Police Report -- December 07, 2006

Published on Thu, Dec 7, 2006
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December 4: Dispatch reported a parent needed assistance with an out of control child in the 1400 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers contacted both parties and helped calm down the teenager. Officer cleared with no further dispute.

December 4: An officer was called when a customer refused to leave a business in the 200 block of D Street that was closing down for the evening. The clerk asked the officer to explain to the customer that she could not accept his money after her cash register had been closed. The customer said he understood and would return when the store was open. No further police action was requested.

December 4: An officer was dispatched to the Peace Arch POE regarding a possibly intoxicated driver. The arriving officer investigated and arrested an adult male for DUI and other charges.
December 4: A person reported that a work vehicle had been stolen from a construction site in the 3600 block of H Street sometime within the last 10 days. The green 1995 Chevy work truck has a 200-gallon diesel tank in the back and was stolen some time the previous week.

December 4: Police were notified of theft of two cases of beer from a business in the 300 block of 3rd Street. The suspect ran into the store and picked up two cases of beer and then fled east from the store. The suspect was described as a white male, with a 5-foot-9-inch slim build, with dark sweatshirt hoodie and tennis shoes.

December 3: An anonymous caller advised police of a coyote in the alleyway in the 200 block of Boblett Ave. Officers kept an eye on the critter as he made his way north and ultimately entered Canada without customs inspection.

December 3: Police provided a civil standby in the 9800 block of Harvey while a citizen retrieved their belongings from the home.

December 3: An officer arrested, cited and released an adult male for possession of a small amount of marijuana at the Peace Arch crossing.

December 3: A person requested extra patrol of their neighborhood after finding that their teenager was inviting other juveniles into their home without parental approval. The invitees have been stealing from the house and misbehaving. All patrol officers were advised.

December 3: A Semiahmoo resident called police to express concern regarding roadway conditions on Semiahmoo Parkway during the week of snow / ice conditions. An officer checked the areas of concern on the day of complaint and found that the roadways were adequately clear at that time. The caller was provided with contact information for city of Blaine Public Works and Whatcom County Public Works.

December 3: A resident in the 900 block of Blaine Avenue reported a nearby home appeared to have a broken water pipe. Officers checked the vacant residence and found a large amount of water in the yard and coming out of one of the vents in the foundation. A water shut off could not be located because of snow. Public works was notified and a city employee turned off the water.

December 2: The Blaine K9 team was called to assist the WCSO with a track of a suspect who fled from a vehicle in the 4700 block of Rural Road outside Ferndale. After a lengthy track, the suspect was located by the team and taken into custody. Team cleared without further incident.

December 2: Officers responded to a family disturbance in the 700 block of E Street. They determined that a parent physically assaulted a teenage child who attempted to leave the house. Father was arrested for domestic assault and was booked into Whatcom County jail.

December 2: A citizen reported that while walking his dog another unleashed canine attacked the pet, biting it several times. Injuries were not life threatening and the owner was contemplating taking the dog to a veterinarian. Officers made certain the immediate threat was mitigated, and forwarded the case to the Humane Society for investigation.

December 2: While responding to a 911 hang-up call at a residence officers were advised that the call was for medical assistance for a person who had fallen on ice in front of their home. Officers assisted until aid arrived.

December 1: A motorist reported juveniles sliding on sleds down H Street hill, creating a traffic hazard. An officer responded but the kids were gone.

December 1: An apartment complex resident advised police of a gasoline odor originating from a neighboring apartment. An officer contacted the resident in the offending apartment. The resident there had accidentally spilled a gas can in his garage and was airing the garage out after clean up.

December 1: An officer arrested an adult female (passenger in a car) for a confirmed Department of Corrections no bail felony warrant for Escape. The woman was taken into custody without incident and booked into WCSO Jail. A locate was sent to DOC. Case closed.
November 30: A homeowner in the 300 block of 8th Street reported a kids throwing compact and hard snowballs at their windows, threatening to cause damage. The juveniles fled the area, but officers located a possible suspect nearby and advised them of the unintended consequences of their fun.

November 30: Officer was dispatched to the 1700 Blk of H St regarding a stolen purse. Officer contacted the victim who said that while shopping she had left her purse in a cart unattended for a very short time and someone stole the bag. No suspect information was available. Store employees searched the store to no avail.

November 30: An officer responded to a residence in Semiahmoo regarding a 911 hang up. The resident adult reported that no one had called 911. Two youngsters had also been playing unattended inside the home. Everyone wsa reminded about the appropriate use of
911 . . . just in case.

November 29: Officers mediated a verbal dispute over on-going personal family issues between family members. Officers ensured there was no crime, and suggested various community resources to seek further assistance.

November 29: Officer assisted a citizen in the 200 block of B Street by delivering medical supplies that the resident was not able to get on her own due to the snowy roads and sidewalks.

November 29: An officer assisted a woman in the 600 block of A Street during snowy weather by taking her prescription to a pharmacy.
November 29: A family who became stranded while visiting Blaine came in to this office requesting help with purchasing food for a few days. They were provided with a Salvation Army Voucher to Cost Cutter to obtain food.

November 29: A citizen came into the office asking for assistance in getting some fuel for his car. His tank had run dry and he needed some money to get home. Due to the inclement weather it was too cold for him to walk and there was no other alternative transportation available. The man was provided with a Salvation Army voucher so he could purchase enough fuel to get home.

November 28: A citizen requested assistance during the snow storm. The person was home alone and was unable to carry wood into the house. The wood was the only source of heat for the house during the storm, so the officer helped carry in enough to last until the power came back on.

November 28: A Blaine officer stopped to assist a motorist stuck in a ditch on I-5 at MP276 and discovered the driver had been drinking. The incident was turned over to the WSP.

November 28: An officer was notified of a Chevrolet Suburban having been abandoned in the traffic lane on Peace Portal Drive. The Texas plated vehicle was impounded as it presented a traffic hazard.

November 28: Officers responded to a report of a possible road rage incident at the International Mall. One party was located and contacted by police as they were leaving the area. That person stated there had been an argument over a vehicle driving too slowly on H Street in Blaine. (The other vehicle was gone when police arrived and officers were unable to speak to the driver.) An officer reminded the complaining driver of the need to keep driving speeds safe for the weather conditions and recommended applying some patience along with the break pedal.

November 28: Officers responded to a fire alarm at the Elementary School and stood by until the arrival of the Fire Department. The school suffered a broken water pipe to their sprinkler.

November 28: Officers responded to a one vehicle roll over collision on I-5 with minor injuries. Officers provided support and traffic control until WSP and aid personnel arrived.

November 28: A person reported an audible alarm going off constantly in the 300 block of Martin Street. An officer located the building from which the alarm was sounding. The building was vacant. Blaine PD office staff contacted a call-out for the building and advised them of the problematic alarm.

November 28: A manager of an apartment complex in the 200 block of D Street reported a tenant was being too loud. Officer went to the apartment and requested the tenant keep the noise down. The tenant said he was sorry and would keep it down. Officer cleared with no further incident.