Police Report -- July 19, 2007

Published on Thu, Jul 19, 2007
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July 18: Officers responded to a report of two people arguing in an apartment. Officers investigated the complaint and the arguing couple both insisted the dispute was not physical. Both parties admitted that too much alcohol contributed to the argument. The couple apologized and said they were going to sleep.

July 17: A report was received of a suspicious person behind a closed business in the 200 block of D Street. Officers contacted the person. A transient man was in the process of setting up home for the evening. An officer transported the man to the Light House Mission in Bellingham. 

July 17: Officers responded to a report of flagger nearly being struck by a vehicle, which was not obeying her directions to stop. Investigation showed that the driver disregarded the directions of three other flaggers as well before entering Canada. Although the suspect is not known, a vehicle description was obtained.

July 17: Officers were dispatched to a noise complaint in the 600 block of D Street shortly before 1 a.m. A resident was working on his car. He agreed and apologized for not realizing how late it was.

July 16: An officer responded to a report of a vehicle theft, which occurred on Friday the 13th in the 200 block of a Martin Street. An employee witnessed the theft but thought the owner was having it moved by someone else. The vehicle was entered into the system as a stolen vehicle. Investigation ongoing.

July 16: A Blaine citizen came into this office to report that in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 14, her medium sized black and grey male dog went missing from her home in the 600 block of C Street.

July 16: A citizen called to report that her tri-colored English setter had escaped from her yard in the 1100 block of Harrison Street while she was at work. She will be notified if the dog is located.

July 16: An officer was dispatched to a wounded seagull on Peace Portal Drive. The area was checked, but it appeared to have flown the coop.

July 15: A man reported that he separated from his spouse two weeks ago and she is harassing him with phone calls and threats to ruin his reputation. The man requested his complaint be documented. He said he will seek advice from his attorney and obtain a protection order.

July 14: A vehicle was observed by an officer driving through the traffic congestion on SR543, northbound in the southbound traffic lane. Due to the driver’s disregard for safety in the construction zone, he was cited for negligent driving. He said he was just trying to get home through the congestion. So was everyone else.

July 14: Dispatch reported a woman was trying to catch a dog that was running in and out of traffic in the 1300 block of Odell Road. When the officer arrived and attempted to take the dog into custody the dog bit the officer. The aggressive dog was apprehended by police, transported to the police department for questioning for assaulting the officer, and then impounded by the humane society. 

July 13: An officer observed a couple walking down the road that has a history of order violations. The officer checked and found that there is a valid order between the two. The respondent was booked into jail.

July 12: A grocery store employee reported they caught an adult male shoplifting. An officer arrived and arrested the 77-year-old Blaine resident after he admitted to taking some food. The arrestee was released after he was given a criminal citation.