Police Report -- November 23, 2006

Published on Thu, Nov 23, 2006
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November 20: A complaint was received about a fraudulent company that operates via the internet using a Blaine mailing address and bank. The matter is under investigation.

November 20: Officers investigated a violation of a protection order complaint that had occurred earlier in the day. The information will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

November 20: An officer provided transportation for an individual to the detox center in Bellingham.

November 20: Officer was dispatched to a report of a trespass on municipal airport property. Officer arrived and found the suspect had already left. Officers determined that the transgressor had allowed their dog to run off leash onto the runway. The person was contacted and advised of the problems inherent in that activity.

November 20: Officer received report from a resident that mail was being stolen from the victim’s mailbox and replaced with trash. Officers are investigating and the U.S. Postal officials were notified.

November 19: Dispatch reported an anonymous caller reported two hunters parked their truck on the side of Semiahmoo Parkway and skulked off into the woods past no hunting signs. Officers attempted to locate the hunters, but apparently were out skulked.

November 19: A resident in the 1200 block of Runge Avenue notified police that a subject had tried to turn around at the end of a dead end street and drove off into the ditch. Police arrived and found a truck partly off the roadway in the mud. No damage was done to the vehicle and the owner of the property did not wish to press charges for trespassing. A tow truck was called for the driver and the vehicle was removed from the muck and was able to depart the scene.

November 19: Blaine police were notified of a theft at a business in the 300 block of 3rd Street. Two subjects entered a store, grabbed an 18-pack of Miller beer and ran. Officers located the area where the subjects fled to and are following up on the theft.

November 18: An officer spoke with a business owner of a trucking company in Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently, a truck driver was enroute to and due at a business in Blaine; however, the driver called his boss and said he was having mental problems. At the time police were called the truck driver had been missing for over two days and officers were advised to be aware of the semi truck and suspect’s description. The incident was reported to Oregon and Washington state patrols. The call was for information purposes: Officers checked the areas frequented by commercial vehicles but did not locate the rig or the driver.

November 17: WCSO requested mutual aid by having Blaine officers check on an audible residential alarm at a Birch Point residence. Officers responded and checked the residence, which appeared to be secure. What-Comm dispatch was advised and a call out responded after officers cleared.

November 18: An anonymous passerby reported several young men dressed all in black walking near railroad tracks. An area check was conducted by officers and no one was located. Extra patrol in the area was provided.

November 18: U.S. Customs reported they were questioning a man who had marijuana and drug paraphernalia in his possession. Officers arrived and arrested the subject for the offenses. He was given a citation and released.

November 17: Officers were asked to check on the welfare of a woman after she called to report her husband would not leave the house. While on the phone with the dispatcher the woman related that her husband had left. Officers checked to ensure everything was A-okay.

November 17: A resident asked for help convincing neighbors to tone down the volume and frequency of their frolicking with noisy all terrain vehicles on their property. The outdoor enthusiasts were contacted and asked to limit the disturbance they were causing in the neighborhood.

November 17: A citizen called to complain about two dogs that have been chained to the front porch of a house for days, howling and barking almost non-stop. The home’s yard is also strewn with garbage. The complaint was documented and the appropriate city departments notified for follow-up.

November 17: Blaine police were notified of a suspicious vehicle in the vicinity of the 1900 block of H Street. The car appeared to be driving back and forth in front of a residence. An officer responded but was not able to locate the vehicle, which was described as a black Honda with a large radio antenna.

November 16: A business located in the 9900 block of Canada View reported a suspicious incident where a subject opened the business’ front door and then left. The owner did not get a description of the subject. A check of the premises found several doors unlocked, but no trespassers.

November 16: A business owner reported a $46.31 gas run off from his business. The business owner was able to get a vehicle license plate from the suspect vehicle. Officer contacted the owner of the vehicle, who thought he had paid for the gas. The suspect contacted the business owner to arrange for payment.

November 16: Blaine Municipal Court contacted an officer when the judge ordered a defendant to jail on a probation violation. Officer arrested the 40-year-old Whatcom County resident and transported gave him a free ride to the county jail.

November 16: Officers were dispatched to a report of a domestic assault in the 9800 bock of Harvey Road. Officers arrived and interviewed the victim, who reported having been assaulted by their spouse. The spouse had left the area before officers arrived but was contacted a short time later, interviewed, arrested and booked into jail.

November 16: This office received information about a missing person from Vancouver, B.C. A report is being taken for information as the person was believed to have last been seen somewhere in Blaine. It is possible the missing person is simply on vacation.

November 16: An officer was contacted by a father wanting to file a runaway report involving his son. The teenager went to California to stay with a relative and the father wanted him home. Officer took report and entered the information into the national system as a runaway.

November 16: A witness called 911 to report a vehicle driving negligently on a city street. Officers contacted the driver shortly after and the 18-year-old driver admitted the offense. He was warned about applicable criminal and traffic violations related to
his chronic driving behavior and was warned that further incidents will result in prosecution and sanctions by the department of licensing.