Police Report -- July 12, 2007

Published on Thu, Jul 12, 2007
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July 10: A parent reported their daughter being assaulted by a live-in boy friend while staying at the Bayside Motor Inn. Police confirmed that the man assaulted the girlfriend and left the area prior to police arrival. Victim’s injuries were minor. A summons for DV assault will be forwarded to the prosecutor for the boyfriend

July 10: A Blaine resident was stopped for a traffic infraction.  After being stopped he was found to have a warrant for his arrest.  The warrants were confirmed and the person was arrested. The person was later released when the issuing agency declined to assist with extradition.

July 10: A resident in the 700 block of F Street reported that a relative was holding some of her property and refusing to give it back in a domestic dispute. The person knew that this was a civil matter, but requested an informational report.

July 10: An officer documented the theft of a $75 hanging basket from the side of a closed business in the 200 block of Marine Drive.  The plant was taken at night and no suspects were seen.

July 10: A resident reported that someone stole a hanging basket valued at $35 from outside his 9th Street house last night. The incident was documented

July 9: Customs and Border Protection reported two people at the Peace Arch POE in violation of a protection order. The individuals were contacted by police. The 72-year-old husband was with his 70-year-old wife were in violation of a protection order issued by a Redmond, Washington court. Due to the ages involved and medical conditions the husband was cited and released. The husband was required to find an alternate means home. A taxi to Bellingham was requested and contacted for him.

July 9: While on patrol, an officer was contacted by a man who wished to report a bicycle had been abandoned in his front yard about a week ago. The officer impounded the very nice Raleigh mountain bicycle.

July 7: An out-of-state resident left her 2003 Oldsmobile locked in a business parking lot for on H Street for a week while she visited Canada. The resident returned and discovered her vehicle had been stolen. There was no report of the vehicle being impounded.  A stolen vehicle report was completed.

July 7: Officers were contacted by a security guard to report a theft from a vehicle. Officers took a report and contacted the owner of the vehicle. She was visiting Semiahmoo from out of town and estimated it would cost $200 to replace the missing mirror from her car. No suspects identified at this time.

July 7: A resident in the 1000 block of Mitchell Avenue observed a teenage boy take her son’s motor scooter valued at $145 from a carport at 1:58 a.m. The resident yelled at the young man and chased him down the street. The suspect left the motor scooter behind and ran behind between two buildings. Officers searched the area, but did not find the boy. The incident was documented and extra patrol was provided to the area

July 6: Officer received a report from a 16-year-old who said while walking home from work she observed and heard an older man making unwanted comments toward her. The teenager was bothered by the comments and wanted to make a complaint. The female got the license number of the vehicle the man was in. An officer will contact the man about the incident.

July 6: A complaint was received from a woman in Illinois who credit card had received charges from a business using a Blaine address. An officer checked the address and learned that the business did not exist but was a person in British Columbia utilizing a mail forwarding service.  Matter forwarded to the RCMP.

July 5: Officers responded to a possible verbal domestic in progress at a residence in the 200 block of 9th Street. Officers found that two assaults had occurred. One was a husband assaulting a wife, and report, where the mother-in-law then assaulted the husband. The husband also had a Blaine municipal court warrant for failing to appear for sentencing. The 28-year-old Blaine resident was booked into jail. While officers were investigating a physical domestic between a husband and wife, they learned that another family member had assaulted the husband. The 50-year-old family member was arrested for domestic violence assault and had two Blaine municipal court warrants for fail to appear for DUI and driving without a license. She was booked into jail. 

July 4: An off-duty police officer who was walking on the overpass of H Street observed three juvenile male throwing lit fireworks off the overpass onto the freeway. The officer called on duty officers who contacted the juveniles and impounded the fireworks. The juveniles were warned about their actions and their parents contacted. No vehicles were one the freeway when the fireworks were thrown. 

July 3: A person contacted Blaine police to say that a group of people were consuming alcohol outside of a business. Officer contacted several people from a band going north into Canada who had stopped at a business on the truck route because of the border back up. The band was advised of the drinking in public law. The members immediately threw away their open containers and apologized for their ignorance. Warnings were issued to the cooperative group.

July 3: A man called 911 demanding that his wife be deported to back to Asia.  On arrival at the home on F Street, officers found an intoxicated 46-year-old Blaine resident who was upset that his wife would not cook dinner.  A record check showed the demanding husband was wanted on an outstanding warrant. He was arrested and booked into jail in time for a free dinner.