Police Report -- June 21, 2007

Published on Thu, Jun 21, 2007
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June 19: Officers were dispatched to a report of someone throwing an item from the roof of the elementary school and hitting a passing car. Officers arrived and found a car leaving the scene. Officers were able to contact the subjects in the vehicle and found they were the ones who were on the roof of the school and admitted to throwing a ball at the passing motorist. A case report is being sent to the juvenile prosecutor for review.

June 19: Blaine officers assisted the WSP by arresting a man with a small amount of marijuana at the Blaine truck crossing. The man was issued a citation and released with a court date.

June 19: An officer received a call from a F Street resident who said she received a phone call from an adult male who told her because she was a good citizen he was going to deposit $500 per month for six months along with a medical card. The caller then asked her for her bank information. The complainant refused and called police to report the call.

June 19: A person in the 600 block of A Street reported that a person or persons unknown threw a water balloon at his vehicle while he was retrieving his mail. There are no suspects.

June 19: A citizen driving in the 600 block of A Street had her vehicle struck by a water balloon. The driver looked around but could not see anyone. No damage occurred to her vehicle and she asked that a report be taken.

June 18: Person reported he was running around the high school track when two people came onto the track field with their three dogs. The dogs were allowed to run around the track without leashes. Officer located the owner of the dogs and advised them of the ordinance regarding dogs staying on a leash within city limits. The dog owners said they were sorry for the trouble and would keep them leashed up.

June 17: A flagger at the SR 543 construction area reported a subject removing barricades so they could drive past the traffic back up. The incident was investigated and the suspect identified and interviewed. Case will be forwarded to the city prosecutor.

June 16: A person was arrested after disregarding three flaggers, nearly striking one and hitting another in the truck route construction zone. The Canadian driver was booked into the Whatcom County Jail on several charges.

June 15: A person in the 300 block of Cedar Street reported she found a digital video camera and two cordless phones under a bush in her yard. Officers were unable to locate the owner of the property. The items were taken into custody.

June 15: A person reported a male subject was screaming profanities outside of a residence in the 1200 block of Mitchell Avenue at a female and male. An officer arrived and found that the person doing the screaming had left the area. He was identified and a complaint for prosecution was filed.

June 14: A student leaving graduation was making a left hand turn onto the truck route when an unknown vehicle sideswiped him. The suspect vehicle then got onto I-5 and fled the area. Police are searching for the suspect vehicle.

June 14: A traffic flagger reported a driver was not obeying the flaggers and was acting belligerent. Officer’s arrived and separated the flagger from the driver. The driver and one of the flaggers were yelling at each other. Officer took statements from the flaggers who were involved in the incident. The driver refused to give a statement. The case will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.