Police Report -- August 30, 2007

Published on Thu, Aug 30, 2007
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August 29: Blaine police responded to a report of a non-injury accident in the 100 block of SR 543, where a semi-truck backed into a sedan. Because of the construction related congestion, the vehicles had continued southbound and pulled over at SR543 and H Street. A report was taken.

August 29: Blaine police stopped a vehicle for expired registration and found that the motorist was driving with a suspended license. Investigation showed that the expiration sticker belonged to another vehicle and the owner had failed to transfer ownership. The driver was arrested and processed at the scene and released with a court date.

August 28: A security company reported a burglary alarm at a mail storage business. Officers arrived and met with a man who was picking up some packages, but his code was not shutting off the alarm. Owner of business arrived and informed us the person who had come into the building no longer had a code to get into the storage facility after regular business hours for a reason. Officers advised the subject to pick up his packages during business hours.

August 28: A parent and her son contacted police who wanted to bring a bike to our office her son had borrowed from another boy. Officers recommended that the family fix the bike’s flat tire and return it to its rightful owner.

August 28: An officer received a report from a resident reporting that two packages were stolen from his yard last week. The packages were reportedly delivered by a delivery company and left in the yard but then apparently stolen. The theft is under investigation.

August 28: A citizen came into this office to report what appeared to be a scam. A note was left on his door asking the person to call a finance company about a loan. An officer called the loan company and they said they had never heard of the person and asked the officer to call their hotline number.

August 28: A person entering the U.S. from Canada was found to have a small amount of marijuana on her person. She was arrested and issued a criminal citation. She was given a court date and released.

August 28: Blaine police stopped a vehicle that had expired license plates and found the driver with a suspended drivers license. The motorist was also cited for failure to transfer ownership of the vehicle, no proof of insurance and expired registration. The driver was arrested, processed at the scene and released. The vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

August 28: Owners of an apartment building and witnesses reported to police that juvenile girls entered their building, removed fire extinguishers from the building and discharged them on the sidewalk outside. Officers are investigating.

August 27: Officers were dispatched to a reported assault involving a couple of juvenile boys. On their arrival, officers learned that one boy threw a scooter at another boy for no reason. Officers contacted the suspect and witnesses who reported that the scooter was tossed as a response to harassment. Officers investigated the complaint.

August 27: Blaine police received a report from a resident who believed they had heard a single shotgun blast south of the 1200 block of Blaine Avenue. Officers searched the area but did not locate anything foul or fowl.

August 27: A resident called the police to report two girls were in her home without permission. She knew the name of one of the girls who was involved: they apparently obtained a key to the house from the resident’s son. The girls were gone when officers arrived. The person decided to speak with the girls without police involvement.

August 27: An employee working in the 300 block of H Street reported to the police that she left her bicycle unattended behind the business and found it vandalized several hours later. There are no suspects to the damage, which is estimated at about $100 to repair

August 27: A person reported a theft of gas from a building. A license plate was obtained, but it was not registered to the red Jeep which the victim observed stealing the gas. Officers checked the area for the Jeep, but were unable to locate it. The amount stolen was $35.86 worth of gasoline.

August 27: Officers responded to a 911 hang up at a business. It was determined that the problem was a fax machine, randomly calling 911. The machine did not appear to need any assistance.

August 27: A citizen came to the police station to turn in a wallet she found laying on the side of the road near the Naco campground on Harborview Road. The wallet and its contents are being held for safekeeping.

August 26: Officers contacted a man at the police station concerning the violation of a court order. The man wished to report his ex-wife would not allow him to have his son as was outlined in the court ordered parenting plan. A report was completed and forwarded to the county prosecutor.

August 26: A resident called to report that her teenage son was out of control and had threatened her, then violently shoved her resulting in an injury to her shoulder. The 17-year-old teen was arrested for domestic violence assault and booked into the Whatcom County juvenile detention.

August 26: After landing at the Blaine airport, a small bi-plane was taxiing when a wheel left the runway, causing the plane to flip over. The pilot and his passenger were not harmed. The airport was closed to traffic while police officers and firefighters responded and contained a small fuel spill, which resulted. A broken fuel line was secured so that the plane could be safely moved. A tow company removed the aircraft from the taxiway. All appropriate federal agencies were notified and the airport was reopened.

August 26: While on patrol, a Blaine officer observed a minor collision at the intersection of the truck route and H Street. A northbound driver tried to pass another vehicle on the right in a no passing zone and struck the other vehicle, causing approximately $2,000 damage. The passing driver was cited for the illegal pass and a collision report was completed by police.

