Police Report -- September 13, 2007

Published on Thu, Sep 13, 2007
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September 12: A citizen reported having been visited on several occasions by a man claiming to be associated with the U.S. Census Bureau. The woman was uncomfortable with the man coming to her home. She reported that she had asked him not to return to her home, but he made continued attempts to contact her. It was confirmed that the man was in fact with the U.S. Census Bureau and was diligently trying to get the woman to complete a survey. A supervisor of the man was contacted and he agreed to tell the man to not return to the woman’s home. The woman would still be required by law to respond to the survey however, and she agreed to do so by contacting someone in their office by phone. Both parties were satisfied with the resolution.

September 11: A resident went to neighbor’s house to complain about their noisy motorcycle. The discussion deteriorated to a confrontation and the visiting neighbor refused to leave the other person’s property until police arrived. The subject was told to stay off the property in the future. He left without further incident.

September 11: A resident reported a possible catnapping. An officer met the complainant, who explained that her kitten had disappeared about two weeks ago. Today she noticed what she believed was the same kitten sitting in the upstairs window of her neighbor’s residence. No people were home at the kitten’s house. Officers are attempting to determine ownership.

September 11: A teenager racing home on his mountain bike artfully jumped the curb from the sidewalk into the roadway of the H Street overpass. The landing was even more exciting than the jump as the bike’s front fork assembly and handlebars separated from the frame. The rider and his amazed expression were then ejected off the frame out onto the pavement in the westbound lane. The disintegration was witnessed by a passing police officer, who closed the roadway to check the victim for injuries and commiserate with his pain. He and his former bicycle were given a ride home. 

September 11: A business reported an intoxicated woman causing a disturbance on the premises. The owner said the woman for no reason started yelling at her companion and kicking rocks. Fortunately the kicker’s aim was not accurate, and no one was hit. The woman was contacted and trespassed from the property.

September 11: An officer stopped a motorist who had two different license plates on his vehicle. The investigation revealed that the one plate legally belonging on the vehicle had expired in 2006 and the other license plate had been cancelled in 2002. Officer issued infractions for license plate expiration, no insurance and switched license plates.

September 11: A person reported the theft of money from his company and identified a former employee as the person who took the assets. The man was located, interviewed by police, and admitted the taking, but stated he had not intended to permanently deprive the company. He was booked in to jail for theft I.

September 11: Officers responded to a report of an abandoned bicycle in the alley outside a business. The owner could not be located, and the blue men’s mountain bike was impounded.

September 11: A citizen called to report a man who was sleeping in the bushes at Kilmer Park on B Street had scared a passing child. Responding officers found that the man was gone but had left blankets and trash behind. The refuse was removed by the officers.

September 10: A neighborhood resident reported a suspicious vehicle in a neighborhood. The occupant of a small dark colored pickup was observed looking into multiple private unlocked mailboxes at a residential unit. Officers were not able to locate the vehicle. No thefts were subsequently reported. Case closed.

September 10: Police officers responded to provide traffic control as needed as the fire department handled a reported fire in the 3600 block of H Street Road.

September 10: An officer investigated a theft complaint. During the investigation, probable cause was established. A 16-year-old was arrested for the crime. He was released to his guardians pending a court date. About $30 in coins were stolen from a locked room of the victim’s home.

September 10: Residents complained of an ongoing speeding problem involving a green pickup truck in the areas of Adelia, Bayview and Peace Portal Drive. Officers located the suspect driver and issued him a warning that continued violations would result in citations.

September 10: A citizen called this office regarding a trailer that was left on his private property by an unknown person. The property owner is responsible for removal in these situations and information was provided with options for getting rid of the trailer.

September 10: Officers were asked to check on a resident who was repeatedly dialing 911 for assistance. Contact was made with a 95-year-old resident who needed helped with over the counter medication. A neighbor stepped in to help and no additional assistance was needed.

September 10: An officer responded to a residence on 8th Street to assist fire units on a medical call.

September 9: An anonymous caller reported someone crabbing in fisheries zone seven outside the designated legal times. The out-of-state resident was contacted and issued a warning about the severe penalties of noncompliance. The two crabs he had captured were released.

September 9: A Blaine police officer located a black men’s mountain bike abandoned at the corner of 8th and H Street. The bicycle had a child carrier seat on the rear. The bicycle was impounded until the owner could be located.

September 8: An officer was asked to return a phone call to a youth who wished to report having observed a possible prowler at his home. Investigation revealed that there had not been a prowler and the youth had concocted the story to avoid getting into trouble for damaging a rain gutter while sneaking into the house to steal money.

September 8: Officers assisted North Whatcom Fire at the scene of a vehicle fire behind Grace Lutheran Church. The van’s owner was visiting on the church property and had just installed a new fuel filter and started the motor. The fuel leaked, and a fire resulted which destroyed the uninsured van and damaged a nearby storage shed. No one was injured. Nothing suspicious was found to have caused the fire. 

September 8: Blaine police responded to a business in the 300 block of Alder regarding a trespass complaint. The clerk stated that one of their rooms was locked from the inside but had not been rented to anyone. Officers investigated and determined that a renter in an adjacent room had entered the vacant room through a connecting door to get some more pillows and blankets. The business trespassed him from the property and no charges were filed.

September 7: Dispatch reported receiving a loud noise complaint from a man in Surrey, B.C. who reported the volume of the music coming from a late night event at Semiahmoo was disturbing his peace and repose. An officer notified the night manager of the business of the complaint and asked for assistance in quieting the revelry.

September 7: Officers were dispatched to a fight in progress on the lawn of a home in the 600 block of School Drive. Upon arrival, officers found the involved combatants had already left the area together, having apparently resolved their differences.

September 7: A man reported the theft of a computer tower and air compressor from the inside of his unsecured house, which is under construction and not secured. The incident occurred sometime over the past three to four weeks. There are no known suspects or witnesses to the theft. Case closed.

September 7: Officers received a report of an individual urinating in public in the parking lot of a business. The teenager from out of the area was contacted and identified by police. A report was forwarded to juvenile prosecutor’s office for a possible charge of a lewd act. Case closed.

September 7: A woman called to report a motor home spewing very heavy exhaust. Two officers were observing the motor home at the time of the complaint. The vehicle was stopped for extraordinarily heavy exhaust. The driver was arrested, cited and released for DWLS/R 3rd. The driver was also cited for defective exhaust. The motor home was driven from the scene by a friend of the arrestee who had a valid Washington State driver’s license.

September 6: An officer on routine patrol observed an equipment violation on a vehicle. An officer stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver, who turned out to have a suspended driver’s license. The driver was arrested and released after processing.

September 6: A woman called to report a man trespassing onto her property. Officers contacted the sales company for whom the trespasser worked and issued a warning about business licenses and trespassing.

September 5: A woman called police four hours after a man claiming to be a vacuum sales representative tried to get her neighbor to open the front door so he could demonstrate his product. The neighbor told her friend that a representative presented a business card that did not contain his name or phone number. The neighbor thought that was suspicious and did not let him into her residence. An officer was asked to locate the man and to confirm his identity. The sales representative was not located. Patrols were provided. 

September 5: A middle school student reported the theft of his unsecured blue and silver mountain bike from school grounds. There are no known suspects or witnesses to the theft. Case closed.