Police Report -- August 02, 2007

Published on Thu, Aug 2, 2007
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August 1: An officer transported and booked a 50-year-old Birch Bay resident into jail per a Blaine municipal court judge’s orders.
July 31: Officers were asked to return a call to a man who wished to report his father as a missing person. As the man lived in Canada and was last seen at his place of employment in Canada the reporting party was referred to the RCMP. Information on the man and his vehicle was documented in case he is located in our area.

July 31: Police were dispatched to a possible fight in progress in the parking lot of a business in the 200 block of Martin Street. Officers arrived and contacted the one person who had not fled the area when it became apparent the police were enroute. The remaining person was blissfully unaware of what had started the commotion, and there were no suspects or victims left to interview. Extra patrol was provided.

July 31: A vehicle was stopped after a computer check showed that the registered owner of the vehicle had a suspended driver’s license. The driver was not the registered owner, but he stated that he did not have a driver’s license. Further investigation showed the driver was in fact driving with a suspended driver’s license. The 36-year-old Everson man was arrested and issued a criminal citation for DWLS. The vehicle was impounded.

July 31: Officers responded to a suspicious person call. A transient was contacted and (finally) accepted a ride to social services since he had been trespassed from most of the city’s businesses.

July 31: A woman provided an informational statement to police regarding issues she felt were of importance, including little people, satellite mind control, other populated planets, and other pressing matters of global security. No crimes were identified in the information supplied. Case closed with a report.

July 31: A homeowner in the 5300 block of Canvasback Road at Semiahmoo reported the theft of two skateboards and a toolbox from his open garage within the past two weeks. It is most likely that the items were stolen on July 15 while the residents were away on a walk. There are no known suspects or witnesses to the theft. Case closed pending further information.

July 30: Officers responded to a domestic assault, which had just occurred at a motel in the 300 block of Alder Street. They contacted a woman from Seattle in the motel lobby. She was suffering a nosebleed and said she’d been head butted by her boyfriend during a drunken argument. The 53-year-old boyfriend was contacted in the motel room and interviewed. He was arrested for assault and malicious mischief when officers discovered the man had also broken a lamp belonging to the motel. He was booked into jail.

July 30: Blaine police assisted the WCSO by responding to a report of a physical domestic at an address in Double R Ranch in Birch Bay. Officers secured the scene and maintained order until a deputy arrived to investigate. And officer remained at the scene with the deputy until he cleared the call.

July 30: A person reported that someone had left an empty pack of cigarettes in her mailbox in the 1200 block of 4th Street. The box was dusted for fingerprints at the complainant’s request. There are no known suspects or witnesses to the littering crime. Case closed pending further information.

July 30: A service station cashier in the 500 block of Peace Portal Drive reported a man purchased beer and then consumed the alcohol in his car in the parking lot of the service station. The cashier obtained the license plate of the suspect’s vehicle. An officer responded but the man, vehicle and beer has left the area. The trio was not located

July 30: A business owner in the 900 block of Peace Portal Drive called police to advise that a pedestrian was walking her baby and stroller unsafely close to the fog line of a roadway, endangering the child. An officer checked the area but the mother and baby were gone. Case closed.

July 30: A woman reported that her ex-husband had accumulated approximately $14,000 in credit card debt on an account, which is in the ex-husband’s name. The woman is a co-signer on the account and her credit is being affected by her ex-husband’s activity. The woman was provided with information about civil process. Case closed.

July 30: An officer assisted a Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputy with backup on a call of a vehicle theft in progress call on California Trial. There was no theft and no suspects were seen.

July 29: A Blaine officer responded to an officer needs assistance call from Whatcom County Sheriff’s office, at a large party with several fights in progress in the 1400 block of Burk Road. Blaine police and U.S. Border Patrol units arrived and assisted while the WCSO calmed the situation and conducted their investigation. There were no further incidents.

July 29: A Coast Guard boat reported they had picked up four hypothermic patients from the waters south of Point Roberts. A Blaine officer helped in the coordination of the transfer of the patients from the boat to NWFRS aid units.

July 29: A citizen brought a wallet into the office that they found at the Chevron station on H Street. The wallet and its contents were booked into evidence for safekeeping until the owner can be reached to retrieve it.

July 29: A parent reported that her 15-year-old boy failed to return home on time from a dance and arrived home at 1:45 a.m. with liquor on his breath. Mom called an officer to the house. A MIP investigation was completed and will be forwarded prosecutor.

July 28: Police contacted several juveniles at the skate park who were using the park’s rubber garbage can as part of a ramp to jump on. The can was destroyed and the trash contents spilled into the park as a result. The ramp was removed. One uncooperative teenager was trespassed from the facility for the day. Criminal charges for malicious mischief are under review.

July 28: An officer discovered someone had left an abandoned aluminum bicycle behind the police station. The bike was entered into the computer system as abandoned and placed inside for safekeeping.

July 27: A person in the 200 block of 16th Street reported she was getting her mail from a mail box when a shiny black van drove through a nearby stop sign at a high rate of speed and then came close to hitting her. She was unable to see a license plate, and officers were unable to locate the vehicle. All officers were advised of the complaint for extra patrols to the area.

July 27: Officers were dispatched to call of a commercial tractor trailer unloading unlicensed vehicles onto the public roadway. Officers arrived and contacted the driver. The driver was informed that the storage of unlicensed vehicles on the public roadway is not allowed. The driver agreed to keep the vehicles loaded and officers cleared.

July 26: Dispatch reported a couple were being attacked by two loose dogs in the 9100 block of Odell Road. Officers arrived and found that a couple of folks walking one and a person walking her dogs had a verbal altercation, which culminated in a near dog fight. The incident was calmed and is under review by police for possible charges.

July 26: A Blaine business in the 300 block of Martin Street reported an attempted entry by force to a locked door during hours when the business was closed. A pry mark (crow/pry bar) was found on the jam of the rear door by employees. There are no known suspects or witnesses to the attempted burglary. All officers were notified of the incident. Extra patrol will be performed in the area.

July 26: A local gas station in the 500 block of Peace Portal Drive reported that a man was captured on security cameras urinating in the parking lot of the business when the business was not yet (but almost) open for the day. The man apparently did not notice the numerous outdoor security cameras. He also failed to notice the female employee within five feet of him on the other side of the cashier’s window. The man will be morphologically identifiable if located. 

July 25: Blaine police received a complaint from a property owner about an unhealthy and unsightly amount of trash accumulating on a neighbor’s property in the 500 block of F Street. Police and building officials contacted the residence and are working with the owner and renters to correct the problem.

July 25: A young girl brought a green BMX bicycle to the police station after finding the bike abandoned in a field. The bicycle was impounded pending possible owner identification.

July 25: A Blaine resident reported to the police that she was being harassed by a relative in person and via telephone. The resident has already made arrangements with the phone company to have her incoming called traced. An officer contacted the suspects and advised them to stop the harassing behavior for face prosecution.

July 24: Officers responded to the Blaine Marina after receiving a report of an aluminum skiff having been stolen. The vessel was recovered but the thieves escaped.

July 24: A citizen reported juveniles setting off fireworks at the Blaine Skate Park, where about 15 kids were present. Those present were uncooperative with police and denied having observed illegal activity. Officers closed the park for the day to prevent additional illegal activity and to protect the facility. The two juveniles who had brought the fireworks were located and turned over to their parents. The fireworks were destroyed.