Police Report -- January 18, 2007

Published on Thu, Jan 18, 2007
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January 16: Officers received a call of a possible suicidal subject. Officers contacted a female resident who had taken an overdose of some prescription medication mixed with sleeping pills and alcohol. The female was transported to the hospital by a medic unit. Officers cleared without incident.

January 16: A Federal Way citizen came into this office requesting help as he was rejected from Canada. The individual was provided with a WTA ride coupon to get to Bellingham where additional services are available.

January 16: Officer was contacted by a woman who reported her windshield was damaged after she refused to allow a relative to have a DVD player. The windshield had scratches and will need to be replaced. The other party was contacted and denied causing any damage to the vehicle.

January 16: A person in the 200 block of 4th Street reported hearing several kids outside laughing in the early morning hours. Upon opening the door to see what was going on, the person heard the kids all run off. He was unable to get a good look at any of them. A neighbor’s vehicle was found to have two flat tires with no visible damage. Officers checked the area, but no one was found.

January 15: A person in the 200 block of B Street reported a man she filed a protection order against was violating it because he was within 100 feet of her. Officers arrived and determined the man and the woman live in the same apartment complex, and he did not know the person was nearby. Officers asked the man to obey the protection order. The man apologized and moved so he would not be in violation of the order.

January 15: Officers responded to the 1700 block of Grant Ave regarding a semi-truck engine fire. Upon arrival officers found the truck cab fully engulfed. The occupants, five residents of Pasco, were able to escape the cab before the fire spread. The officers assisted the family and stood by until fire department and aid arrived and took control of the scene.

January 14: An officer was asked to attend the Peace Arch port of entry where a man was found in possession of a small amount of marijuana. The man was issued a citation and released.

January 13: A neighborhood resident reported three juvenile males playing on the frozen surface of a drainage pond beside new construction on State Route 543. An officer contacted the juveniles who cooperatively left the area.

January 13: A woman called about a dog left outside at a neighboring home on a very cold day. An officer went to the dog’s home and began walking through the snow up to the house. The subject of the concern, a white Husky mix, watched the officer through a window from inside the warm, occupied home. The owner explained that he allows the dog to go outside for necessary activities and then the dog returns inside.

January 12: A neighborhood resident reported an abandoned bicycle in an alley. An officer impounded the K2 mountain bike pending possible owner identification.

January 12: A neighborhood resident reported an abandoned bicycle in an alley. An officer impounded the Cannondale mountain bike pending possible owner identification.

January 12: While stopped for a stop sign northbound on Mitchell at H Street, a vehicle was bumped in the rear by another vehicle that was unable to stop due to the icy roadway. There were no visible signs of damage to either car. Driver of the struck car complained of neck pain, but refused medical attention.

January 11: Officers responded to a complaint of a fight on a city street in the 700 block of G Street. No one was found to be fighting, however, suspect information was obtained by a witness and a subject who was in the area at the time of the incident. That subject was taken into custody for an unrelated matter. Further investigation revealed two friends had gotten into an argument and a brief scuffle ensued. No one was injured and neither party wished to pursue prosecution. The officer warned them of applicable criminal charges and they apologized for their behavior.

January 11: Officers investigated a possible assault between sisters in the 95 block of Parkview Street after one of the involved parties ran across the street to a neighbor’s home. After interviewing all those involved, officers determined that no assault had occurred. A verbal argument had taken place, possibly exacerbated by the alcohol consumption of one of the parties. The complainant was uncooperative once officers arrived, and would not provide any further information and refused any further assistance.

January 11: Officers checked the area for a vehicle that left after the driver had a verbal confrontation with a resident over the vehicle being parked in the resident’s driveway. The complainant reported that the driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Due to time delay of the call, the officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

January 11: Officers responded to a call about a fight in progress under a street lamp and stopped one 16-year-old boy near the reported location of the incident. The young man was in possession of brass knuckles, a used marijuana pipe, and cigarettes. The boy’s mother was contacted, and the young man was given a ride home. The report will be submitted to the juvenile prosecutor for review.