itself was not damaged, but the post to which it had been attached was broken off at ground level. Public Works will be replacing the post.

October 21: A resident came to the police department to report that his 2-year-old pickup truck was stolen from his residence the previous night, and that it had been located by a friend outside the city limits the next morning. The resident brought the vehicle with him to the police department to make the report several hours later. There was no sign of forced entry to the vehicle: the owner reported that he had left it parked in front of his home with the doors unlocked and the keys inside. Officers recorded the damage which the owner reported had been done to the vehicle, and tools which he stated were missing from it. Case under investigation.

October 21: A citizen called to report a violation of a restraining order. The suspect had left the area prior to officers arrival. It was determined that the order had expired several days earlier and was no longer in effect. The resident was advised so they could pursue renewing the order.

October 21: A teenager reported being assaulted by their guardian. Officers investigated and determined that the parent had disciplined their out of control child.

October 21: An officer took a malicious mischief report from a resident whose car tires were flattened. The owner is checking to see if the tires were damaged or if the air was let out.

October 21: A person reported that her adult son had been missing since Monday when he boarded a bus in Bellingham. A missing person report was taken, and officers were investigating when they found the young man went home.

October 20: A citizen requested officers serve a temporary order for protection and notice of hearing to an ex-friend. The partner was contacted and served with the order. Officers stood by while the recipient gathered some personal belongings and vacated the residence. The order was entered into WACIC/NCIC by Border Patrol dispatch.

October 20: An officer was asked to check the welfare of a G Street resident who was not answering their door or phone. Officer checked the residence and found everything was all right.

October 20: A resident found a marihuana pipe at Salishan Park. The pipe was turned over to police and destroyed.\

October 20: A person reported that his vehicle had been struck and damaged while parked unattended on a city street. Neighbors provided the vehicle’s owner with the license plate of the pickup that struck his car and then fled the scene. Case under investigation.

October 20: An officer checked on an occupied vehicle that was stopped partially blocking a freeway off-ramp. The driver advised that his vehicle was disabled. An officer called a tow company at the driver’s request and the vehicle was removed.

October 19: A Border Patrol agent directed a Blaine officer to a ditch near a wooded area where a red motorized Schwinn brand scooter was found. No one was in the area, and the bike appeared to have been sitting there for awhile. The scooter was impounded for safekeeping and is being stored at the police department.

October 19: Officers were contacted by a teenager who complained that another youth was spreading rumors about him. Officer will talk to the other party involved and see if they can work things out between them.

October 18: Officers contacted a resident in the 500 block of D Street regarding ongoing problems with neighbors. Officers spoke with all parties involved.

October 18: Officer took a report from a high school student whose iPod had been stolen from school. A suspect has been identified and a report is being forwarded to prosecutors.

October 17: Officers were dispatched to intercede in a domestic dispute in the 900 block of Cedar Street. The female participant was arrested for Domestic Violence Malicious Mischief after she damaged a locked door, forcing it open to get at the other half.

October 17: Officers responded to the 900 block of Cedar Street regarding a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival officers learned that a verbal dispute took place between boyfriend and girlfriend, but ended before officers arrived. No assault took place.

October 17: Blaine Police responded to the 1700 block of H Street on a report of a store employee chasing a subject in the parking lot. Officers found that a transient refused to leave the store when asked, and then pushed the manager who ordered him to depart.