August 26: A motorist reported he had followed an errant driver who had been driving “all over the road” northward from Skagit County. Blaine officers contacted the motorist on Peace Portal Drive and discovered that she was sober but very, very tired. The motorist stopped at a business in Blaine and rested before continuing home to Canada.

August 25: An ex-tenant requested contact at his old dwelling because he was missing some belongings from the property. The apartment was abandoned for approximately two weeks prior to the landlord entering it and cleaning up the premises. The ex-tenant was advised that it appeared no crime had occurred and that he could attempt to pursue the matter civilly if he wished.

August 25: A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer contacted a very intoxicated driver in the southbound inspection lanes at the Peace Arch Port of Entry. The motorist had been attempting to drive to his home in Burnaby and was befuddled to find a U.S. government building in his path. A Blaine officer investigated the incident, arrested the 43-year-old B.C. driver and cited the motorist to the Blaine municipal court for the impaired driving charge.

August 25: The theft of a skateboard was reported. The Zero brand skateboard was stolen out of a yard in the 600 block of G Street.

August 25: A U.S. Customs inspector at the Pacific Highway border crossing passed on information about an out-of-state level one (lowest level) registered sex offender who reported his address in Blaine. A police officer contacted the man and advised him to register his new address at the Whatcom County sheriff’s office without delay. The incident was documented.

August 24: A residence phoned police to report speeding trucks using their compression brakes on H Street Road in the city limits, in violation of ordinance. An officer patrolled the area for approximately 45 minutes. The trucks observed were obeying the speed limit (verified with a certified radar) and no compression brakes were heard. It appeared that having a visible enforcement presence in the area had fixed the problem for the time being. Extra patrols will be provided.

August 24: U.S. Customs called to ask an officer to respond to the Peace Arch Point of Entry after they learned that another driver observed a motorist that appeared to be drinking vodka while waiting in the inspection line at the border. An officer investigated the incident and found the vodka bottle was not actually open. The man admitted he had been pretending to drink from the bottle. He was admonished for raising an alarm and allowed to proceed on his trip.

August 24: 911 received a call from the Blaine post office regarding and irate customer yelling at an employee, using profanity and refusing to leave. Officers contacted the man and a friend as they departed the building. A 26-year-old gentleman from Vancouver was summoned to court to on a matter of disorderly conduct.

August 24: An officer broke up a one-on-one friendly fruit battle between two youngsters behind city hall. An inspection of the surrounding mess revealed no permanent damage to surrounding vehicles (by sheer luck). The boys were warned about the potential consequences of their actions. Case closed.

August 24: A person had a complaint about neighborhood kids entering onto his property. An officer spoke with the 11 and 13-year-olds and the parents, warning them of the consequences of trespass. They stated they understood.

August 24: A parent came to the police department for assistance regarding a runaway child. The incident occurred in the county but dad felt that his son might be in Blaine. Officers went to a residence in Blaine where the child might be staying and found that he was not there. The occupants were advised to contact officers if the missing youth came to their home.

August 23: A resident observed what he felt was negligently fast driving by a passing motorist in a business parking lot and yelled at the driver. The driver of the truck returned to the parking lot to offer an opinion about the resident’s opinion, then departed. A police officer contacted the driver and asked her to slow down. She agreed to comply.

August 23: While on patrol on August 17, an officer found a vehicle that appeared to have been abandoned on 14th Street. The officer placed an abandoned vehicle impound warning on the vehicle. Six days later the vehicle was still parked in the same spot. The 1995 Chevrolet with Florida license plates was impounded as abandoned.

August 23: An evicted tenant complained to police that her ex-landlord would not give her property back. The landlord had stored her property for over 45 days and was managing a storage fee, which the ex-tenant was unable to pay. The former tenant has contacted a legal service for assistance.

August 23: An officer responded to a residential alarm at a residence (to a bedroom window). A screened window was found ajar but not disturbed. During the investigation the alarm was cancelled. A false alarm notification will be mailed to the residence.

August 23: WSP requested assistance with a motorist at U.S. truck customs whose privilege to drive was suspended in the U.S. An officer responded and provided assistance. The motorist was denied entry into the U.S. regarding an unassociated problem and returned to Canada.

August 23: An employee at a business found a small bag in the parking lot, which contained some ground up tablets of an unknown substance. An owner or possessor of the bag was not located and the substance was destroyed.

August 22: Per the order of the Blaine municipal court judge, a 32-year-old Birch Bay resident was taken into custody and transported to jail. Bail for the offense of DWLS 3rd was set at $500.