Police Report -- April 05, 2007

Published on Thu, Apr 5, 2007
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April 2: A resident in the 1400 block of Bayview Avenue reported two males came to her front door and wanted to come in, but she would not let them in. The two then left the area. Officer’s checked the area for the two subjects, but could not find them.

April 2: The landlord of an apartment complex requested an officer talk to one of his tenants regarding her dog, which is jumping and snapping at people. An officer contacted the tenant and asked her to keep better control of her dog while she is walking it. The tenant said she did not know her dog was doing that because she is blind, but she would try to keep it closer to her.

April 2: Officers responded to a residence in the 400 block of B Street regarding two 911 hang up calls. A father and his young daughter were found at home and the pair were fine. There was no emergency situation. The cause of the calls was undetermined.

April 2: A citizen reported two people camping behind Burger King. The campers were contacted and asked to pack up and leave within the next couple of hours. When officers returned to check later in the day the campers had left the area as requested.

April 2: Officers were dispatched to a residence where children had reported a small kitten had been injured. One of the young boys was jumping on and off the couch and accidentally landed on the kitten. An officer took the kitten to the Blaine Animal Hospital to be tended to.

March 31: An officer was asked to check the welfare of a man who resides in the 400 block of F Street. The complainant, who is the resident’s employer, said the man has not showed up for work and has not been heard from since March 28. An officer checked the residence and was told by other residents there that they have not seen the man for two weeks. Officers are attempting to determine the man’s whereabouts.

March 31: An officer assisted a U.S. Border Patrol agent when he contacted a transient that had jumped off a northbound train in the 2800 block of Peace Portal Drive. The man appeared to have mental problems, but was not wanted for any crimes. He was given a ride to the bus stop, a boarding pass, and directions to the Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham.

March 31: A 21-year-old man complained about a 19-year-old man who was harassing him by telling him whom he could hang out with. The parties were advised to stay away from each other.

March 30: Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 600 block of E Street after a daughter called 911 to report her mother had been attacked by an intruder. Several law enforcement officers responded to the residence, but no evidence of an attack having occurred was found. No one at the residence was injured and officers cleared with no further action taken.  

March 30: Blaine police stopped a vehicle for expired license plates and found that the driver did not hold a valid drivers license, insurance, or have the registration in the vehicle. The driver was issued infractions for the offenses and the vehicle was impounded.

March 30: A 15-year-old student stole her best friend’s iPod, erased her friend’s music, replaced the songs, engraved her own name on the iPod, and brought it to school the next day. The principal recovered the stolen iPod and suspended the student. The police documented the crime, obtained a confession from the suspect, and submitted the case to the juvenile prosecutor for review.

March 30: An officer was contacted by a parent who said her son was out of control and had just unplugged their computer modem. The woman asked if the officer would talk with her son about his behavior. The officer contacted the boy who admitted having anger problems and promised to control his anger in the future.

March 29: Blaine police received an anonymous complaint regarding loud music in the 1600 block of Runge Avenue. Police made contact with the residents and advised them to turn their music down and they complied. A warning was given and the residents were reminded that this was the second time officers have responded due to loud music.

March 29: Blaine police were advised of an ongoing dispute between two Blaine residents in the 500 block of E Street that may escalate into an assault situation. The victim said he was going to obtain a restraining order the next day and asked for extra patrols at his house.

March 29: A man reported he was assaulted by the captain of the fishing vessel he was working on while the vessel was docked in Blaine.

March 29: An officer was advised that a peaceful protest was in progress on the sidewalk in front of the U.S. post office. The participants set up a small table with publications and did not block public access. The complaining party was advised that the protest did not violate any laws.

March 28: A Blaine resident reported having received a threatening voice mail from an out-of-state resident. The resident said the threats stemmed from a purported single male looking for a short-term relationship while out-of-state on business. The victim nullified the short-term acquaintance after learning of the male’s marital status. A long-distance telephone call from the police to the suspected wife resolved the harassment complaint.

March 28: An officer received a report that a man was walking in the middle of H Street. The officer responded and found a local resident who has difficulty crossing streets. The man was on the sidewalk at the time of the contact. He promised to cross the street in a more direct manner in the future, rather than crossing the street diagonally. He declined assistance.

March 28: A Whatcom County resident was stopped for a traffic violation. A Washington driver’s check returned showing the driver as being suspended in this state. The individual was arrested, cited and released with a summons. The vehicle’s registered owner was contacted took custody of the vehicle in lieu of impoundment.

March 28: A resident received two unsolicited sweepstakes winner checks for $1,920 from a New Jersey business. The resident realized the checks were a scam and notified the police of the suspicious business practice. The incident was documented at the resident’s request.