Police Report -- April 19, 2007

Published on Thu, Apr 19, 2007
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April 17: A motorist was stopped for a traffic infraction. Further investigation showed that the 31-year-old Blaine resident was driving with a suspended license. The person was arrested, issued a criminal citation, and released. The vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

April 16: A person reported the theft of 250-pound concrete turtle from the front yard of a residence during early morning hours. The person’s losses were estimated at approximately $200. The theft occurred in the same area where other lawn ornaments were stolen earlier in the week. Extra patrols are being provided.

April 16: A business owner in the 800 block of Peace Portal Drive reported having been assaulted by a customer. The people were identified and located, and they all provided written statements regarding the incident. The weapon used in the assault, a crumpled receipt reportedly thrown by the suspect customer during the dispute, was recovered at the scene. The case has been forwarded for review.

April 16: A resident on Runge Avenue reported the theft of her outgoing mail and rent check from her mailbox. Some of the stolen mail was abandoned and recovered near Ferndale by a business there. The victim is taking precautions to prevent additional identity theft. Postal authorities have been advised.

April 16: Officers checked a residence in the 1300 block of 4th Street after a man called repeatedly, insisting people were trying to get into his home. A cat was observed trying to get into the door, and officers shooed it away.

April 16: A resident in the 600 block of D Street reported that a former friend had entered his car without permission and scratched curse words into the paint on the vehicle after the two men had exchanged angry words. The victim turned over to police mail that he believed the suspect had left in his vehicle on the day of the crime.

April 15: A man who had become stranded in Blaine requested police assistance in getting to the mission in Bellingham. Transportation to the mission was provided.

April 15: An officer was contacted by a juvenile in the 500 block of G Street who had found a skate board at his house. The skate board was placed into found property at the police department.

April 14: Blaine police were dispatched to an alarm in the 300 block of 11th Street. On arrival with two Border Patrol agents they found a partially open rear door. The homeowner and an alarm company callous arrived and found nothing disturbed, except the owner’s four dogs who had all been waiting inside the house to greet whoever entered. It appeared as though someone tried to get into the home and activated both the electronic and canine intrusion systems. Officers learned that teenagers had been seen jumping a fence into a neighbor’s backyard earlier in the day.

April 14: Officer’s were dispatched to a report of a 911 hang up call in the 700 block of F Street. On arrival officers found that a younger juvenile dialed 911 because he was mad at his brother. Officers counseled the 12-year-old and advised mom what had occurred.

April 14: An officer was contacted by a man in the 700 block of A Street who reported an ex-girlfriend had been making harassing phone calls to him. Officer contacted the ex and advised her that any additional calls could result in criminal prosecution. She agreed to stop calling and take her complaints against the man about property ownership to civil court.

April 14: A resident reported that a man with a no contact court order was in her residence. The no contact order was verified by the Whatcom County Sheriff’s office. The violator was located in the company of the protected person and was arrested without incident.